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Farming News

New campaign to save bees from pesticides

In 2013 neonicotinoid pesticides were temporarily banned in Europe due to a 'high acute risk' to honey bees. An environmental organization wishes the matter to be extended to a complete ban.

New campaign to end antibiotic use in farm animals

Social campaign group Avaaz is seeking to reduce the amount of antibiotics administered to farm animals. The group points out that the use of these drugs has fallen in Europe, with the exception of some territories like the U.K.

Indian farmer commits suicide at protest in capital

New Delhi - A farmer hanged himself in front of hundreds of protesters gathered in the centre of the Indian capital on Wednesday to rally against the government's contentious reform of land purchasing laws.

Pete Evans' paleo diet for children suspended from publication

Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans' paleo diet cookbook for children has been suspended from publication over health concerns associated with a baby formula concoction made from bone broth and worries that a paleo diet may not be suitable for children.

Doctors treating more drug-resistant patients: Study

More patients in the U.S. are coming down with drug-resistant bacterial infections because of overuse and over-prescription of antibiotics in humans and animals.

Bringing home the bacon gets tough for pork lovers

The cost of that delicious BLT is going to keep getting higher as the price of pork, and therefore bacon, continues to soar.

Cows kill Austrian dog walker

Media from around the world are covering a story about a 45-year-old Austrian woman attacked by a herd of cows. She reportedly died after being stormed by the large group while walking her dog.

Exploring lead risks in urban farming

Philadelphia - Urban farmer Ryan Kuck alleges that his garden was slowly poisoning his children in Philadelphia. Lead poisoning has often been a problem in United States and we'll explore the reasons behind this.

SF Bay Area oyster farm wins another 30 days reprieve

Inverness - The San Francisco Bay Area's last oyster farm is not closed, not quite yet. While the Drakes Bay Oyster Co.'s retail store is scheduled to shut down Thursday, oyster farming in the historic estuary can continue for at least 30 days.

Residents of Japanese town band together to create rice art

Aomori - Around 8,000 residents of the town Inakadate in Aomori Prefecture banded together to create some incredible art using simple arrangementsof rice.

Saputo rejects milk from abused cattle

The food conglomerate Saputo has turned down milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales. This comes after a video detailing horrific animal abuse by those involved with the cattle company.

Antibody rich milk protects piglets

Antibodies against parasites are transferred via the sow’s very first milk to the piglets immediately after birth. Based on this, researchers are looking at ways to increase the level of these antibodies in sows to boost the health of piglets.

U.S. rancher asks forgiveness, but defends 'racist' remarks

Los Angeles - A U.S. rancher who has become an unlikely anti-government ring-leader begged forgiveness for remarks criticized as racist, while insisting he was one of the most "non-racist people in America.

Racism taints U.S. rancher in folk hero standoff

Los Angeles - A Nevada cattle rancher has become the unlikely ring-leader of an armed right-wing militia, billing himself as a people's hero locked in a showdown with U.S. federal authorities.

Disease threatens world's bananas, says UN

Rome - The United Nations warned on Monday of the potential "massive destruction" of the world's banana crop if a disease affecting the most popular variety spreads from Asia to Africa and the Middle East.

Farmers concerned by large Monsanto data collection

While farmers are already heavily reliant on algorithms and tablets for planning their seed-planting, they are concerned that big seed sellers like DuPont and Monsanto could be cashing in on an orgy of crop data.

Pasturing pigs a better way to raise pork but will consumers pay?

Thanks to a society looking at humane treatment of animals, even those destined for the dinner table, some farmers have opted to raise the prime meat animal that supplies us with that delectable meat — bacon — in pastures rather than stalls.

Cargill invests in Ukraine grain giant

Kiev - US agricultural trading giant Cargill has acquired five percent of Ukraine's biggest farming producer Ukrlandfarming, as the companies team-up to boost exports to China and other emerging markets.

Ticks pose a risk to sheep populations

Tick bites are responsible for a high death rate in sheep, according to a new study. Researchers have called for new measures to be taken to reduce the incidence of ticks.

Kenya: Farmer group lauded for promoting regional integration Special

Agricultural experts and farmers attending a three-day workshop in Kenya have hailed the giant farmers body for being effective and people-driven in the promotion of regional integration.

Videos: So-called 'humane' chicken hatchery exposed for cruelty

The first video you will see (above) tells you how wonderful and clean this chicken hatchery is, and how well the chicks are treated and what a wonderful life they have. Then the second video shows you what is actually happening at this company.

Funny Or Die parodies Chipotle's 'imagination' advertisement

Following the release of Chipotle Mexican Grill's long-form animated advertisement, comedic site Funny Or Die issued a spoof of the commercial - tying Chipotle's video to a commentary on consumer manipulation.

Photo Essay: Discovering Lanzarote's volcanic farming techniques Special

Arrecife - On the Canary Island of Lanzarote, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the visitor can admire the ways the people of this unusual volcanic island have adapted their farming techniques to cope with an unforgiving yet spectacular environment.

Photo Essay: Around the farm Special

Agriculture possibly started roughly 10,000 years ago in what is now known as Iraq, based on evidence left behind such as animal bones and stone tools. Agriculture allowed human populations to increase dramatically from those of hunter gatherers.

EU considers restricting the use of antibiotics for farming

The European Medicines Agency has recommended that farmers stop using certain antibiotics , citing human health concerns.

Op-Ed: Mangroves and locals threatened by El Salvador tourism aid plans Special

Communities and mangroves are under threat from plans to develop the east coast of El Salvador, according to local groups and environmentalists.

Dr. Ann Clark gives the goods on GMO and organic foods Special

We love food in North America. We wonder if the higher cost of organics is worth it and just how concerned about GMO food we should be as we pick up strawberries in the dead of winter.

Scottish mowing event cancelled due to lack of grass

But behind the headline lies a tale of the severe effects the prolonged cold spell, which has gripped north west Europe, is having on farmers' crops and livestock all the way from Scotland to the south of France.

TopFinds: Samsung's curved OLED TV, rare giant squid filmed

At CES, Samsung reveals its unique OLED TV. A rare giant squid was caught on video for the first time. The family of Robert Levinson has released new pictures showing the missing former FBI agent in chains. These are the top stories on Digital Journal.

Photo essay: A little bit of life in the countryside of Spain Special

Even in winter, the countryside in southern Spain has something to offer. Warm sunshine, wildflowers blooming and farmers working the fields.
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Farming Image

Old farm house in central Nebraska
Old farm house in central Nebraska
Farming in Jiangyan  Sichuan  China. Notice the air pollution.
Photo taken: Dec. 6   2006
Farming in Jiangyan, Sichuan, China. Notice the air pollution. Photo taken: Dec. 6 , 2006
Mamin27 at en.wikipedia
Merriam turkeys.
Merriam turkeys.
Orange tree
Orange tree
Easy Stock Photos
Target 100 workers hand out information to the public and encourage them to take part in asking a fa...
Target 100 workers hand out information to the public and encourage them to take part in asking a farmer a question.
Target 100 sustainable cattle and sheep farming event in Martin Place  Sydney.
Target 100 sustainable cattle and sheep farming event in Martin Place, Sydney.
Farmer working on his field of oats.
Farmer working on his field of oats.
Views of the Coin countryside.
Views of the Coin countryside.
A view of shiitake mushrooms growing from the ground
A view of shiitake mushrooms growing from the ground
looking across the fields to the next farm  New Richmond  WI
looking across the fields to the next farm, New Richmond, WI
At the IHT Luxury Conference on Friday  Bono described Africa as  remarkable creative  and entrepren...
At the IHT Luxury Conference on Friday, Bono described Africa as "remarkable creative, and entrepreneurial," and reminisced about conversations he shared with friends at EDUN's launch in 2005. "Our African friends said to us... 'Is it another charitable project?' And we're like, 'No, it's a business.' 'Oh thank GOD.'"
Kevin Ito
A New Mexico farm
A New Mexico farm
City of Albuquerque Open Space
SHELLFISH: Workers harvest oysters at Drakes Bay Oyster Co.  California s last oyster cannery  north...
SHELLFISH: Workers harvest oysters at Drakes Bay Oyster Co., California"s last oyster cannery, north of San Francisco.
Frank Schulenburg/Wikimedia Commons
A cow and some sheep in Martin Place for the Target 100 sustainable cattle and sheep farming event.
A cow and some sheep in Martin Place for the Target 100 sustainable cattle and sheep farming event.
Tanzania s landscape
Tanzania's landscape
Fanny Scherter
A giant screen is set up at Martin Place  Sydney  as part of a Target 100  
event aimed at deliverin...
A giant screen is set up at Martin Place, Sydney, as part of a Target 100 event aimed at delivering sustainable cattle and sheep farming by 2020.
Nothing but fields and more fields  all getting ready to be harvested  New Richmond  WI
Nothing but fields and more fields, all getting ready to be harvested, New Richmond, WI
Views of the Coin countryside.
Views of the Coin countryside.
Straw bales.
Straw bales.