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Criticism over huge fees for Nigerian election hopefuls

Abuja - Nigeria's two main political parties are asking election hopefuls to pay huge fees for the chance to stand at next year's general election, in a move criticised as favouring the rich and well-connected.

Mobile roaming fees to be outlawed in Europe in 2017

The European Parliament has passed a law that will make it illegal for mobile carriers to charge roaming fees when their customers use their phones abroad. The popular ruling is designed to help battle cases of "bill shock."

Average ATM fees in the U.S. hit record high of $4.52

A new survey shows the cost of getting money out of ATMs that are not in the network has risen 21 percent in a five-year span.

Comedy club charges 'per laugh'

Barcelona - A comedy club in Barcelona has decided to charge customers per laugh. This is achieved through an experiment that uses facial-recognition technology. The technology tracks how much clients enjoyed the show by counting their laughter rate.

Mother pays off student's balances after son is refused lunch

Dowagiac - A Michigan mother decided to give a Mother's Day present of her own by paying off every student's outstanding balance after her son was refused lunch.

EU reform to scrap mobile roaming fees

Brussels - The European Parliament on Thursday endorsed a sweeping package of EU telecommunications reforms, including a much-awaited measure to end roaming charges for cross-border mobile phone use.

Appeals court upholds Fed's debit card 'swipe fee' limits

A U.S. appeals court upheld the Federal Reserve's controversial rules for debit card "swipe fees" on Friday, disappointing merchants who had argued the charges were too high.

Lower banking fees for South Africans

Finweek Magazine reports on their investigation of tariffs asked by South Africa's four biggest banks, and the reasons why some are more affordable than others.

TSA hoping to double airport security fees

If the fee hike is approved by Congress, Americans will have to pay double for the privilege of being groped by TSA agents at the airport.

Amazon to allow users to pay $30 to remove ads on new Kindles

Seattle - Sick and tired of advertisements? Amazon is allowing its customers to pay $30 to remove advertisements from the latest ad-supported Kindles. The $30 is the difference in price between a non-ad Kindle and a Kindle with ads.

'Dead-beat dads' get break on child support fines

If you believe the typical parent who falls behind on child support payments is just a scoundrel, then you might want to examine a Massachusetts finding that has caused the state to reduce interest payments on child support delinquencies by 50%.

Review called for false fire alarm fees at Toronto City Hall Special

Toronto - In Toronto when a fire alarm goes off three fire vehicles must respond. A new policy could change that to two fire trucks like nearby Mississauga. Would this be in the best interest of the public?

Federal Reserve proposes rules to see debit card fees cut

The Federal Reserve, by order of Congress, proposed new rules for fees on debit card transactions Thursday. The rules could see more competition between banks and payment card networks.

Op-Ed: Should You Fire Your Investment Advisor?

It is approaching the end of the year, and it will soon be the time to assess the performance of your investment portfolio. Has your Investment Advisor met your goals? Are you pleased with the investment strategy, results, and communications?

Colorado Applying Sales Tax to a State Fee

According to new report by the Independence Institute, Colorado is adding the cost of waste tire disposal fees into the total purchase price of new tires, in effect applying a state tax to a state fee. One state representative is taking action to end it.

Op-Ed: California Campers, Beach Goers Not Daunted by Higher Fees

In an unofficial personal survey conducted by California blogger, Zach Behrens, he found that with California raising camping fees, it’s cheaper to vacation in a hotel than to go camping.

Op-Ed: How much more can airlines in the U.S. charge?

They charge for everything from baggage to weight at this point, so what could possibly be next? How about a fee to use the foxhole they call a bathroom?

Polk County Jail Inmates Charged $2 per Night

If you do the crime in Polk County Florida you better be ready to pay for your time staying at the county jail. Starting on Wednesday inmates are being charged for their cells.

Op-Ed: 'Congestion Pricing' Use Parking Meters to Tell You Where to Go

It’s bad enough that Big Brother is watching us to see where we’re going, but to have a parking meter tell us where to go, is a bit over the top…and it will come at a very high price.

Banks Increase ATM Fees again to $3 per transaction

Banks generate more than $10 billion a year in revenue when people use their ATM cards in other bank’s ATM machines. Now, banks in the U.S. want to increase their fees to recover losses in today's struggling economy.

When Banks turn Evil - Avoid High Bank Fees

Banks made $50 billion dollars a year just in service charges alone.

The banning of ATM fees could be just around the corner

When they first came out, ATM's were free. But now, when we want to use our money, watch out were you withdraw it. ATM fees will get you coming and going if you use a bank that is not your home bank.

Spirit Air To Charge Extra For...Several Things

Spirit Air announced new fees starting June 20, 2007 that will penalize flyers for using extra services. Like having a piece of luggage...

Go-slow protest over road fees in London (UK)

Transport for London (TfL) claims that the £8-a-day charge will cut traffic levels by 10-15 per cent

ATM fees under fire!

It has long angered me that when I go to a bank other than my own I am charged a fee to take my own money out of the bank and sometimes charged more than once by my bank and the machine I am using.

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