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Fined News

Mobile spy app creator fined $500,000

Two months after his arrest, the creator of a mobile spying app was fined $500,000. This is the first spyware conviction in the United States.

Drugmakers ordered to pay $9 billion for hiding cancer risks

Japan's biggest pharmaceutical company has been hit with a $6 billion penalty for concealing cancer risks associated with its Actos diabetes drug while Eli Lilly and Co, Takeda's co-defendant in the case, was ordered to pay $3 billion in punitive damages.

Two boaters fined for harassing moose swimming in lake

Two boaters were fined a total of $2,500 because they were harassing a cow moose swimming in a northwestern Ontario lake.

Calif. hotel owner makes amends after losing anti-semitism case

Santa Monica - A pro-Israeli organization has canceled a protest at the Shangri-La Hotel in Santa Monica, California planned for today, after the hotel owner condemned anti-Semitism and agreed to donate to Jewish and Israeli charities.

Couple fined £80 for painting their side of a fence

Aldershot - When a couple in Aldershot decided to paint their fence they had no idea it would result in a fine. They were shocked when police officers turned up at their door telling them they would be charged if they refused to pay the fine.

Feeding birds results in fine for elderly UK woman

Highfield - An attempt to be kind resulted in one elderly woman being fined. The Leicester resident was fined £80 for littering after she threw bread crumbs to the birds.

Athlete fined $15,000 for spitting at hecklers

Wimbledon - Tennis player Victor Hanescu was fined $15,000 by Wimbledon officials following an ugly incident in his match Friday against Daniel Brands.

Mum takes daughters out of school for Bible classes and is fined

A Christian mum took her two daughters out of school for a week to attended Bible classes. She now has been given two fines totaling £100.

UK Seller Faces £50,000 Fine For Fake eBay Bids

An eBay seller became the first person convicted in the UK for making fake bids on his own items he listed on the online auction site.

Eating co-worker's biscuits gets employee fired, arrested, fined

Night shift worker at Convergys call center in Newcastle, England was fired, then arrested and fined £150 for eating a £6.99 tin of biscuits.

Orly Taitz, Birther, Fined $20,000 for Wasting Judicial Resources

Orly Taitz, an attorney who wasted the money and time of the court system claiming that President Obama was born in Kenya, therefore ineligible for Presidency, has been fined $20,000.

U.K. mother fined for grieving too long for baby son

After the death of her baby son, a mother was horrifically saddened by such an event but things got worse when officials fined her $173.

71 year old fined for dangerous skating

It appears it's not just young people who enjoy getting their skates on. A 71 year skater from the UK has been banned from a town center because of his dangerous antics on his roller blades.

Qantas fined for price fixing

Australia’s flagship airline, Qantas, was ordered to pay A$20 million ($13.2 million) in fines for price fixing by the Federal Court in Sydney.

Migrant survivors fined and deported

Thai police say that they are going to hold some survivors of a human trafficking disaster because they want to ask the migrant questions about the human smuggling ring that trafficked them from Myanmar to Thailand.

Ordered to File Taxes, Anti-abortionist is Fined

A New Brunswick anti-abortion activist has refused to pay taxes. Why? He maintains the religious belief that abortion is murder and the federal government funds abortions. A judge has ordered him to pay the taxes and the fine levied for not paying.

BP fined $373 million by US government

British Petroleum has agreed to pay 373 million dollars in fines for a fatal explosion at a Texas refinery, breaking environmental laws and fraud, the US government said Thursday.

'Foot Harasser' Fined for Over 600 Calls

A man who apparently has a foot fetish made more than 600 telephone calls to a shoe store and other businesses to ask women about their shoes and feet must now pay a $200 fine.

Quebec bar fined for refusing to serve blacks

The province's human rights tribunal has fined a Montreal-area bar $16,000 for refusing to serve two black men in 2003 because it would be bad for business.

German Journalist Fined for Pope Water Theft stunt

German journalist steals water from Pope's garden and tries to sell it in Ebay, Germany.

Online Rogue Recruiter Fined £20,000

The Swansea Crown Court heard all the details on how Farmer preyed on the most vulnerable by charging £124 a time for international jobs that didn’t exist.

In Hong Kong, eat up or you'll be fined

Hong Kong restaurants have come up with a novel way to cut down on waste from food leftovers -- threatening to fine diners who don't eat up.

Woman, 69, hit by Stun gun in Cop scuffle Fined

A 69 year old Woman hit by a stun gun in Cop scuffle fined $650

Comcast Fined $12,281.84 For Not Answering The Phone Quickly Enough

Maryland fines Comcast a fine of $12,281.84 for providing bad customer service.

Calgary Homeless Man Fined for Spitting

"under the provincial environmental protection law for the 'improper disposal of waste.'"

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