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Fathers News

Op-Ed: Father's Day 2018 — 10 Exceptional actors that are also fathers

With Father's Day 2018, taking place tomorrow in America, Digital Journal lists 10 exceptional fathers, who are also actors.

Op-Ed: 10 Exceptional fathers in the music business

In honor of Father's Day 2018, Digital Journal acknowledges 10 exceptional musicians, who are also inspirational fathers that epitomize what the festivity is all about: love and family.

Babies with engaged fathers learn faster

London - Babies with involved fathers during the first few months of life learn faster, a new study into the psychology of early learning has found.

Op-Ed: Five Entertainers that can successfully balance fatherhood well

Balancing fatherhood and an entertainment career may be quite difficult for many, but these five men are able to successfully balance both, and they put their families first.

Becoming a father at a young age linked to an earlier death

Helsinki - Becoming a father at a younger age is, surprisingly, linked to several ill-health effects. There is also an association with dying earlier, sometimes in middle age. A new study highlights previously unknown risks.

Swedish dads to get third month of paternity leave

Stockholm - The Swedish government plans to introduce a third month of paid parental leave reserved for fathers as of next year in a bid to further increase gender equality, it said on Thursday.

Funky Dads Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie's Father's Day dance

Father and comedian Jimmy Fallon, and fellow father and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie get down in 'Evolution Of Dad Dancing' in honor of Father's Day 2014.

Older fathers linked to children with psychiatric problems

Whilst complications that can occur in children of older mothers is well-recognized, older fathers can also pose a risk. Older dads may have children with higher risk of psychiatric disorders, according to a study.

The New Zealand controversy over fathers and breast milk

The controlling actions of breastfeeding militants in New Zealand have many wondering if women activists have completely stepped over the line in mind and rights of female equality.

Absent dads should be shamed, says British Prime Minister

Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, has used Father’s Day to drive home a tough message on absent dads: he says they should have the “full force of shame heaped upon them.”

Obama holds town hall meeting on fatherhood

President Obama held a first town hall meeting devoted to fatherhood in time for Father's Day. The president wants to emphasis the importance of fathers in the world today.

Woman gives birth to twins with different fathers

Mia Washington, a mother from Texas, has given birth to twins who have different biological fathers. The double pregnancy is known technically as “heteropaternal superfecundation.

Tell Me A Story Daddy - How Fathers Are Backing Out Of Reading At Bedtime

Children in today's society are lacking the very things that our parents and grandparents as children took for granted - one of these things is their father reading to them at bedtime, something that father today won't do

new reality show for lindsay lohan?

Lindsay Lohan's father who is just getting out of jail wants her Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson to star in a new reality TV show.

Embryos for sale with the best of credentials

"It's like you're ordering a computer from Dell." her emphasis is on well-educated, good-looking contributors of sperm and eggs, she said, "Who wants an ugly, stupid kid?"

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