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Fecal News

New software tracks fecal contamination

Madrid - New software allows medics to track fecal contamination throughout all types of water, from seas to rivers. The software makes use of biological changes to water and then uses this to make predictions of the direction that contamination may spread.

Frozen feces helps to treat gut infections

Boston - In a new medical study, several patients with recurring bacterial infections caused by Clostridium difficile found relief from diarrhea by ingesting frozen fecal matter from healthy volunteers.

Detecting fecal pollution in Norwegian watercourses

Oslo - A set of novel methods for the detection of fecal pollution in Norwegian watercourses has been designed. The methods can give answers as to whether the contamination is a result of human or animal excreta.

Fecal transplants are 'successful'

Fecal transplants have begun to be used as a treatment over the past year. Now a long-term study confirms transplants of stool microbes from healthy donors can successfully clear recurrent Clostridium difficile infections.

Pop a pill, how fecal transplant is becoming easier

A Canadian study shows that fecal transplants in an oral capsule form are an effective treatment for C. diff infection. This development makes the idea of the fecal transplant easier to swallow.

Fecal transplant treats colitis

Fecal transplant has been shown to be successful in assisting patients suffering with chronic intestinal inflammation (ulcerative colitis).

Olympic champion Amanda Beard promotes 'healthy' swimming

Seven-times Olympic medalist and mom Amanda Beard has teamed up with the U.S. CDC to promote a swimming campaign, with the aim of promoting ‘healthy’ swimming.

FDA issues fecal transplant guidance

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a guidance note about fecal transplants. A fecal transplant involves transferring the stool of a healthy person into the gut of someone with an antibiotic resistant microbe infection.

New support for fecal transplants (update) Special

Fecal therapy is a new method of treating people with infection. However, it is still at the early stages. Now a leading U.S. medical association has come out in support.

Fecal transplants are to become regulated

Fecal therapy is a new method of treating people with infection. However, U.S. physicians and researchers will now have to get approval from the FDA before they can perform a stool transplant.

Oklahoma Mom Gets 15 Years for Injecting Fecal Matter Into Infant Daughter

Sarena Sherrard suffers from a mental disorder known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. A form of child abuse, it involves a parent--almost invariably the mother--inducing real or apparent symptoms of disease in a child.

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