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Fashion's feather master tickles up a storm

Paris - Serkan Cura was first tickled by the possibility of feathers when he was just 13."I found a bird of paradise feather in a street market in Brussels," he told AFP. "It was love at first sight." The thrill has never quite left him.

Science reveals how some chickens got striped feathers

Stockholm - Behind the rage of plumage color and patterning on the feathers of birds is genetics. The precise mechanisms have proved elusive to researchers, until now. Two independent gene mutations reveal the barring pattern in chickens.

Sleeping with chickens protects you from mosquitoes

If you're worried about mosquito bites, or live in an area at risk from malaria, then sleeping with a chicken might be the answer. A point of scientific research are the compounds in chicken feathers.

Feather-degrading bacteria harming birds

An explanation has been provided for a serious disease of birds where the feathers rot away and fall off. This disease is caused by feather-degrading bacteria. The solution requires a joined-up approach to conservation.

Bird revives another bird: Video

Are birds capable of altruistic behavior? A new video suggests so. The scene, shot in Saudi Arabia, shows a robin slapping wings and stroking unconscious partners using its beak. The bird regains consciousness and flies away.

Pigeon color comes down to just three genes

Mutations in just three key genes that determine feather color in domestic rock pigeons. The research is significant because the same genes control pigmentation of human skin and can be responsible for melanoma and albinism.

T. Rex relative found with feathers like a baby chick

Jinzhou - It's as long as a school bus, weighs over a ton and has terrifying dagger-like teeth to devour its prey. That's the sort of tyrannosaur we all know, but did you know it was fuzzy? New specimens dug up in northeastern China yield a surprising discovery.

International Pillow Fight Day proves a smash in New York City Special

They came armed with synthetic and feather-stuffed cases, some balled and some already swinging and showcasing best wishes and more menacing intents, arriving in wild droves for New York's version of International Pillow Fight Day.

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Two microraptors sitting on a branch looking for lunch
Two microraptors sitting on a branch looking for lunch
Jason Brougham / University of Texas; Mick Ellison (inset)
Coucou de Rennes is a French breed of chicken. The chicken was an historic Breton breed which had ne...
Coucou de Rennes is a French breed of chicken. The chicken was an historic Breton breed which had nearly disappeared by the late twentieth century.
Édouard Hue

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