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Fast food News

New study reveals the problem with food delivery apps

Food delivery, while convenient, can lead to problems. Food may arrive cold or late, and restaurants complain that the apps are impacting on their margins. These are some of the issues highlighted in two new surveys.

A bitcoin in your happy meal? Startup makes this a reality

A Siberian based company called DSPlus is aiming to introduce the use of bitcoin in exchange for fast food. The company is working with major players like McDonald’s and Burger King.

McDonald's improves its supply chain through automation

McDonald's is one of the largest fast-food outlets in the world. With thousands of food outlets, the corporation relies upon a large and complex supply chain. This is continually subject to review, and this process includes increased automation.

Obesity and community, the fast food pattern revealed

Policy makers concerned about levels of obesity have drawn a connection with obesity, the availability of fast food and the predominance of fast food outlets in low income areas.

Childhood cancer rates soar 40 percent in past 16 years

The rate of new cases of cancer in children has leaped 40 percent in the last 16 years, according to researchers from the charity Children with Cancer UK.

Can hot dogs be made healthier?

When it comes to drawing up lists of healthy food, the ever popular hot dog is unlikely to make the final cut. Can this popular street food be made healthier? Chemists think they have the answer.

Do you want a side of industrial chemicals with that hamburger?

Those of you who have eaten fast food in the past 24 hours probably have elevated levels of infertility-producing industrial chemicals in your body.

Woman posts photos of a 6-year-old Happy Meal

Anchorage - Jennifer Lovdahl, from Anchorage, Alaska, posted a Facebook status with a meal she bought from the fast food chain in 2010.

McDonald's customers soon will place orders by computer

McDonald's restaurants are set to introduce new self-serve kiosks allowing patrons to place orders, and even customize their choices, at the push of a button.

Fast food nation has new casualties: Children

Childhood obesity is becoming a major concern for parents nationwide. Unfortunately, new reports on childhood obesity do nothing to alleviate those fears. According to these reports, kids will probably be prone to more diseases than middle age adults.

Gunman opens fire while in line at a Wendy's drive thru

Chicago - Two men reportedly sustained minor injuries after they were shot at just before midnight Thursday while in line at a Wendy's fast food drive-thru in suburban Chicago.

Dairy Queen to nix pop from kid's menu

Fast food giant Dairy Queen will cease prominently displaying soda pop as part of its available kid's menu options, in a move announced earlier this week.

Nearly 10 menu items no longer available at McDonald's

Fast food giant McDonald's has reduced the size of its menu by close to 10 items in an effort to more efficiently serve its patrons.

'Poutine a la burger' comes to Canada, a la Burger King

Say what you will about poutine, but Canada's answer to fast food is not only delicious, but full of fattening comfortable bliss. Burger King already has poutine on the menu in Canada, but for a limited time only, they're adding a chopped up Whopper.

Taco Bell launches mobile app for ordering food

Technology has already been rapidly integrated into most industries and, in recent years, mobile has been making huge strides. The latest trend appears to be ordering fast food through a mobile app.

Processed foods lead to disease: Healthy diet will combat risks

Diets filled with processed foods are now known to increase the risk of cancers and autoimmune diseases along with obesity. Researchers have discovered that taking processed foods out of the diet and eating healthier will help prevent disease.

Swastika burned into McDonald's bun shocks, angers woman

Morehead City - A North Carolina woman was shocked and angered when she found a swastika burned into the bun of her McDonald's chicken sandwich.

KFC pours on the salt while other restaurants cut down on sodium

In an era when many businesses are cutting back to embrace the health food trend Kentucky Fried Chicken is putting more salt than ever before on their offerings.

Why that fast-food burger you just ate includes wood pulp

Many fast-food items produced by leading global brands include the oft-overlooked ingredient microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) or "powdered cellulose." It's better known as wood pulp.

Op-Ed: Fast food reduces your ability to enjoy life? Apparently, yes

Toronto - Of all the information available about fast food, a new study may well be the most disturbing. The new study by University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management indicates that fast food can actually reduce your ability to appreciate pleasures.

Otter terrorizes patrons at fast food restaurant

The patrons of Skippy's Fast Food in Alesund, Norway, were horrified last week when a wounded otter made its way into the establishment.

McDonald's employee accused of selling heroin in Happy Meals

Pittsburgh - A McDonald's employee in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was arrested Wednesday and charged with selling heroin in the Happy Meals from the drive-thru window.

Chipotle to launch branded entertainment miniseries on Hulu

Chipotle Mexican Grill launches a branded entertainment miniseries on Hulu on February 17, satirizing modern industrial agricultural processing.

Reducing the super-size myth

Des Moines - A recent high-school science experiment has shed new light on the seemingly ages-old mindset about the health dangers of consuming fast food, putting the spotlight not on what you eat but how you eat.

Burritobox: The world's first burrito vending machine

West Hollywood - For many years, burritos have been a major staple in fast food. That may change now that a new vending machine has brought burritos from simply fast food, into the realm of instant food.

Pizza Hut to start selling pizza by the slice

Pizza Hut, one of the top-three U.S. pizza chains, started selling single-slice pizza Tuesday at two of its newest locations in two new locations in York, Neb. and Pawtucket, R.I.

McDonald's takes down website due to ridicule and bad feedback

Oak Brook - On Thursday, McDonald's confirmed that it had suspended its McResources employee website due to all of the negative feedback and bad press that the site has brought to the fast food giant.

Fast-food workers in nearly 100 cities plan 'walk off' protest

In a push for higher pay, fast-food workers in nearly 100 cities will walk off the job on Thursday, according to protest organizers.

Man deemed unfit parent after refusing to take son to McDonald's

New York - A Manhattan man is filing a defamation suit against a court-appointed psychiatrist who allegedly told a judge that he was an unfit father and should be denied parental visits because he refused to take his son to McDonald's.

More than half of fast-food workers need public assistance

No longer are fast food workers the pimply faced kids seeking to earn some quick cash. Today many fast food restaurant workers are middle aged or retired adults seeking to survive financially.
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Leftover pizza in a box
Leftover pizza in a box
How much phthalates are you consuming on a daily basis?
How much phthalates are you consuming on a daily basis?
Fatburger on Vermont in Los Angeles  California
Fatburger on Vermont in Los Angeles, California
J. Stephen Conn via
McDonald s iconography  London  2019.
McDonald's iconography, London, 2019.
A McDonalds restaurant in Lyon France
A McDonalds restaurant in Lyon France
16-year-old Taco John s employee Tyler Brandt allegedly told to wear name tag that says  gaytard.
16-year-old Taco John's employee Tyler Brandt allegedly told to wear name tag that says "gaytard."
Taco Bell restaurant  Northgate shopping center  Revere  Massachusetts USA. Night view.
Taco Bell restaurant, Northgate shopping center, Revere, Massachusetts USA. Night view.
Fast Food
A plate of food from TGI Fridays
dbasulto (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day
Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day
Rubbin  Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe in Milliken  Colorado  drew national attention for its plans to h...
Rubbin' Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe in Milliken, Colorado, drew national attention for its plans to host a "White Appreciation Day”. The joint was evacuated after a bomb threat.
Photo: KUSA via
A pizza box for Domino s
A pizza box for Domino's
Billy Hicks (CC BY-SA 4.0)
A customer reads a newspaper inside as fast food workers attend a protest against McDonald s outside...
A customer reads a newspaper inside as fast food workers attend a protest against McDonald's outside one of its restaurants in New York, December 5, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Eduardo Munoz
the Ramen Burger
the Ramen Burger
Screengrab / Zagat
Mr. Bigg s fast food
Mr. Bigg's fast food
A rather ironic picture to go along with this story
A rather ironic picture to go along with this story
The Double Down sandwich from KFC  featuring two pieces of fried chicken and bacon and cheese
The Double Down sandwich from KFC, featuring two pieces of fried chicken and bacon and cheese
A Steak  n Shake restaurant franchise
A Steak 'n Shake restaurant franchise

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