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Oil sands need to get on board with Canada's climate goals

Ottawa - Alberta’s oil sands operators will need to face higher carbon taxes, stricter regulations and implement technologies that don’t exist yet if Canada is going to meet its climate commitments, warns a new report from the Pembina Institute.

Canada's new budget proposes tax on quantity of THC in edibles

Ottawa - Cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals in Canada will be taxed by THC content rather than by weight, starting in May, according to the new federal budget released yesterday.

Federal funding cuts hit U.S. scientific research hard

Washington - The U.S. legislature has passed a spending agreement for science for next year. The deal signals only modest increases for federal science agencies.

Op-Ed: Fix Social Security shortfall by transferring funds from defense

The new annual report from the Social Security and Medicare boards of trustees has a dire prediction for the future of Social Security. Most dire is the prediction that Social Security Disability Insurance will run out of funds by late 2016.

Federal budget to fight wildfires is over $400 million short

A new report released on Friday by the Department of Agriculture projects spending by the U.S. Forest Service and the Department of the Interior to fight wildfires this year will exceed the $1.4 billion authorized by Congress by over $400 million.

Senator Cruz on debt deal: 'Senate Republicans declined to unify'

In comments made on Saturday to the Texas Medical Association, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) framed the Republican compromise on the government shutdown as a result of GOP infighting.

Reid: Boehner 'can't take yes for an answer' on shutdown

With the federal government shutdown now in its eighth day, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid expressed his frustration with the House GOP request for negotiations.

Senator Paul: It's a 'silly argument' to say a law cannot change

Appearing on NBC's "Meet The Press" on Sunday, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) defended the Republican position, telling viewers that President Obama and his Democratic allies have refused to compromise on Obamacare.

Polls: More than 60% of Americans want spending cuts

As Democratic and Republican congressional legislators head toward a possible government shutdown over their federal budget and debt ceiling differences, more than 60 percent of Americans want spending cuts.

Op-Ed: Our Broken Education System and Possible Solutions to Fixing It

The state of our education system has been on my mind lately, I have some opinions on how I think we can make immediate changes to improve it. It requires sacrifice and give on both sides of this debate but I am positive as a nation we can do anything.

GOP weekly address offers precursor to federal budget dialog

In this weekend's weekly address to the nation, and in the hours before the presidential inauguration, the Republican Party emphasized the need to focus on the federal budget.

White House informs Congressman Ryan it will miss budget deadline

Citing the late conclusion of the 'fiscal cliff' negotiation, the White House informed House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan that it would not submit a budget on time - an action that is required by law.

President signs bill to fund government until March 2013 Special

President Obama signed today House Joint Resolution 117; the bill will prevent a government shut down by funding the federal government through March 27, 2013.

Elizabeth May wants to 'Green' Canada's upcoming federal budget

Ottawa - Green Party leader Elizabeth May introduced a pair of "Green Scissors" to find the necessary cuts in the upcoming federal budget in order to reduce its budget deficit, but not at the cost of the environment, health and education.

Conservatives invited to check their values before the budget

Toronto - Just when the Harper government readies himself to announce big cuts in social spending, the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives comes in with its own budget and asks Conservatives to scrap their prisons and fighter jets.

NASA budget funds telescope, cuts commercial spaceflight

The FY2012 budget, recently signed by the president, includes increased funding for the James Webb Space Telescope, but cuts proposed funding for commercial spaceflight

Faith leaders arrested at US Capitol during budget protest

Washington - Eleven people, including faith leaders from multiple denominations were arrested inside the Capitol while staging a protest calling on Congress to create a budget that protected working Americans and guaranteed the rich paid their fair share of taxes.

Ron Paul issues four keys to economic growth ahead of debate

Ahead of the debate among Republican presidential candidates on Monday night in New Hampshire, Texas Congressman and GOP presidential contender Ron Paul issued a four-point guidance on the keys to economic growth.

New commercial from fiscally conservative group targets Weiner

Capitalizing on Congressman Weiner's sexting revelations as the latest example of sex scandals that have emerged in Congress, a fiscally conservative group has issued an advertisement urging action on spending control.

Gary Johnson seeking to move from 'obscurity to prominence' in NH

Former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson recently announced his White House Republican candidacy and is seeking to evolve from 'obscurity to prominence' during his visit in New Hampshire.

Democrats target GOP, John Boehner with mocking medicare video ad

Washington - The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has released a web video of its new television ad, that they are hoping to debut in John Boehner's district, in which they mock the GOP for proposed cuts to medicare and ask the question "How will you pay?"

Canadian money to become plastic, coins will be steel next year

Ottawa - The Canadian federal government announced in its budget that paper Canadian currency will become plastic and have new security features next year. Its $2 and $1 coins will also receive new changes.

Jack Layton appeals to Harper-give seniors a raise

New Democrat Party leader Jack Layton has appealed the government to give Canadian senior citizens a raise with the federal budget next week.

Federal budget deficit tops $1 trillion

With three months remaining in the fiscal year, the federal budget deficit has passed $1 trillion, sparking a new round of fears about high interest rates and inflation.

Canadian Federal budget watchdog set to release new report Monday

Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page has been ruffling government feathers by releasing his reports to the public at the same time as he hands the reports over to committees and MPs.

Health care bill tops $1 trillion, CBO calls budget unsustainable

Senate sources say the health care bill in committee could cost more than $1 trillion over 10 years. Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office says health care spending puts the budget on an unsustainable path.

Green Party Disappointed in Federal Budget

Elizabeth May, federal Green Party leader has expressed disappointment in the federal budget. The Green Party does not believe it will kick-start the economy.

Clinton announces $1.87 trillion projected surplus

Washington - President Clinton said Monday he wants to use the staggering surpluses now forecast in the federal budget to pay off the national debt by 2012, and offered a bargain to congressional Republicans to end the so-called marriage penalty....

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