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Coronavirus: For how long will financial instability last? Special

The exponential rise of the novel coronavirus has impacted heavily on global financial markets. How far will share prices fall and for how long can we expect financial turmoil? Digital Journal has spoken with two analysts in relation to these questions.

Hong Kong financial workers stage flash protest

Fpo - Hundreds of financial workers braved pouring rain to gather in central Hong Kong Thursday, giving that sector's support to mass protests that have roiled the territory for weeks.

Q&A: How digital technology is disrupting finance Special

Digital technology is disrupting finance in several ways, from blockchain to artificial intelligence. Those who embrace the technology and implement it smartly are likely to gain a competitive advantage, says analyst Scott Rottmann of Genpact.

Emerging technologies for pharma accounting and finances

The financial world is being affected by different technologies, and major companies need to develop such technologies to remain competitive. An example with accounting and financial reporting, which is being disrupted according to a new study.

Removing hurdles for European fintech funding

Across Europe, new rules will come into force that will make it easier for crowdfunding platforms and marketplace lenders face to operate and scale across the member states of the Single European Market.

Research suggests financial stress may lead to physical pain

People who are experiencing financial stress may feel more physical pain than people who are financially secure, according to new research.

New version of IQ Option: Advanced technologies for your success Commissioned

The new version of the trading platform IQ Option, released in April 2015, demonstrated the innovative focus of its developer.

FTSE 100 sets record on Tuesday but fails to hold it on Wednesday

After approval of economic reform proposals submitted by Greece helped the FTSE 100 reach record-breaking levels yesterday, it has fallen back considerably throughout the course of today, with shares in some major companies dropping by nearly 10 percent.

Senior Millionaires and the education of their grandchildren

According to a 2014 Spectrem’s Millionaire Corner wealth level study, 39 percent of senior Millionaires over the age of 65 consider financing their grandchildren’s education one of their primary concerns.

Op-Ed: Fill your retirement bucket before you kick the bucket Special

Sonoma - In the second of his "summer school" for financial success talks, financial advisor Daren Blonksi of Edward Jones said, "Think about how you want to fill your bucket of retirement money before you 'kick-the-bucket?' It is important to think about this."

Op-Ed: Summer school for financial topics now in session in Sonoma Special

Sonoma - 'Investing for the Long Term' was the theme of financial advisor Daren Blonski's talk on June 3 held at the Sonoma office of Zainer Rinehart Clarke.

Giant Swiss bank to plead guilty to U.S. criminal charges

Washington - Worldwide banking giant Credit Suisse Group is expected to plead guilty Monday to criminal charges connected to efforts to enable high-income Americans avoid U.S. taxes.

Appeals court upholds Fed's debit card 'swipe fee' limits

A U.S. appeals court upheld the Federal Reserve's controversial rules for debit card "swipe fees" on Friday, disappointing merchants who had argued the charges were too high.

NY regulator says financial firms could face bans over money laundering

New York state's top financial regulator on Wednesday said his office, as part of efforts to crack down further on Wall Street misdeeds, is considering banning certain banks from specific business...

Big banks need point person for money-laundering lapses: regulator

Big banks should designate senior managers to oversee efforts to police transactions for criminal activity and take responsibility when lapses occur, a top U.S.

New York takes London's crown as top financial center: survey

New York has knocked London from its position as the world's leading global financial center after seven years, according to the Global Financial Centres Index compiled by London-based consultancy Z/Yen.

Skype-type money swaps bad news for banks?

Tallinn - Irked by high bank fees on international money transfers, two Estonian IT whizzes who helped engineer Skype and Paypal have hatched Transferwise, a global Internet platform coordinating currency swaps between individuals."Hey, hidden fees.

GE Capital and Slate win Midas Award for content marketing effort

In 2013, GE Capital partnered with Slate to create the "Roadshow For Growth," and the long-form content strategy and tour was recently recognized with a Midas Award.

Bitcoin ban imposed on financial businesses in China

The central bank of China decided to ban Bitcoin pricing, selling, buying, and product insurance for financial companies, citing that Bitcoin is an unstable virtual money despite continued investor interest.

U.S. plans to arrest 2 former JPMorgan employees over $6B loss

New York - Authorities are planning to arrest two former JPMorgan Chase employees suspected of masking the size of a multi-billion-dollar trading loss.

Financial marketers discuss content marketing at rooftop event Special

New York - At the Financial Communications Society's Case Studies in Multi-Channel Content Marketing event, panelists found a common thread in "device agnostic" content.

Plan for Internet financial disclosures quietly repealed

The United States Congress has decided on Friday to repeal a plan that would require congressional staff, as well as employees in the executive branch, to make their financial disclosures available to the Internet.

Massive cyber attack in USA, Europe and Latin America

Leading cyber security company, McAfee, has issued a breaking news report that indicates that the U.S., European and Latin American financial systems are under a massive cyber attack.

The Chinese Yuan May Become A World Currency

China seeks to replace the diminishing U.S. dollar as the world reserve and trade currency, and efforts are underway in Beijing to set up the Chinese yuan for global currency.

Stress reducing tips for filing your tax return in Canada Special

Toronto - When signs of spring start to pop up, who wouldn't want to celebrate the warm weather and longer days inside, under piles of papers and receipts? Kidding! Come April, tax season brings its frustrations and stress, but with some planning, it need not be.

Bank of America declares living customer dead for last 3 years

Prosperity - Imagine living day in and out not knowing you were dead? That's what Arthur Livingston recently discovered. In Oct. the Prosperity, S.C. man tried to obtain a loan from a mortgage company. It was at that time he learned he had been declared "dead."

US government still owed $1.5 trillion in financial bailout money

Washington - As US politicians spent a month haggling over raising the country’s debt ceiling and financial markets around the world remain in turmoil, a new report shows the Treasury and Federal Reserve are owed $1.5 trillion from the financial industry bailout.

Social network LinkedIn set for IPO on Thursday

LinkedIn, the business oriented networking site, is set to go public May 19 in what is expected to be the first among a batch of high-profile Internet firms to go public.
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Financial Image

Daren Blonski invited fellow financial consultant Jaques Finn to speak about the importance of finan...
Daren Blonski invited fellow financial consultant Jaques Finn to speak about the importance of financial health for women. Over a dozen gathered at the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce on July 18, 2013 to listen to some important facts about finances for women.
Stick to your investment strategy. As this graph illustrates  for a one-uear holding periond in the ...
Stick to your investment strategy. As this graph illustrates, for a one-uear holding periond in the stock market the difference between the "best" and "worst" is dramatic. In fact, it might look as if an investor gambled with money rather than invested it. However, adding more time to the holding period of an amount invested helps to paint a different picture. (Sources for this info are from Morning Star and Edward Jones monthly data, 2014).
Courtesy of Daren Blonski and Edward Jones Investments
A view of Canadian money
A view of Canadian money
About a dozen people attended the second in a series of  summer school  talks on June 10  regarding ...
About a dozen people attended the second in a series of "summer school" talks on June 10, regarding finances and financial topics provided by Daren Blonski of Edward Jones Investments.
Still  Blonski advises that people must take the time to  design their retirement  and to  fill that...
Still, Blonski advises that people must take the time to "design their retirement" and to "fill that bucket of funds before you kick-the-bucket." "Think of the bucket as your fun bucket. You will not have any fun or enjoyment in retirement unless you fill the bucket," he said.
Kerri Berry is a CPA with Zainer Rinehart Clarke. She told the gathering of about two dozen people t...
Kerri Berry is a CPA with Zainer Rinehart Clarke. She told the gathering of about two dozen people to pay close attention to the tax rates of Investment Earnings. And, to know the distinctions between how interest is taxed and how dividends are taxed.

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