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Fetus News

Man pleads guilty to fooling girlfriend into taking abortion pill

Tampa - The son of a Florida doctor has pled guilty to giving his ex-girlfriend pills used to cause an abortion, which caused the death of his 7-week old unborn child.

Pastor says birth control pill causes fetuses to embed in womb

Colorado Springs - Colorado radio host and pastor, Kevin Swanson, is known for his odd and extremely conservative comments, but a recent segment on his radio show have many people scratching their heads.

Catholic hospital says 'a fetus is not a person'

Denver - A Catholic hospital embroiled in a lawsuit involving the death of twin fetuses is arguing that they should not be held responsible for the death of the unborn children because "a fetus is not a person".

Study says chemotherapy is safe for pregnant women

A new study has found that pregnant women who are diagnosed with cancer can have chemotherapy without endangering their unborn child. Researchers say there appears to be no greater risk of birth defects or other health issues.

A new blood test on a pregnant mom may eradicate Down Syndrome

San Diego - A simple blood test on a pregnant woman will now enable doctors to screen for the most common type of Down syndrome. But experts say since the results may involve abortion, it is bound to be a very controversial procedure.

Abortion pill mifepristone causes health complications in women

A recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report says the abortion drug mifepristone, used for terminating early pregnancies, has been shown to have serious adverse side-effects in women who have been using it since it was first introduced in 2000.

Fetal ultrasounds performed at Ohio 'Heartbeat Bill' hearing

Columbus - Ohio lawmakers witnessed an ultrasound being performed Wednesday at a packed committee hearing on an newly introduced abortion bill, nicknamed the Heartbeat Bill, that will prohibit abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Man murders wife for 'lucky fetus'

A Laotian man confessed to axing his pregnant wife to death because he wanted to use the fetus to make a lucky charm to help him win the lottery.

New study: Fetus not yet conscious at 24 weeks

London - The UK-based Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has published a government commissioned scientific review and concluded that a fetus is not conscious at 24 weeks of age. It is also not able to feel pain.

Ultrasound of Jesus-like image with halo chosen for holiday ads

Wolverhampton - By using the concept of an ultrasound and the images created, ChurchAds has chosen an image of a fetus with a halo for their 2010 holiday advertising campaign. These will be placed in public transportation sites across the United Kingdom and the US.

Fetus dolls handed out to elementary school kids

Norfolk - Virginia school chose to handout anti-abortion fetus dolls to 3rd, 4th, 5th grader students in a religious abortion message. Parents are outraged their children were exposed to the dolls. Principal and teachers were placed on leaved pending investigation.

H1N1 and other flu viruses linked to autism, schizophrenia Special

Dr. Hossein Fatemi has been testing the H1N1 virus and its impact on fetal development for over 10 years. His findings provide an important link between viral infections in pregnant women and profound mental disease in their offspring.

Pregnant woman murdered, fetus removed

Police in Worcester City, Massachusetts are continuing their investigations into the death of a 23-year-old woman, whose body was found on Monday with the unborn baby she had been carrying, missing from her womb.

Pregnant Women Are Risking The Life Of Their Unborn Child By Not Wearing Seatbelts

They waddle to the car, scoot the seat as far back as it goes and dismiss the horrible torture device during that last trimester because it might hurt the baby. Wrong! Studies show that proper use of seat belt would prevent 84% of injury and fetal death.

Junior-High Student Will Not Be Charged For Dumping Fetus In Airplane Trashcan

Houston-area District Attorney will not pursue charges against the eighth-grader who miscarried on a flight returning from a school trip four days ago. The fetus was found in a trash can by a cleaning crew at the Houston airport.

Australian Fetus Becomes Newest Facebook Star

Bubba Waring hasn’t been born yet but already has a Facebook profile set up for its fetus, which its Australian mother, Clair Gillis calls it as “the world’s most famous fetus”.

Dallas Janitor Finds Fetus In Locker

What did a poor, unsuspecting janitor find in a high school locker while cleaning out the school for the summer? Something that set him back on his ear and is a very sad commentary on the human condition. Read on, if you dare.

Teen Tried to Hire Hit Man to Kill Ex-Girlfriend's Fetus

Charles D. Young, 18 years old pleaded guilty to attempting to hire a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriends fetus that was almost ready to be born.

"Is a baby there yet?"Doctors must truthfully answer

New Jersey appeals court panal agreed that if a pregnant women sees a doctor about getting an abortion she must be told all relevant information about her unborn child.

Fetus Found In Sewage Plant

Authorities are investigating how the remains of a fetus ended up at an area sewage treatment plant.

Death Penalty Sought in Fetus theft and multiple killings

A prosecutor is seeking the death penalty in a case that can only be described as truly horrific, authorities say that Tiffany Hall , 24, is accused of cutting a fetus from a friends womb which killed both mother (Jimella Tunstall) and child, Not d...

Goat Fetus Considered a Delicacy

In southern India, cooked animal fetus called kutti pi is served up as a savory Sunday meal.

Hospital admits to burning aborted babies in waste incinerator

Rubbish was not disposed of at the same time as fetal tissue and the incinerator was booked in advance.

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Fetus Image

Life size model of fetus at 8 weeks after conception  in hand of adult. Detailed coloring is not sho...
Life size model of fetus at 8 weeks after conception, in hand of adult. Detailed coloring is not shown. This illustrates that fetus has all limbs formed at this stage, and shows size in comparison to that of adult.
Wikimedia OTRS system
The fetus dolls were distributed to 7 to 10 year old students along with religious themed literature...
The fetus dolls were distributed to 7 to 10 year old students along with religious themed literature at the Norfolk Virginia elementary school.
WVEC sceen shot
A fetus doll that was given to 3rd  4th  5th graders as part of a religious teaching on anti-abortio...
A fetus doll that was given to 3rd, 4th, 5th graders as part of a religious teaching on anti-abortion and the pro-life movement at a public school in Virginia.
WVEC screen shot

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