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Fat News

Using AI abdominal fat measurements to predict stroke

Artificial intelligence has been used to study fat deposits and for this information to be used to draw predictions about the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Essential Science: Obesity, coronavirus and overall health

A raft of new reports have been issued about obesity and ill-health effects. Included within these reports are on-going concerns about obese people and a greater chance of developing more severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Caffeine can offset health risks of diets high in fat and sugar

A new study suggests that caffeine can help to limit weight gain and reduce cholesterol production, even in relation to diets that are high in fats and sugar.

Meal timing strategies can lower appetite and aid weight loss

New research finds that meal timing strategies can help with weight loss by lowering appetite. Selective timing of meal times can also help to improve fat burning.

Where are the 'fattest cities' in the U.S.? New study

The U.S., like many high-income countries, has a problem with its population’s expanding waistlines. However, the variations in weight are not evenly distributed and some cities have populations heavier (and less healthy) than others.

New technique converts white fat to brown fat

Bioengineers have worked on a new technique using simple tissue-grafting in order to increase brown fat mass in the human body. Researchers have then looked at the impact of this upon metabolism and weight.

Slices of London's fatbergs on display Special

Londesborough - Fatbergs are congealed masses of fat and discarded items and they are increasingly blocking Britain’s sewers. A new exhibition at the Museum of London puts sections of a fatberg on display.

Diet guidelines biased against poor nations: study

Paris - Widely promoted guidelines to reduce fat intake could be unhealthy for people in low- and middle-income countries whose diets are already too starchy, researchers said Tuesday.

Coconut oil 'as unhealthy as beef fat'

Washington - Health fads come and health fads go. One of the current 'health' interests is with coconuts, as coconut 'milk'; eating slices of the nut itself; or using coconut derived oil. Often branded as 'healthy', a new study suggests the opposite is true.

Does your brain make you fat?

Cambridge - Is your brain working against you when you try to diet? In many cases the answer could be 'yes', for sometimes the brain can interfere with the effort to lose weight. New research shows how.

U.S. kids facing obesity ‘epidemic’

Children in the U.S. rank 47 out of 50 countries measuring aerobic fitness, a sign of overall health and one connected with obesity. In light of this, Dr. Elaina George has provided Digital Journal readers with some health-related tips.

Zapping food to determine fat content

Guelph - Canadian scientists have developed a novel method to study the structure of edible fats, with help from the U.S. Department of Energy. They aim to see whether ‘unhealthy’ fats can be replaced with ‘healthy’ types.

Altering gut microbes to reduce effects of fatty food

We avoid overeating by our guts sending messages to our brain. However, high fat foods can disrupt this neural network, according to new research. This means high fat food is doubly bad because we may want to eat more of it.

Genetic link to obesity reported

Cambridge - Scientists have reported new research that suggests there is a genetic link to obesity — at least in some cases — based on recent studies using Labradors.

Fatty diets leading to sleeplessness and poor sleep

Sydney - Australian scientists have analysed data that indicates men who eat high fat diets are most likely to feel sleepy at periods during the day. Such men are also more likely to experience sleep problems at night.

The more weight you carry, the harder it is to slim

Cambridge - There could be a scientific basis to the perception that a heavier a person is then the harder it is for that person to lose weight. It all comes down to a simple protein.

Only one way to tackle obesity: Cut portion sizes

London - In might seem obvious but in the world of quick-fix miracle diets and must-eat / must-not-eat foods, obesity can be addressed by eating less high calorific foods. This is the outcome of a new research study.

Fast food nation has new casualties: Children

Childhood obesity is becoming a major concern for parents nationwide. Unfortunately, new reports on childhood obesity do nothing to alleviate those fears. According to these reports, kids will probably be prone to more diseases than middle age adults.

Moving obesity concerns to school aged kids

London - School aged children (five to 13) are to become the new target for the anti-obesity drive in the U.K. This will form part of a government campaign.

Cutting fat is better than cutting carbs for weight loss

A new U.S.-centric health study health study claims that reducing the fat content in a diet is more effective for weight loss than reducing the carbohydrate content.

Call for restaurants to display calories for all food items

London - Should every food item sold in every restaurant, cafe and cinema have the total calorie count value listed alongside side? This is the view of council leaders in Britain.

Using yeasts to study human obesity

Researchers think that the study of yeasts can be particularly useful for gaining insights into human obesity. To explore this further, a biologist collaborated with a mathematician.

Can hunger pangs be turned off?

Being able to control the sensation of hunger is one of the ideas considered to off-set the obesity epidemic. In a new study, scientists have found a brain function that controls feelings of hunger in mice.

Blocking an obesity-linked protein can stop fat forming

Blocking genes in mice to halt a protein linked with obesity prevents fat from forming, according to a new study. The focus was on preventing fat forming within the internal organs of the animals.

Obesity health issues continue past weight loss

A new study shows losing weight does not mitigate the effects of obesity on tumor development. This health warning relates to studies conducted in mice.

Can our metabolism change our memory?

New York - Fruit flies learn and remember a preference for lower-calorie typical lab nutrition over high-calorie food, according to a new study.

Fat injection could slim down obesity

Bejing - Following on from brown fat "good" and white fat "bad" studies, researchers have looked at transplanting brown fat to see if it avoids weight gain.

Being overweight leads to lower risk of dementia

In one of the most bizarre health related studies of the year so far, a research group have found that people who are overweight have a lower chance of developing dementia when older compared to people who are thinner.

Facebook removes 'feeling fat' emoji

On Tuesday, Facebook removed the "feeling fat" emoji from the list of statuses you can choose to use. This comes after a petition called for it to be removed.

New medication increases metabolic rate in men for weight loss

A new study has found that an approved medication increases metabolic rate and also the activity of "healthier" brown fat in men.
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Fat Image

An obese 100 year old crocodile died in Bangladesh after being overfed sacrifices of chickens and go...
An obese 100 year old crocodile died in Bangladesh after being overfed sacrifices of chickens and goats
Do people reaaly deep fry Mars Bars?
Do people reaaly deep fry Mars Bars?
Yoshikazu Tsuno, AFP/File
An obese couple
An obese couple
Tony Alter
The Double Down sandwich from KFC  featuring two pieces of fried chicken and bacon and cheese
The Double Down sandwich from KFC, featuring two pieces of fried chicken and bacon and cheese
A sample of Whitechapel fatberg on display at the Museum of London.
A sample of Whitechapel fatberg on display at the Museum of London.
An overweight woman
An overweight woman
Tony Alter (CC BY 2.0)
The last remaining parts of the Whitechapel fatberg - a sewer blockage which became an international...
The last remaining parts of the Whitechapel fatberg - a sewer blockage which became an international media sensation when it was discovered in September 2017.
A sample of the fatberg on show at the Museum of London. A disgusting  fascinating and dangerous mas...
A sample of the fatberg on show at the Museum of London. A disgusting, fascinating and dangerous mass.

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