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Female News

Op-Ed: Five up and coming female singers in 2017

Digital Journalists lists five rising female artists that everybody needs to watch in 2017. These songstresses are arranged in alphabetical order.

Op-Ed: Jay Lane: Best Canadian female interview in entertainment in 2016

Esteemed Canadian personality Jay Lane is the best Canadian female interview of 2016 in entertainment. She is one Jill-of-all-trades.

Interview: Magician Jinger Leigh discusses 'Turn of the Century' Special

New - Acclaimed female magician Jinger Leigh chatted with me about her upcoming magic ensemble show on Broadway entitled "The Illusionists: Turn of the Century."

Michelle Carter nominated for 'Female Athlete of the Year'

American shot put thrower and Olympian Michelle Carter has been nominated for the 2016 award for "Female Athlete of the Year."

Male squirrels are lazy and females do most of the work

Anchorage - Which are the lazier, male or female squirrels? It would seem that male squirrels are by far the lest active, according to a new study.

Review: Female rapper DEVMO showcases spunk on 'Wah Wah Wah' video Special

Female rapper DEVMO has released her new music video for her song "Wah Wah Wah," and it consists of a great deal of spunk.

Becky Buller: Big winner at 2016 IBMA awards

Bluegrass musician Becky Buller has emerged as a big winner at the 2016 International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) awards.

Review: Cam has best female country single of 2016 with 'Mayday' Special

Country songstress Cam has the best radio single of 2016 by a female artist with her latest release, the honey-rich "Mayday."

Interview: Female magician Jade discusses magic career Special

Jade, one of the world's top female magicians, chatted with Digital Journal about her career in the magic scene. She also touches upon the gender differences in the art of magic.

Op-Ed: Top 10 female concerts of 2015

As 2015 winds down to a close, Digital Journal has ranked its Top 10 concerts by female artists that performed in New York.

How female entrepreneurs are taking over Canada

Since the financial crisis a few years ago, Canadian women have been leading the charge into entrepreneurship. A new report have highlighted that it’s a boon for the economy when women start businesses.

New vibrating condom for women makes them climax every time

Come again? — you might ask. A female condom which makes women orgasm every time. Yes, I'm not faking it (at least, not anymore). A Michigan company claims to have produced a lady's vibrating condom, which guarantees women will climax each time.

Activism meets music with Kristen Graves Special

An interview with CT State Troubardour singer/songwriter Kristen Graves. Kristen discusses her music, activism and humanitarian work.

Coffee could lower risk of endometrial cancer

New research has found a link between regularly drinking coffee and a 20% decreased risk of endometrial cancer which currently affects around 1 in 37 US women in their lifetime, adding to the potential health benefits of consuming the popular beverage.

Op-Ed: 5 best female voices in bluegrass music

Bluegrass music is home to many talented female singer-songwriters, but the following five ladies standing out as the genre's best.

Op-Ed: Gwen Sebastian deserves to become next big female country artist

Gwen Sebastian, best known from Team Blake from "The Voice," is a female country vocalist that deserves to make it big in the genre.

Review: The Go-Go's still 'got the beat' at The Paramount in New York Special

Huntington - On July 3, the acclaimed all-female rock group, The Go-Go's, played a concert at The Paramount, in Huntington, New York.

Street artist in France sings in both a 'male' and 'female' voice

Strasbourg - A video is currently going viral of a man performing in front of the Strasbourg Cathedral with two voices and what sound like a male voice and a female voice. His range is something uncommon in a street performer.

Female pilot receives sexist note from passenger

A Canadian airline pilot reported that she recently received a shocking note that cited the Bible as a reason flying airplanes was “no place for a woman.”

How to keep a female spider happy? A gift-wrapped present

What is the best way for a male spider to mate with a female spider? Bringing along food wrapped in silk does the trick, according to a new study.

Cases of snail 'imposex' in decline

Scientists report that they are now spotting fewer cases of imposex, a condition in which female sea snails develop male sexual organs. This appears to be the positive outcome from a chemical ban instituted in 2008.

Op-Ed: Top 10 female country music videos of 2013

2013 was a great year for female country artists and their music videos. Here are the videos that made my Top 10 list of of the year.

Female suicide bomber kills six in Russian bus

A female suicide bomber attacks a bus in southern Russia. The explosion killed six passengers and wounded a dozen others.

Booze and you: The effect of alcohol in males and females

The term “drown your sorrows” has been around for a long, long time. Most men talk about drinking to make their partners appear more attractive, while most females tend to drink to forget their woes. Surprisingly, a recent study abolishes both premise

Israeli co-ed unit possible example for new U.S. military policy Special

Recently, the United States military rescinded a policy restricting women to non-combat roles. The move, instigated by then-U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, was partially an acknowledgment that many women are already working in combat zones.

Erotic novelist posts ad on the Internet for love affair

A novelist of an exciting new book is seeking some work experience in the love affair department in the hope of getting a taste of the real thing.

Alzheimer's disease develops differently according to gender

A new study from the U.S. has indicated that there are key differences in the way Alzheimer's disease develops between men and women.

Iran finds Reuters guilty of propaganda about female ninjas

Tehran - A jury in Tehran has found the news agency Reuters "guilty of propagating against the Islamic Republic and disseminating false information to disturb public opinion" for running a story titled, "Thousands of female Ninjas train as Iran's assassins."

Iranian cleric beaten by women who put 'jab' in hijab

Hojatoleslam Ali Beheshti, an Iranian cleric in the city of Shamirzad in Semnan Province, was severely beaten after he told two women to "cover up".

Video: 'Speed Sisters' — All-female motor racing in Palestine

Jericho - The Speed Sisters are an all-female motor racing team living in occupied Palestine. They are the first ever women's racing team in the Middle East.
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Female Image

Hunter Valentine
Hunter Valentine
Monarch butterfly  female.
Monarch butterfly, female.
K. D. Harrelson
Two black rhinos (mother and calf) in Lewa  central Kenya.
Two black rhinos (mother and calf) in Lewa, central Kenya.
Harold Zimmer
Pearls of Russia female skydiving team set a record for women s parachuting.
Pearls of Russia female skydiving team set a record for women's parachuting.
Video screen capture
Female Lexias pardalis - dorsal view - taken at Krohn Conservatory.
Female Lexias pardalis - dorsal view - taken at Krohn Conservatory.
Greg Hume
Female soccer team
Female soccer team
Danaus Plexippus  Monarch Butterly (female)  picture taken in NewYork  October 2008.
Danaus Plexippus, Monarch Butterly (female), picture taken in NewYork, October 2008.
Dystacta tigrifrutex  female.
Dystacta tigrifrutex, female.
Tedrow R et al.
Hunter Valentine
Hunter Valentine
Hunter Valentine
Hunter Valentine
Chinese humanoid robot
Chinese humanoid robot
Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters
Female Mangarahara cichlid. This is the very valuable fish the ZSL is looking for to establish a cap...
Female Mangarahara cichlid. This is the very valuable fish the ZSL is looking for to establish a captive breeding program that may save the species from extinction.
United Methodist Women Board of Directors Meeting
United Methodist Women Board of Directors Meeting
Female Ninjas in Iran.
Female Ninjas in Iran.
Video screen capture
German bishop Margot Käßmann.
German bishop Margot Käßmann.
Australia s top female DJ Tigerlily
Australia's top female DJ Tigerlily
Courtesy of Tigerlily
Hunter Valentine
Hunter Valentine
All-female rock band The Go-Go s
All-female rock band The Go-Go's
Arnold Neimanis
Female Cardinal
Female Cardinal
A participant wading through the creek obstacle at the first MudMorial dash  Concord  NC.
A participant wading through the creek obstacle at the first MudMorial dash, Concord, NC.

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