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Father and son perish in canoe mishap off South San Francisco

South San Francisco - A father and son drowned Tuesday in San Francisco Bay when their canoe capsized near Oyster Point in South San Francisco.

Florida father who beat son's sexual abuser now wants donations

Daytona Beach - Some who applauded the Daytona Beach father who battered a man he'd allegedly caught sexually abusing his son last week are now starting to retract their praise after seeing that he later tried to capitalize off the situation via crowd sourcing.

Father badly beats man found sexually abusing his son

Daytona Beach - When a Daytona Beach father went home Friday and caught his caretaker in the act of sexually abusing his 11-year-old son, he responded with brutal force, leaving the attacker unconscious in a pool of his own blood.

Father hits teacher with baseball bat after texting daughter

Perry Hall - The father of a Perry Hall, Maryland student struck a teacher with a baseball bat after he saw a series of text between the 42-year-old male teacher and his 15-year-old daughter.

Mother arrested and charged with murder of her three children

Los Angeles - Carol Coronado, age 30, was arrested Tuesday evening after being discovered covered in blood and her three slain children surrounding her in a pool of blood.

American Idol's James Durbin to become father again

American Idol alum and rocker James Durbin has an additional reason to "celebrate," aside from the release of his latest album.

Father admits to locking 4 year old son in bedroom for 13 days

Adelaide - A father has been convicted of locking his four-year-old son in his bedroom for 13 days without adequate food or drink supplies.

Father takes out restraining order against 9-year-old bully

A Bay Area father requests, and was granted a restraining order against a nine-year-old boy who was accused of bullying his son.

Daily Relief: Tuesday 25 March

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a father with 98 children, a gorilla playing with kittens, and a look at the reactions of those who think the world is ending.

Gossip guru Perez Hilton to star in gay reality series

Los Angeles - Online media muckraker Perez Hilton announced on Thursday that he will star in Gay Dads of New York, a documentary-oriented series chronicling the trials and tribulations of homosexual fatherhood.

Italian man hides father's body in the wall to collect pension

Subiaco - A gruesome discovery was made recently in an isolated house in Subiaco, Italy. A man's elderly father had died in August 2011 and he hid the body in a sealed room in his house in order to continue collecting his father's pension.

'Jersey Shore's' Pauly D is now a dad

DJ Pauly D, who gained fame from being a cast-mate on MTV's 'Jersey Shore', announced that he recently become a dad to a baby girl.

Spanish woman kept her father's corpse at home for over a year

Manresa - A 37-year-old woman recently passed away in Manresa, Spain. After being called to the scene due to the smell, police discovered her body, but also the decomposed corpse of her father, who had probably died a year or more ago.

Tragic hunting accidents in France demand tougher measures

After a 61-year-old French hunter accidentally killed his own son, mistaking him for a wild boar, and a six-year-old boy was also killed in a separate incident this week, there will be increased pressure for safety measures in hunting.

Breaking Bad final episode this Sunday on AMC 9 p.m. ET

Albuquerque - The last episode of Breaking Bad airs this Sunday at 9 p.m and ends the series with a bang. Will Mr. White turn himself in, or kill himself?

Father sentenced for raping son's prom date

Ismael Cruz, 67, was sentenced to 35 years in prison on Monday for rape, but the incident gets even worse when the victim of his rape happened to be his son's prom date.

British man arrested on suspicion of killing his father in Spain

Girona - A 45-year-old British man has been arrested on suspicion of beating his father to death while on a family holiday at a campsite on the Costa Brava in Spain.

Video: Heartwarming moment when Syrian father reunited with son

In a week where everyone is talking about the US possibly attacking Syria, a little good news comes out of the conflict. A father is reunited with his toddler son, who he thought was lost in the recent, possibly chemical, attack.

Video: Poet 'misspells' the word 'father' in a spelling bee & why

Marshall Davis Jones relates a story of a dream he had about a spelling bee. In poetry form, he explains why he spells the word "father" as "M-O-T-H-E-R."

Daughter fakes wedding for dying father

Auburn - Rachel Wolf, 25, is not about to marry anyone anytime soon, she is not even engaged. But she sets up a wedding so that her father who is diagnosed with cancer can have a last dance with her.

Video: Father captures baby's first year on video 1 second a day

For the ultimate of cute, this video shows the first year of a baby Indigo's life, with one-second clips taken every day from birth. And boy, do they grow up fast!

A day with dad: Father's Day traditions from two families Special

Mississauga - For Scott Leamon, spending Father's Day could be summarized in three simple words: "It was great." A new dad to twins, the day started off spending time in solitude with his wife Allison and their children, as the four snuggled up for a nap.

Miami father gunned down in own home while protecting daughter

Miami - A Miami, Florida father is dead after being shot in his own home while trying to protect his daughter from armed intruders.

12-year-old found guilty of murdering neo-Nazi father

Riverside - A California judge has ruled that a 12-year-old boy is guilty of murder after fatally shooting his neo-Nazi father in 2011.

Father faces jail for spraying ‘B.O.’ Smell in son’s school

A father is facing disorderly conduct charges after allegedly spraying something that smelled very bad inside his son's middle school, Marine City Middle School in Michigan.

Father accidentally shoots 7-year-old son dead at Penn. gun shop

Pittsburgh - Police say that a father accidentally shot his 7-year-old son dead at the parking lot of a Pennsylvania gun store on Saturday. The boy died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Video: Brie Lybrand names Dad in 'Message To My Rapist'

New Orleans - Subscribers to Brie Lybrand's popular YouTube channel got a big shock when they saw the beauty and shopping guru's latest video, "Message To My Rapist," a graphic video in which she accuses her father of having raped her for nine years.

Father stops attempted abduction in Toronto

Toronto - A little girl's bike ride turned dangerous Saturday at Millwood Park in Toronto when a man tried to take her. Her father and citizens were able to intervene capturing the man and holding him for police.

Woman learns husband was actually her father

Doylestown - A Doylestown, Ohio woman has learned that her now deceased husband and father of her three children was actually her father.

Op-Ed: Intensive parenting — Worried moms and happy dads Special

Delhi - Kritika,11 and Tulika,15 are sisters studying in the same school. But their similarity ends there. In every other respect their characters are contrasting.
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African American father fishing with daughter and son
African American father fishing with daughter and son
Zitsman Carl
A father is united with his son  who he thought was lost in the recent possible chemical attack in S...
A father is united with his son, who he thought was lost in the recent possible chemical attack in Syria.
A Syrian father is reunited with his son  who he thought was lost in the recent possible chemical at...
A Syrian father is reunited with his son, who he thought was lost in the recent possible chemical attack in Syria.
Kristian Bush s father  an officer in the Army stationed in Korea in the center
Kristian Bush's father, an officer in the Army stationed in Korea in the center
Courtesy of Kristian Bush
Hollywood star and acclaimed actor and director Mel Gibson.
Hollywood star and acclaimed actor and director Mel Gibson.
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screencap from YouTube, Mike Masse