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COVID-19 fears: Most worry about more COVID-19 like outbreaks

How are people responding to the COVID-19 pandemic? What are the central concerns of the typical population? A new survey from Piplsay pinpoints the key issues of the current zeitgeist.

Will it be possible to erase 'bad' memories?

Will it be possible, at some future point, to eradicate 'bad' memories? Such as those associated with post-traumatic stress disorder? New study of snail neurons suggests memories that trigger anxiety can be erased.

Discovering how the brain encodes the memory of fear

New research from scientists working at the University of California, Riverside on “fear memory” could lead to the development of therapies that reduce the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Scientists scare the heck out of raccoons to save ecosystems

Raccoons are definitely cute and clever, and in habitats where they have predators, they keep to the trees and do most of their foraging for food at night. In areas where there are no predators, their cute and clever ways can wreak havoc on ecosystems.

Nerves fray across Europe after Paris carnage

Paris - Panicky crowds, pop stars pulling out, planes diverted and football matches called off -- Europe is increasingly on edge after Islamic State jihadists staged a bloody attack on Paris, slaughtering 129 people.

Torrent sites ban Windows 10 users amid privacy fears

Key torrent sites are banning Windows 10 users in fear that the operating system may be sending data back to Microsoft that could identify piracy and land websites in trouble. The sites have claimed that Microsoft is monitoring searches for pirated media.

Op-Ed: Ever wonder why you're afraid of spiders? Evolution provides clue

San Jos - When you live in the tropics, the neighbors tend to invite themselves into your house. In my case, sometimes it's a two-toed sloth. Other times it's a beautiful morpho butterfly. And other times it's a large, hairy spider.

Fears of Apple Watch prompt universities to ban watches in exams

A number of British universities have announced that they will be banning all watches from examination halls amid fears of possible cheating once smartwatches come into popularity, expected with the release of the Apple Watch next month.

New light shed on emotional fear

Bad experiences and unpleasant events can remain etched into the brain for a person’s entire life. A new study has identified the brain processes at work that enable ‘bad thoughts’ to remain.

Study maps how brain processes fear

A study published in the journal Brain and Cognition, coming from the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas shows how brain activity occurs when a subject experiences fear.

Rats learn fear through odors

A new study has found that rodent pups can learn to fear a stimulus through the odor signals given by their mother. The findings suggest a mechanism for how animals might inherit the experiences of their parents.

The fear of losing your phone is a real phobia

Some researchers say that the fear of not having a cellphone that works should be added to psychiatry's diagnostic manual.

Is fear written all over your face?

Given a real fright, the blood can literally drain from a person’s face, leaving a white mask. For more subtle responses, scientists have used heat sensitive camera to detect ‘fear’.

Can fear be prevented?

Scientists have identified neurons in the brain that are involved in encoding fear in mice. This has led to suggestions that it might be possible to "eliminate fear."

How to fix traumatic memories?

Is it possible to take traumatic memories disappear? A group of scientists think that this might be possible for the most recent, trauma-inducing events.

Can fear be inherited?

Mice appear to pass certain fears onto their offspring, according to a new research study. Trials so far on mice suggest that certain smells associated with frightening events can be passed on to successive generations.

PTSD study: Magic Mushroom psilocybin may treat conditioned fear

Researchers have found that low doses of psilocybin, the active substance in magic mushrooms, help mice overcome conditioned fear response, opening up the possibility of use of psilocybin in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Video/Photos: Faces of true fear at Nightmares Fear Factory

Niagara Falls - The video and photos capture the terror-smitten looks of visitors to the Nightmares Fear Factory. As they tour a haunted house in darkness, ghoulish figures emerge, grimacing, letting out bloodcurdling shrieks to the accompaniment of creepy sound effects.

Anxiety treatment to be made easy, as memory reveals more

A new study, published in Science, paves the way for understanding future best treatment for anxiety, post-traumatic stress and panic attacks as it reveals it is possible to erase newly-formed emotional memories from the brain.

Op-Ed: Irrational fear of Obama drives conservatives to Romney

Emily Schultheis, in an article published in Politico, comments that a deep-seated fear of Obama, and not enthusiasm for Mitt Romney, is driving religious conservatives to support the GOP presidential nominee.

Op-Ed: A real US civil war? Soldiers plot to ‘kill Obama’

Sydney - If you’re looking for proof of the irresponsibility and anti-democratic nature of hatemongering psychosis in US politics, this is a case in point. US soldiers have been arrested on murder charges, and a large arsenal of weapons discovered.

Video: Olympic paranoia targets protests in the UK

London - As London gets ready for the summer Olympics, draconian measures are being put in place to prevent some people from entering the country. Also others in residence are to be banned from the Games.

Missiles & warships in London: UK gears up for Olympics or war?

London - London in the United Kingdom, is obviously getting nervous about its hosting of the summer Olympics this year. Who are they expecting to attack?

Op-Ed: The Orwellian American Right

It is easy to be biased to one political belief. It is also easy to see parallels between works of fiction and the political world. George Orwell created a masterpiece with "1984" that also warns the reader to the dangers of lies.

Op-Ed: Tokyo OK, foreign media’s sensational coverage shameful

Tokyo - Foreign news reports bring preconceived notions to the forefront of the stories. Combined with on-camera theatrics and selective video and photos, the parachute journalists present a distorted version of the Fukushima effects on Tokyo.

France warns threat level 'very high' in the United Kingdom

After Britain issued terror-oriented travel advisories on visits to Continental Europe, and with European and Pakistani officials accusing the US of political manipulation, France issued a warning of its own on travel to the UK.

Op-Ed: The Hate-Mongers Among Us

Pamela Geller, Anwar al-Awlaki, Joshua Blakeney – the three have nearly nothing in common. There beliefs, lifestyles, pursuits and pleasures are all completely unique from one another. They do, however, share at least two common bonds.

GOP 'Red Scare' Tactics will Win the Mid-term Elections

Leaked documents reveal that the GOP is actively planning to use fear-mongering in the mid-term elections scheduled for this fall in the hopes of increasing their seats and possibly winning control of either the House or the Senate.

Fear Grips Pakistan’s Heartland as Terrorism Intensifies Special

Fear grips Pakistan as terrorism intensifies. As analysis of the attacks in this quarter show, there is less regard for civilian casualties and an attempt to launch at least an attack a day in an apparent psychological war to break the opponent’s nerve.

Op-Ed: Fear, The Legacy of 9/11

Almost eight years have passed since 2,974 lives were lost in four attacks in the United States. During the following eight years many aspects of American life has changed. Fear is now something that Americans understand.
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People gather on the stairs of the National Gallery of Art  adjacent to the National Mall October 30...
People gather on the stairs of the National Gallery of Art, adjacent to the National Mall October 30, 2010.
Nightmares Fear Factory
Nightmares Fear Factory
Nightmares Fear Factory
Fear factor: Screen capture from the public domain film Carnival of Souls.
Fear factor: Screen capture from the public domain film Carnival of Souls.
"COS 09". Licensed under Public Domain
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. [ Frank Herbert. Dune. ]
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. [ Frank Herbert. Dune. ]
A rattlesnake area warning sign spotted in the state of Washington.
A rattlesnake area warning sign spotted in the state of Washington.
Nightmares Fear Factory
Nightmares Fear Factory
Nightmares Fear Factory
A mongoose faces a cobra: who is most afraid?
A mongoose faces a cobra: who is most afraid?
Schuyler Shepherd
Nightmares Fear Factory
Nightmares Fear Factory
Nightmares Fear Factory
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Voice of America "State of Fear" article image
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