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Review: Archer School for Girls

Los Angeles - Archer School for Girls is a private school in California educating and training girls for the future. Using the latest technology and teaching techniques these girls are ready to be all they can be in life and their careers.

Gamergate sucks in Wikipedia with ban controversy

Wikipedia, the online publicly-editable encyclopedia, has issued a restriction on editing to certain users over alleged harassment and violation of civility while editing the "Gamergate controversy" article.

France's 'Woman tax'? Pink razors pricier than blue ones

Paris - A campaign alleging French women pay more than men for similar products, such as razors, this week reached the doors of the French Economy Ministry.

Sharon Van Etten wants you to listen (crying is optional) Special

Toronto - Sharon Van Etten is a musician known for the emotional honesty of her work. With her latest album, the acclaimed “Are We There” she shares a painful, deeply personal part of her past. She just wishes you’d stop talking about her hairdo.

Michelle Obama calls for gender equality in education

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, spoke out about the inequalities that women and girls must face while giving the keynote speech at a global forum on education.

Review: Lena Dunham talks feminism, Hollywood, why she's different than Hannah Special

Toronto - Reading from her memoir for the first time and answering questions, Lena Dunham, the creator and star of the HBO hit show Girls, shared her charming humour, candid insight into gender issues and why she feels like she's visiting Hollywood still.

Op-Ed: Gamers need to confront the culture's misogynistic problem

The gaming community likes to take pride in the fact that their culture has been more progressive about the role of women, but there is still an ugly misogynistic problem that needs to be confronted.

Op-Ed: What the #sexspreadsheet and backlash tells us about society

Another month, another weird and wonderful trend to report on. This time, the item in question involves a rather different use of Microsoft Excel.

LEGO introduces female scientists

LEGO will market what it’s calling a “female minifigure set” depicting three women scientists (a paleontologist, an astronomer, and a chemist). The move comes after the company was criticized for only having models of male scientists.

Op-Ed: Women don’t want equality, they want rich husbands? Really?

Last week Phyllis Schlafly made waves when she said that closing the pay gap would make it harder for women to find husbands because 'women preferred to find husbands who earned more than they did and men preferred to earn more than their wives.

Op-Ed: Rip-off Bank bows to Feminist Nonsense

The man at the top of Lloyds Bank has announced that 40% of its top managers will be women in six years from now. This benefits who, exactly?

Pussy Riot to appear in Brooklyn at Amnesty International concert

New York - One month after being released from Russian prison, the Russian punk rock music group, Pussy Riot, will attend Amnesty International’s “Bringing Human Rights Home” concert at the Barclays Center in New York City on February 5.

Op-Ed: Feminism in China

In the West, feminism has the reputation of being somewhat bellicose. In China, they do things differently, so differently that Chinese feminism is an entirely different doctrine.

Op-Ed: The great Asian mass rape hoax

A recent survey claims one Asian man in four admits to committing rape. Now someone has taken a critical look at these figures.

Review: Common sense advice to women about rape

This eighteen and a half minute video about how to avoid being raped may have been made by a man, but at least he knows what he is talking about.

Op-Ed: Indian women — A rebound narrative on the nature of delivery

A number of my friends, on looking at the social amplifications that I have been putting forward, have asked me to give shape to the feminist cause in India, and I have some humble words.

In wake of gang rapes, India begins women-only transportation

In response to the disturbing gang rape incidents that made headlines around the world, India has begun instituting a women-only subculture.

Op-Ed: Delhi gang rape — Appeal disrespects the dignity of Indian women

Delhi - The lawyers for the four men sentenced to death for the brutal gang rape that resulted in a young woman's death in India are now launching an appeal, and the world cannot have it or stomach it.

Op-Ed: Feminist weddings, real statement, or new racket?

Sydney - Feminist weddings have been around for a long time, but they’re now hitting mainstream media like most sales pitches. The usual problem with feminist ideas is cosmetic feminism, and it looks like a lot of people are getting on the gravy train.

Domestic violence in India: Women's existence 'privatized' Special

As domestic violence and women's rights matters in India continue to make headlines in the international press, one woman is working to elevate the issues in a troubling and challenging environment.

Aussie PM 'playing the gender card'?

Canberra - Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's recent speech on "Men in Blue Ties" has reignited the gender debate. So is the PM simply 'playing the gender card' for political gain?

Op-Ed: The mythical glass ceiling returns (yet again)

How do you fight a problem that doesn't exist? Pass a law against it. That seems to be the consensus of women of a certain political hue.

Op-Ed: Women in the boardroom — The gender pay gap returns

Yesterday's papers, especially the columns of the financial press, were devoted to a perennial whine about the gender pay gap. But does this really exist?

Artist creates 'creepy' pregnant doll

Seeking to make a social statement on the nature of toys marketed to young girls, UK-based artist Darren Cullen has created 'Baby's First Baby' - a pregnant baby doll.

Australia to redefine misogyny

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's heated exchange with opposition leader Tony Abbott over sexism and misogyny last week drew global attention after 'going viral'.

Men now allowed to attend exhibition of women artists

Edinburgh - After being excluded for a month, men are now allowed to attend an exhibition of women only artists at an art gallery in Edinburgh.

'Go-Topless Day' recognized in cities around the world

New York - Protesters on Sunday came together for "Go-Topless Day" in major cities across the US and world. The demonstrations were organized to call attention to the inequality of topless rights between men and women.

Review: Jane Austen's Guide to Life

If Jane Austen, who authored some of classic literature's most famous love stories, (i.e. Pride and Prejudice) were alive today, what would she make of our quest for romance today? Lori Smith, an Austen scholar and adorer gives readers a new insight.

Busy Hands, Open Heart Special

New York - Talent coordinator of The Daily Show by day, knitting maven by night, Beth Shorr runs her own successful Etsy store that’s filled with original designs. The California native began knitting as a way of keeping her hands busy.

Canadian politicians take to the stage at FemCab Special

Toronto - Toronto's Harbourfront Centre hosted FemCab2012, an annual celebration of International Women's Day bringing five minute pieces by local feminists presented in a cabaret format.
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Andrea Dworkin (1946-2005)  only on April 1 could her lunatic anti-male ideas be taken seriously.
Andrea Dworkin (1946-2005), only on April 1 could her lunatic anti-male ideas be taken seriously.
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