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Feces News

Improving age-related cognition may rest on a fecal transplant

Improving age-related cognition and the decline that comes with old age is something many medical professionals aspire to. There could be an answer, according to a new study, based on fecal transplant therapy.

Stability of coronavirus in human excreta

One of the less widely explored areas in relation to the novel coronavirus is with the survival of viral RNA in human urine and feces. A new study shows that the virus is recoverable several days later.

Energy crisis solution could be to use human waste

Toronto - Researchers in Canada are considering the feasibility of using biogas, derived from human waste, to produce energy. They argue that each year people produce waste that could be converted to energy worth $9.5 billion, at current prices.

Scientists look at panda poo for biofuel clues

Researchers in Belgium are looking at excrement of giant pandas in hopes to find clues on how to develop new generations of biofuel.

Human poop may contain gold in it

Denver - A new study has revealed that human feces contain microscopic nuggets of gold, as well as silver and other rare metals such as palladium.

Immune system can promote good gut health

Part of the body’s immune system called MyD88 is responsible for promoting a healthy colony of good bacteria. The more "good" bacteria, the better the digestive health. A new study has explored this further.

Tracking Ebola using ape poop

Researchers have developed a novel method to study the Ebola virus in wildlife. The new technique is based on apes, like humans, who survive viral infections developing antibodies against the infection.

Op-Ed: USDA modernization will end up being hazardous to our health

Most people are better off not knowing how the chicken they buy at the supermarket is raised and processed. Knowing that information would make people swear off eating meat for the rest of their lives. But new regulations aren't going to improve things.

Man mailed cat feces to companies that didn't hire him

On Friday a man in St. Louis received two years probation for mailing cat feces to companies that didn't hire him. He plead guilty to mailing injurious articles.

Panda poop may provide basis of new biofuels

Giant pandas Ya Ya and Le Le, located at the Memphis Zoo, could provide a solution for biofuel production. Scientists are searching the feces from the pandas for useful microbes.

Enzymes from horse feces may help with biofuel production

Finding the magic catalyst for biofuel production is a major industrial aim. Scientists have outlined the discovery of a potential range of suitable enzymes in fungi thriving in the feces and intestinal tracts of horses.

EcoBot-III turns human waste into electricity

Bristol - In a collaborative effort between Wessex Water and Bristol Robotics Laboratory, scientists in Great Britain have developed a robot capable of transforming human waste into usable energy.

Prankster urinates, smears feces in courthouse coffee machine

Anaconda - Someone playing a prank urinated into the can of coffee grounds and later smeared clumps of feces into the coffee machine at the Anaconda, Montana courthouse. County employees who drank the coffee had complained that it tasted "really bad."

Fecal flinging fracas by Florida Police?

Miami - Cops flinging feces in Florida may not be the case, but it does seem possible, and could be a simple case of retaliation.

Panda poop statue of Venus sells for $45,000 USD

It is hard to believe that something made out of feces would be worth tens of thousands of dollars, but one poopy creation from a Chinese artist recently sold for $45,000.

FDA lettuce recall - Interested in a safe, healthy alternative? Special

Spring has sprung in my neighborhood and that means garden season has begun. Bunny rabbits and baby robins are feeding in the fresh tilled garden in search of their daily dinner. It also means one FDA vegetable recall after another headed to my in box.

Hamilton becomes first Canadian city to use human waste biofuel

Hamilton, Ontario will become the first Canadian municipality to produce biofuel from human waste after getting a $30 million grant. The technology has been in use in Europe for decades, and allows methane gas to be harvested from human waste.

Teacher sends boy home with bag of poo

The father opened the bag held by his 5-year-old son and found a smelly package inside the bag. The teacher gave the boy a bag of poo as punishment.

Raw Sewage A Problem In Tiny Mulberry, Florida

The tiny town of Mulberry, Florida has a big problem. Raw sewage has leaked out in the heart of this town with a little more than 3,000 people threatening to expose health risks. It has an even bigger problem, the cost to fix it will break the bank.

Pooping Perpetrator Leaves Smelly Message

Friday afternoon, someone whom apparently had a bellyful of the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Offices in St. Paul, went into several office rooms and left little smelly piles of poop. Who could this pooping perp be?

Man Charged for Soiling Laundry Room

Ronnie A. Ballard, 19yrs old of Madison Wisconsin was charged with three counts of disorderly conduct, three counts of criminal damage to property, and one count of bail jumping. He was caught using a laundry room in an apartment building, as a toilet.

Jenkem a new drug for kids

There is a new drug that has been reported that some kids are starting to use. It is called "jenkem". It is a hallucinogen drug which was first used in Africa. It begins with feces and urine.

4 Rescued from Vat of Fish Feces

4 men have been rescued from a giant vat of fish feces at the Australis Aquaculture fish farm in Massachusetts.

Principal admits to throwing feces

A suspended Toronto elementary school principal has pleaded guilty to throwing feces on a child. Maria Pantalone, 49, was charged with two counts of assault - one against that child and one against another – but only admitted to one of the charges today

Homeless Awarded $45,000 For Sleeping Next To Feces

Last November, three homeless men in the city of Las Vegas were arrested and charged with sleeping next to human feces.

Quadriplegic Man Files Complaint Against California Cops In Dog Feces Case

Latest poop scoop: David Nicholls, a Californian quadriplegic, was walking his dog when a hotel worker insisted Nicholls remove the rectal remnants from the area. Nicholls insisted the job was the responsibility of the hotel worker, who next calls police.

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A satellite image of polar ice in Antarctica
A satellite image of polar ice in Antarctica
British Antarctic Survey
 Personal hygiene sticks  found in a latrine at the Xuanquanzhi Ruins by the research team.
"Personal hygiene sticks" found in a latrine at the Xuanquanzhi Ruins by the research team.
University of Cambridge
Xuanquanzhi Ruins is all that is left of an important stop-over on the Silk Road.
Xuanquanzhi Ruins is all that is left of an important stop-over on the Silk Road.
University of Cambridge

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