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Apple unveils 'El Capitan': the next Mac OS X

Apple has announced an iterative update to Mac OS X at its worldwide developers conference in San Francisco today. The emphasis is on refining and improving things, borrowing some features from Windows to add more productivity and a cleaner interface.

iOS 9 gets proper split-screen multitasking for the first time

In a bid to attract more professional and enterprise users away from Microsoft's Surface Pro, Apple has added proper split-screen multitasking to iOS on iPad for the first time. Users will be able to run two apps side-by-side.

iOS 9 gets a better Siri, searching, payments and more

Apple has formally announced iOS 9 at its WWDC developer's conference today. Siri has been updated to become much more useful and search functionality has been made much deeper alongside improvements to several core apps and the expansion of Apple Pay.

The 'new iPhone' is launching September 25, according to Vodafone

A leaked memo to employees of mobile operator Vodafone has revealed that Apple may be planning to launch its next-generation iPhone on September 25th. There is no word on what it will be called or what sizes will be available.

New Windows 10 build brings yet more welcome improvements

As Windows 10 nears completion ahead of its release this summer, Microsoft is continuing to push out new preview builds. Another build was released last night and brings several more refinements across the OS, focusing on a more polished interface.

Here's what's new in Android M, coming later this year

As expected, Google revealed a new version of its Android mobile operating system at its IO developers conference yesterday. A very early preview, some of Android M's features include a new app launcher, built-in fingerprint support and more battery life.

Cortana will kick Google Now and iOS off their own platforms

In a video uploaded to the Windows YouTube channel today, Microsoft has announced its digital voice assistant Cortana, already known by Windows Phone fans, will be coming to Android, iOS and PC with the launch of Windows 10 this summer.

Xbox One May update brings new features including voice messages

Microsoft has released the May update for its Xbox One games console and media hub. It features several notable new features that have been often requested by the community including the ability to send voice messages and turn the console on remotely.

Windows 10 is the 'last version of Windows', says Microsoft

A Microsoft developer has revealed that the company is viewing Windows 10 as the last major version of the renowned operating system, confirming many previous rumours of how Microsoft will update Windows over-the-air with incremental feature additions.

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' wins but not as big as expected

UPDATE: With such a big opening, movie grosses always have to be tweaked from the Sunday first look. "Avengers: Age of Ultron" added some to its total. The new figure is now $191.3 million. It still did not beat "Avengers" for three-day opening record.

The leather-backed LG G4 is here with impressive specs

LG has officially unveiled its new flagship Android smartphone for 2015, the G4. After weeks of embarrassing leaks about the phone on LG's own website that have revealed most details, the powerful device has finally been revealed in London and New York.

Windows 10 update brings features, fixes and more finesse

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10 Technical Preview that adds several new consumer-orientated features including improved customization options for the Start menu, Taskbar and window accent colours and an enhanced tablet mode.

Windows 'Redstone' coming 2016: What you need to know

Details have emerged of Microsoft's future upgrade plans for Windows beyond the launch of Windows 10 this summer. The company will release two updates for the OS in 2016. They are currently in development under the codename "Redstone."

Tom Cruise back on top with 'Oblivion'

Other matters came in to play this weekend besides taking in a movie in America, but sometimes getting away from bad news is needed.

Stars shine at Oscar luncheon; more presenters announced

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hosted its annual gathering of nominees Monday (Feb. 4) and served up some insights along the way.

Op-Ed: 'Silver Linings Playbook' gets this vote for top film

There is a method to the madness. And this is one. As the business of show wrapped for 2012, it was indeed a record year.

MoMA’s new photography show features six emerging artists

New York - The Museum of Modern Art has announced its 26th annual “New Photography” exhibition, set to run September 28, 2011 through January 16, 2012, with an expanded show featuring six artists from Canada, China, England, Holland and the US.

Facebook rolls out new features, downloadable information

Palo Alto - Facebook announced a "special event" this Wednesday, October 6th. CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others on the board have now taken the stage to introduce up-coming features of a "new" Facebook.

Op-Ed: Looking into the seventh Window

You can’t call most of the new features in Windows 7 revolutionary, but they’re well thought out, they work properly and prove that Microsoft has finally talked to some real users. Call them ‘nifty.’

Twitter updates Followers, Following pages

Twitter has overnight announced changes to its followers and following pages, which includes the ability to better view your followers and those who you are following.

Gmail Labs Adds Forgotten Attachment Detector, Vacation Responder And More Features

Gmail has added a number of features recently that will enhance your email application. Here are some important ones that you will find useful.

Google adds thirteen new Gmail features

Gmail added 13 new features today with more on the way. You can access these new features in your Gmail setting page under the “Labs” section.

Religion And Cell Phone Marketing

Customized cell phones can express an owner's religious devotion with religious ring tones, scripture messages and content filtering just to name a few options. Which religion has the best cell phone?

Improved Design for Easier Navigation & Dedicated Website for Digital Journal TV

Responding to more user feedback, we're proud to continue our evolution with the introduction of a cleaner look for the front page of Digital Journal, with easier access to news and categories. We're also introducing a new website for Digital Journal TV.

New Approval System for Citizen Journalists

This is probably one of the biggest changes has seen yet, but we're happy to announce two distinct types of users: Citizens and Citizen Journalists. This change affects everyone, so listen up.

'Group With' Tool Allows for Duplicate Posts

Many writers have expressed frustration over posting an article just to find out later it's already been submitted. To ease the pain, is introducing its Group With feature that will cluster similar stories together.

Retrieve locked keys with remote entry from cell phone

Here are 5 features of your cell phone you may have never heard of before. Improves Duplicate Search, Announces Tags, Subscription Features

With more users asking for better ways to find duplicate stories, we're proud to announce a new AJAX-based search. Also, your article's keywords now show as live tags and you can now subscribe to announcements.

Apple iPhone Features Leaked

Apple still denies the iPhone is in the pipeline for release, but details of the upcoming phone have been leaked from a secret source. Check out what's set to be inside the phone that doesn't exist yet.

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