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Fatah News

Palestinian President Abbas: End of Palestinian division is over

Following the swearing in of a new unity cabinet between the Fatah and Hamas organizations, Fatah's Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared that today marks the "end" of Palestinian division.
In the Media by Paul Iddon - 1 comment

Hamas' differences with Fatah expected to delay unity government

The Hamas organization has declared that it isn't ready to announce the establishment of a national unity government with Fatah due to persisting differences between the two groups.
In the Media by Paul Iddon

Israel to Abbas: We will hold you accountable for Hamas' actions

In the wake of Fatah and Hamas erecting the foundations for a unity government the Israelis have told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that they will hold him accountable for any Hamas terrorism against Israel.
In the Media by Paul Iddon - 1 comment

Abbas names PM as unity govt talks stall over foreign minister

Ramallah - Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas chose a prime minister to head a unity government on Thursday but announcement of the lineup was held up over the foreign affairs portfolio, officials said.
In the Media by AFP

Fatah and Hamas agree on foundations of national unity government

Fatah and Hamas have come to an agreement about how the new Palestinian unity government will be formed along with the technocratic ministers will be appointed. Elections are scheduled to transpire six months from now.
In the Media by Paul Iddon

New Hamas-Fatah unity government will require parliament approval

The new planned Fatah-Hamas unity Palestinian government will need the approval of the Palestinian parliament, which has been dominated by Hamas since 2006.
In the Media by Paul Iddon - 1 comment

Former Egyptian foreign minister to Hamas: Recognize Israel

The former Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa has said that Hamas should recognise the existence of Israel if the Palestinian people are to have any hope of establishing a state of their own.
In the Media by Paul Iddon - 3 comments

Hamas 'salutes' Palestinian President Abbas' speech

In a speech given to leaders of the PLO in Ramallah regarding the very recent Fatah-Hamas reconciliation Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he is willing to extend peace talks with Israel provided his conditions are met.
In the Media by Paul Iddon - 2 comments

Before Fatah-Hamas unity Netanyahu had agreed to discuss borders

An Israeli report claims that before the Fatah government had agreed to reconcile with their former Hamas rivals in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had agreed to negotiate the borders of a future Palestinian state.
In the Media by Paul Iddon

Hamas and Fatah agree to form a unity government in Palestine

Jerusalem - After seven years of operating as separate jurisdictions rival groups Fatah and Hamas that rules the Gaza strip have agreed to form a unity government under the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).
In the Media by Ken Hanly

Netanyahu: Abbas chose Hamas, therefore does not want peace

Mere hours after Fatah and Hamas agreed to reconcile under a single unity government Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled a pre-scheduled meeting with Palestinian Authority representatives.
In the Media by Paul Iddon - 3 comments

Israel strikes militants in Gaza preparing to launch rockets

The Israeli Air Force struck Gaza wounding at least four in order to, as the Israeli security agency Shin Bet informs us, prevent an "imminent threat to Israeli security" from unfolding.
In the Media by Paul Iddon

Netanyahu: PA's choice is peace with Israel or unity with Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas must decide whether he wants reconciliation with Hamas more than he wants peace with Israel.
In the Media by Paul Iddon - 2 comments

Palestinian Fatah and Hamas groups meet for reconciliation talks

Since Hamas entrenched itself in power in Gaza following its victory in the 2006 election, relations between the two Palestinian power blocs have been tense to say the least. Now there are new unity efforts and talks between the two.
In the Media by Paul Iddon - 2 comments

Abbas condemns rival while peace talks with Israel falter

Jerusalem - As Israel-Palestinian peace talks drag on with little sign of progress Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas faces increasing internal division within the Fatah movement.
In the Media by Ken Hanly

Hamas PM calls for 'armed struggle' against Israel/PA peace talks

The Prime Minister of the Islamist group Hamas, Ismail Haniya, has called on Palestinians to begin an “armed resistance” campaign against Israel in a bid to undermine and destroy the present peace talks.
In the Media by Paul Iddon

Fatah to Gazans: Follow Egypt example and remove Hamas

The Fatah Palestinian party in the West Bank have called for Palestinians to overthrow its rival, the Islamist Hamas group that rules the Gaza Strip.
In the Media by Paul Iddon

Abbas says that Palestinians do not need an armed struggle

The President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas has said that Hamas has come out in support reconciliation talks and that the Palestinian people can achieve their goals peacefully.
In the Media by Paul Iddon

Hamas supporters arrested by Palestinian Authority

Supporters of the Islamist group Hamas have been detained and interrogated by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.
In the Media by Paul Iddon

Hamas arrests six journalists in Gaza strip

Gaza - No one is safe from persecution in the politically turbulent and often violent neighborhoods of the Palestinian territories, not even journalists.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Israel’s Enemies Meet

Middle crisis continues as Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah agree on unification deal. Both Fatah and Hamas have been waging war against Israel for years. Analysts assess that these militant groups could be planning a new strategy against Israel.
In the Media by Eliot Elwar - 1 comment

Nablus: Present and future of a Palestinian city in the West Bank Special

Nablus is an ancient Roman town, north of Jerusalem, in the Palestinian territory of the West Bank. The city, pointed out by the Israeli Defense Force as one of the epicentre of Islamic Palestinian terrorism, is controlled by Hamas.
Digital Journal Report by Riccardo Valsecchi

Palestinian Movements Set to Sign Reconciliation Deal

The Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah, the former being the governing authority in Gaza and the latter in the West Bank, are set to sign a reconciliation deal brokered by Egyptian officials.
In the Media by Chris Dade

Palestinian Movement Elects Jewish Man to Revolutionary Council

Dr. Uri Davis has become the first Jew to be elected to the Revolutionary Council of the Palestinian Fatah movement since the council's formation in 1968.
In the Media by Chris Dade

Fatah holding Israel responsible for Arafat's death

A Fatah conference passes a unanimous resolution on Thursday, holding Israel fully accountable for Yasser Arafat's death. Israel resents the accusation.
In the Media by Michael Krebs

Fatah Activists Are Tortured By Hamas In Gaza

Hundreds of Fatah members of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades are reportedly being tortured by the ruling Hamas government of Gaza.
In the Media by Gar Swaffar - 64 comments

Chaos in Palestinian Territories as Abbas Sacks Government

After weeks of intense infighting amid a power struggle between rival Hamas and Fatah factions, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has dismissed the Hamas lead government and declared a state of emergency.
In the Media by Tar De Moutonnoir - 9 comments

Briton Leads UN Mission To Train Fatah Militia

A former Royal Marine is leading a highly sensitive United Nations operation to train the Palestinian Presidential Guard.
In the Media by Carolyn E. Price - 3 comments

Hamas and Fatah reach agreement on unity government

Hamas and Fatah reach "full agreement" on the shape of a national unity government.
In the Media by Fortunesfool - 4 comments

Tense calm follows Gaza fighting

A ceasefire between rival Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip appears to be taking hold after some of the deadliest in-fighting there for months.
In the Media by Sayovi - 1 comment
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