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Instagram beta update adds support for using multiple accounts

A beta update to Instagram has added official support for using multiple accounts. The feature lets you switch logins at will without having to sign-out and in again. It will be particularly useful for people who maintain several different profiles.

Google announces YouTube Gaming, coming this summer

Google has announced that it is creating a special variant of YouTube for gamers, throwing it into direct competition with Twitch. The site will allow players to stream footage of their games and make it easy for viewers to keep track of their favourites.

Vine gets updated on Windows Phone to be more like iOS, Android

Vine has updated its Windows Phone app to bring it more in line with what users on other platforms have access to. The update will be encouraging to supporters of Windows Phone which historically has had a large "app gap".

Obese 100-year-old crocodile dies from overeating sacrifices

An overweight 100-year-old crocodile in south-western Bangladesh has died from overfeeding caused by eating too many chickens and goats that were thrown to it by worshippers believing they would get good luck.

Benidorm hotel offers needy families leftover buffet food

Benidorm - The Hotel Regente in Benidorm, Spain has leftover food from their restaurant every day. Rather than throw it away, they now wish to offer the food on a daily basis to needy and disadvantaged families in the area.

Hunters help the hungry in Nova Scotia

Halifax - Around 40,000 Nova Scotians require food assistance each month from food banks and that number is continuing to grow. Now hunters from across the province have stepped in to help.

IFAW start feed programme for animals in Pakistan

The International Fund for Animal Welfare have teamed up with The Ravi Foundation to help supply food to the thousands of animals that have been affected by the flooding in Pakistan.

YouTube announces 'News Feed' showcasing top citizen journalism

To tap into the growing market of Web-savvy news junkies, YouTube has announced its testing a new feature called News Feed. The feature incorporates news videos from both citizen journalists and professional news outlets.

Oscar Mayer wienermobile is on ebay

Kraft foods has announced the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is now available on ebay. The national winners will be riding "shotbun' for the day if they win the bid for the giant Wiener ride, which is currently at $1111.11 and run through June 4.

Facebook snags patent for 'News Feed' minus status updates

Facebook has claimed a patent in the United States for news feeds that are found on almost every social networking site, worrying competitors and outraging technology enthusiasts.

Op-Ed: Cow Burps Reduced With New Diet

It’s a pretty sure thing that cows would say “pardon me” after belching, but they can’t and they don’t and it's not their fault; it's the fault of dumb humans.

Food for Life: A Profile

This video highlights the work of one organization to reduce hunger and get good nutritious food to the people who most need. The food they serve is vegetarian and the organization is Food for Life.

Feed Wild Birds by Hand

Feeding wild birds like Chickadees, Finches, Nuthatches is not a rocket science, with patience and in a week's time of practice it is easy to do. Once the birds trusts you, then they will feed from the hands without hesitation.

RSS 101 - An Intro to RSS Feeds

If you aren't familiar with RSS Feeds, here's a quick read about how you can use them to better surf the web or put your own content out. Check it out and learn about how RSS feeds can be used to benefit you.

10 top RSS feed readers

I try to resist switching too often between RSS reader and currently use Newshutch but Google Reader has been tempting me. This site has an excellent review of top ten RSS readers so if you don't have a favorite yet, it will help you pick one.

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Writing a tweet on Twitter
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