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Kosovo, Albania collect money for fined Swiss players

Pristina - Kosovo and Albania are collecting money to pay the FIFA fines of Switzerland players Granit Xhaka, Xherdan Shaqiri and Stephan Lichtsteiner for celebrating goals with a pro-Kosovo double eagle gesture in their World Cup win over Serbia.

Swiss players avoid World Cup ban for eagle celebrations

Moscow - Switzerland players Granit Xhaka, Xherdan Shaqiri and Stephan Lichtsteiner escaped bans Monday for celebrating goals with a pro-Kosovo double eagle gesture in their World Cup win over Serbia.

Drones being used to catch people dropping litter

Dubai - Dropping litter generally is frowned upon in most countries and someone being caught indiscriminately throwing litter is likely to receive a fine. With the issue of how to catch a perpetrator, Dubai has taken to the skies.

Man who set out to disprove viral-measles link ordered pay up

Berlin-k - A scientist who offered a €100,000 reward to anyone who could prove that measles is a virus must pay up, according to a ruling from a German court. The issue centers on the measles vaccine debate.

Restaurant fines staff for swearing, yawning, stretching at work

Sha Tin - One restaurant in Hong Kong has gotten rather feisty with its wait staff and listed strict new rules that they must follow, and if they don't they will be punished with stiff fines or even possibly be fired.

Economic uncertainty sends stocks tumbling globally

Stock markets around the world saw prices dropping heavily as the price of oil fell below $50 per barrel and worries about the economy of Greece, in particular, and Europe, as a whole, sent investors scrambling for an exit.

Nova Scotia increases penalties for distracted drivers

Halifax - Turn off your smartphones in your car, Nova Scotians are being told. The Eastern Canadian province is increasing fines for drivers who text or use their cellphones while driving.

Drugmakers ordered to pay $9 billion for hiding cancer risks

Japan's biggest pharmaceutical company has been hit with a $6 billion penalty for concealing cancer risks associated with its Actos diabetes drug while Eli Lilly and Co, Takeda's co-defendant in the case, was ordered to pay $3 billion in punitive damages.

Spain: Heavier fines for 'illegal protests' than serious crimes

Madrid - The government of Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy is about to impose heavier fines for protests in front of Congress and other government buildings, than for serious crimes such as prostitution in the presence of children or the cultivation of narcotic drugs.

Greek fireplace polluters could face fines of €2,500

As the Greek government prepares legislation which will allow the banning of fireplaces and wood burners for heat, it has been revealed that fines for fireplace polluters could be as high as €2,500.

French traffic cops must issue tickets or lose Christmas days off

Paris - A senior police officer, in charge of a road traffic division in the Paris area, has allegedly told his traffic officers to issue at least three tickets for driving offenses every day, or lose out on days off over the Christmas period.

Four Saudi men sentenced to lashes and prison for 'naked dancing'

Buraydah - Four men from Saudi Arabia have been jailed by a Saudi court and sentenced to "thousands" of lashes after one of them was videotaped dancing naked atop a car, Saudi media has reported. The video was posted online.

Everything you need to know about getting out of ticket trouble Commissioned

June is a bad month for drivers being slapped with tickets. In fact, more people drive home with a ticket in June than any other month.

UK's 'Paella Prisoners': English & Spanish media stories differ

Granada - In a UK tabloid story, we can read about a British couple who were unfairly imprisoned and fined while on holiday, for refusing to pay a restaurant bill. In the Spanish media, we can read about what actually happened.

Ottawa looking to hire collector for unpaid fines

The federal government is looking to hire a collection agency to recover millions of dollars in unpaid fines from citizens.

Spain and Russia fined for racist chants at Euro 2012

The football federations of Spain and Russia have both been fined by UEFA for fans' racist behavior and chants at Euro 2012.

Couple faces $2,000-a-day fine for building pool in backyard

A couple in West Linn, Oregon are currently facing a $2,000-a-day-fine for a pool they built in their backyard in 2009. The city charges the couple built the pool without a permit and that it was constructed in a protected wetland area.

Tourists fined after stealing penguin during drunken holiday

Two men that admitted to stealing a penguin from a Sea World park in Australia while they were on a drunken bender have been fined for their actions.

Op-Ed: Call Me Dave — Stupid rhetoric on crime and benefits

Britain's out of touch Prime Minister has come up with yet another knee jerk solution to a purported social problem: increased fine deductions for out of work offenders.

Hosni Mubarak fined for cutting off communications during riots

During the uprisings in Egypt earlier this year former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and two ministers cut off communications to their nation's people. Today they were fined over $90 million for that act by a Cairo administrative court.

'Dead-beat dads' get break on child support fines

If you believe the typical parent who falls behind on child support payments is just a scoundrel, then you might want to examine a Massachusetts finding that has caused the state to reduce interest payments on child support delinquencies by 50%.

Building inspector charged in fraud investigation in Ontario

Markham - A Town of Markham building inspector is alleged to have solicited money from people so that they could avoid paying permit fines.

Greece imposes heavy fines for smoking in offices and restaurants Special

Starting today, Greece prohibits smoking in all enclosed public spaces and will slap offenders with heavy fines in a bid to reduce nicotine consumption in the country where 42 percent of the population are smokers.

UK organisations lose £150million for not flying EU flag

British organisations were fined £150 million for not displaying the European Union insignia, including the flag, prominently.

Detroit Red Wings could be fined for breaking San Jose curfew

San Jose - Detroit Red Wings face a $2,500 fine for landing at Norman Mineta San Jose International at 12:19 a.m. local time. Planes are not to land between 11:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.

Person of conscience returns overdue books, fines himself

It was a pleasant surprise for a Phoenix, Arizona, high school librarian when she received a package containing two long overdue books along with a check to cover the fines incurred.

Supreme court to impose fines to broadcasters for cursing

The supreme court has made a ruling which says that the US government policy which allows broadcasters to be fined for just a single swear word is justified.

Two Hospitals Penalized for Dumping Patients on L.A.’s Skid Row

In a scandal that rocked the hospital industry, two Southern California facilities were handed stiff fines for dumping mentally ill patients on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.

Impaired Drivers Will Have A Tougher Time If caught In Canada Starting Wednesday

Canadian drivers who think they can get away with drinking beware, the laws have changed. If a police officer tells you to walk the line you had better comply.

EU fines Microsoft record $1.3 billion for charging unreasonable prices

The European Union has fined Microsoft Corp. a record $1.3 billion today for charging software developers unreasonable prices to make their products compatible with the Windows operating system (OS).
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