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Researchers create photo filter that disables facial recognition

AI researchers from University of Toronto Engineering have created a 'privacy filter' that "disrupts" facial recognition software.

Wood-based filter removes toxic dye from water

Scientists from the research institute Maryland NanoCenter have developed a wood-based filter, designed to remove toxic dyes from water.

Graphene used to make seawater drinkable

Manchester - A graphene-based sieve has successfully turned seawater into drinking water. The technology could could help millions of people who have no ready access to clean drinking water.

Snapchat introduces paid lenses, retweets annoyed and happy users

Snapchat has launched a store that lets users pay to get more Lenses to use in the app, animated filters that can be applied to snaps. In a unique move, the company has surprised unhappy users by retweeting their annoyance alongside positive responses.

Water filter made from sapwood provides amazing low-tech solution

Run out of drinking water during a lakeside camping trip? Then simply break off a branch from a pine tree, peel away the bark, and slowly pour lake water through the stick, according to a research team at MIT.

Video: Japanese man filters clear water out of Coca Cola

In an interesting experiment, a Japanese man uses an OKO filter to literally filter the water out of Coca Cola, then drank it. And it turns out that this wasn't exactly a new idea and it has actually been done before with a Brita filter.

YouTube Offers Filter For Offensive Content

People who are concerned about offensive videos and comments on YouTube will now have a way of limiting what others see on their computer, thanks to a new safety mode feature that YouTube is rolling out.

Activists take down Australian government websites

Attacks are believed to be in protest against Australia's impending Internet filtering legislation and the Classification Board's decision to ban the sale of porn films in Australia which shows small-breasted women.

Op-Ed: Australia's much hyped web porn filter a dud

Quite a few million dollars later, the idea of a porn filter has crashed. There’d been a lot of doubt about the whole concept, most of it was proved correct. Tests showed teens were easily able to get around the thing, and users weren’t interested.

Dutch Scientist Creates Hyper Efficient Diesel Filtering Technology Using Laser Beams

A Dutch researcher has developed a laser system to investigate soot development in diesel engines which uses Laser Induced Incandescence (LII) which eliminates soot right where it's generated.

The Death Of YouTube: Content Filtering

Google implements filters. Fans run to Revver. YouTube creators shrug shoulders and enjoy their $1.6 Billion

Your brain is like a spam filter - Bayesian Brains

Forget the traditional procedural computer model. Your brain may work much more like the sapm filter on your email client.

Titanium Fiber Paper; Tough Stuff

Another possibly useful discovery and it's "Self-Cleaning" how neet. hehe

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A Japanese man filters Coca Cola into water.
A Japanese man filters Coca Cola into water.
Instruction manual for the Roidmi P8S Car Air Purifier.
Instruction manual for the Roidmi P8S Car Air Purifier.
The Drinkable Book can provide clean drinking water to a user for up to four years.
The Drinkable Book can provide clean drinking water to a user for up to four years.
Water is Life
Richard Patrick of Filter crowd surfs during  The Best Things  while performing at The Paramount in ...
Richard Patrick of Filter crowd surfs during "The Best Things" while performing at The Paramount in Huntington, NY on September 10th 2013.

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