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Actress Melissa McCarthy launches new clothing line, Seven7

Designers tend to categorize customers, which can have adverse effects on individuals who wear larger sizes. Melissa McCarthy may be comical to watch, but her fashion sense is serious, honest and precise.

Your bag could be made from rotting fruit

Rotterdam - In an innovation in eco-friendly products, six students from Netherlands created leather from rotting fruit, a first for bio-technology.

Introducing jeans that can also charge your iPhone

Imagine slipping on a pair of jeans, sliding your iPhone in one of the pockets...and the phone is being charged as you go about your day. Welcome to the innovation behind the #Hello line of Joe's Jeans.

World's first transgender modeling agency opening in LA

Los Angeles - The world's first modeling agency representing transgender models is going to start operations in Los Angeles, California.

Brisk business for drug baron T-shirts after escape

- Ballads glorifying Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's daring jailbreak were composed shortly after his escape. Now T-shirts and hats featuring the Mexican drug kingpin's face are flying off the shelves.

University of Miami and Adidas reveal new football uniforms

Adidas has teamed up with the University of Miami to design the Hurricanes new football uniforms just in time for the 2015 season.

Op-Ed: Can our toys make us healthier?

Where do you learn to be healthy? Apparently not in American schools. While general literacy rates are strong, public health literacy rates are lagging.

Shoes and sacrifice: London exhibition explores footwear fashion

London - For centuries, women and sometimes men have squeezed their feet into tiny shoes or balanced on towering heels to feel sexy, empowered and to show their wealth and status.

Haiti artisans embrace ethical fashion

Port-au-prince - Diameter, width, thickness -- nothing is left to chance as Brazilian jewelry designer Ana Suassuna trains Haitian artisans how to shape cow horns into fashionable bracelets.

Review: Savage Beauty — Alexander McQueen on show in London Special

London - A major retrospective of designer Alexander McQueen's work is currently being exhibited in London, at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Ukrainians don embroidered shirts to show unity

Mariupol - Ukrainians led by President Petro Poroshenko on Thursday donned the country's traditional embroidered dress -- a yearly celebration that has become a manifestation of national identity and unity.

Italy sunglasses king gifts staff millions in birthday bonanza

Rome - The founder of Italian eyewear giant Luxottica is celebrating his 80th birthday by giving the firm's 8,000 employees in Italy shares worth around nine million euros ($10 million).

Op-Ed: Is the Apple Watch a necessity or luxurious accessory?

Is Apple Watch really the next big thing set for ubiquity and will it revolutionise wearable technology? Or is it just an expensive luxury?

Op-Ed: Fashion trend: Warming up with red this summer

As winter gave way to spring, and spring will quickly give way to summer, fashion trends are also thawing out with both new and timeless trends returning for warmer months, in the form of the color red.

France puts the smackdown on anorexia, bans ultra-skinny models

Paris - In an effort to crackdown on anorexia, France is banning exceptionally thin fashion models. Modeling agents and the fashion houses who hire them will be subject to possible fines and even prison, as a result of a new law passed on Friday.

What Do Rihanna, Forever 21 and #Fitness have in common?

U.S. consumers spent $323 billion on apparel, footwear and accessories in 2014 and nearly $2 billion of that can be traced back to the Athleisure trend.

Fashion capital France takes aim at ultra-skinny models

Paris - Lawmakers in France will on Tuesday debate a law banning ultra-thin catwalk models, despite a chorus of disapproval from modelling agencies in the world's fashion capital.

Elton John urges Dolce and Gabbana boycott over 'synthetic' babies

London - British pop legend Elton John called for a boycott of Dolce and Gabbana after one of the designers behind the Italian fashion label condemned IVF babies as "synthetic".

Cindy Crawford's team files lawsuit over fake picture

Cindy Crawford is known for her good looks, but the photo of her that went viral last month is reportedly a fake. People are claiming the person who posted the picture are trying to make her look bad.

Toronto's Ultimate Travel Show

Toronto - Pack your bags and get ready to discover the world at Toronto’s Ultimate Travel Show, taking place Saturday January 24 and Sunday January 25 at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place.

Varanasi textile industry to get support from fashion designers

Varanasi - The famous textiles and weaves of the ancient city of Varanasi may be set to get a fillip as the government of India ropes in popular fashion designers to work with the weavers and design more trendy designs.

Socks with sandals making news as funky new fashion statement

The freewheeling comfy charm is being made unique as men and women embrace wearing distinctively designed and colorful socks with their sandals to make an even more pronounced fashion statement.

Tributes for Oscar de la Renta, who defined romantic glamour

New York - Oscar de la Renta dressed generations of the world's most iconic women, from former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy to lawyer Amal Alamuddin, bride to modern Hollywood royal George Clooney.

Taylor Swift sports 'no its Becky' t-shirt

New York - On Wednesday night, Taylor Swift stepped out in a mustard-tinted shirt with the phrase, 'no Its Becky'' covering it. With the release of the photographs came an Internet explosion, especially for avid Tumblr users.

The story of fashion trucks, the new American shopping craze

Walking along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue on a Tuesday or Thursday lets you experience a new, growing all-American trend: fashion trucks. Parked by the side of the road, you can find a full boutique and dressing room inside. Here, we look at their success.

Rihanna front row as Wang urban cool marvels New York

New York - Alexander Wang proved himself one of the biggest innovators in New York fashion with a fast tempo, uber-cool catwalk show that won personal praise from style icon Rihanna.

India outrage over fashion shoot echoing gang-rape

Mumbai - An Indian fashion shoot sparked outrage and calls for legal action Wednesday for showing a woman being assaulted on a bus, echoing a fatal gang-rape that shocked the nation.

Kate Upton reveals supermodel beauty and diet secrets

Supermodel Kate Upton is hailed for her sizzling good looks, but said she gets professional skincare treatments because she picks at her face a lot.

'Hot mugshot' guy Jeremy Meeks lands modeling agent, not contract

Jeremy Meeks, the "hot mugshot guy" who made headlines after his sexy mug shot nearly broke the Internet, has landed a talent agent who's shopping her client around to modeling agencies and Hollywood scouts, in the hope of capitalizing on his notoriety.

Op-Ed: How technology will drive the future of creation and curation

When Kevin Ma founded Hypebeast in 2005, its incarnation was as nothing more than a simple, yet quite elegant, sneaker blog.
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Fashion Image

Dominic Alves
Emiliano Cavaliere
Vittorio Missoni  the son of Italian designer Ottavio Missoni  is one of four people missing after a...
Vittorio Missoni, the son of Italian designer Ottavio Missoni, is one of four people missing after a small plane disappeared from Venezuelan radars on Friday morning
The Nomad Fashion Truck
The Nomad Fashion Truck
Nomad Fashion Truck
Emiliano Cavaliere
A Chinese model poses at a shopping mall in Jilin  China
A Chinese model poses at a shopping mall in Jilin, China
Indigenous fashion parade  CIAF
Indigenous fashion parade, CIAF
Kerry Trapnell
Model walks the IZMA show during the first day of LG Fashion Week at Heritage Court  Exhibition Plac...
Model walks the IZMA show during the first day of LG Fashion Week at Heritage Court, Exhibition Place in Toronto, Monday March 28, 2011
Bread and Butter Premier League 2010
Bread and Butter Premier League 2010
Steven Meisel |Vogue Italia
UScoop launches preppy sister site Tuckernuck
UScoop launches preppy sister site Tuckernuck
Image Courtesy of UScoop
A gorgeous black and white photo of the Australian model Stephanie Naumoska (Steph Naumoska).
A gorgeous black and white photo of the Australian model Stephanie Naumoska (Steph Naumoska).
Stephanie Naumoska
Nikki Durkin  Founder of @99dresses
Nikki Durkin, Founder of @99dresses
PR photo via Twitter
Images about the presentation of the new book  written by Italian journalist and writer  Roberta Mar...
Images about the presentation of the new book, written by Italian journalist and writer, Roberta Maresci. The book speaks about life and artistic career of famous singer, dancer, showgirl and anchorwoman TV, Raffaella Carrà. The same book was presented inside of Art Fashion and Design Academy, based in Rome.
Emiliano Cavaliere
A display case showing some of Alexander McQueen s iconic creations.
A display case showing some of Alexander McQueen's iconic creations.
Steven Meisel | Vogue Italia
Emiliano Cavaliere
 Intimacy White
"Intimacy White"
Studio Roosegaarde

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