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New blockchain for agriculture and food businesses

Early sales in advance of the new token “FoodCoin” have been successful, with sales reaching over $1.5 million on the first day of trading. This was via Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Digital transformation of farming the Swiss way

Farming is undergoing a steady digital transformation. One country where cutting edge agricultural technology is emerging is in Switzerland, with innovations like milking robots, and driverless vehicles.

Young farmers in Zambia turning to digital technologies

Lusaka - Across the globe farmers are turning to digital technology and one place rich in new ideas is Zambia where young farmers in the Kazungula, Mungwi and Choma areas are putting in place radical new approaches.

Big data analytics helps with cow herding

Researchers have constructed a digital model that incorporates a financial function to explore the behavior of cow herds. This is an example of how big data analytics and computer modeling can be applied to farming.

Artificial intelligence is aiding dairy farming

Suita - Cow gait is a problem for dairy farm productivity. A new artificial intelligence tool uses images allow to allow for the early detection of the serious diseases and enable dairy farmers to take action more quickly.

Argentina farmers stage vegetable giveaway to protest low prices

Buenos Aires - Farmers in Argentina gave away truckloads of vegetables in central Buenos Aires on Wednesday in a protest over low prices for their produce that also highlighted the growing ranks of poor in the country.

'HELP': French farmer's desperate message in wheat field

Tours - A French farmer has mown the word "HELP" in giant letters into his wheat field, hoping to push presidential candidates to address the crisis in France's agricultural sector.

France's embittered farmers have little appetite for vote

Bayeux - France's presidential election is generating little enthusiasm on the windswept plains of Normandy, where struggling farmers long ago fell out of love with the establishment, whether in Paris or Brussels.

People take to Twitter to voice concerns over Delhi, India's smog

Delhi - Protesters hit the streets and chimed in on Twitter as residents and visitors in Delhi, India were left gasping for every breath they took this week after enduring seven days of a toxic, choking smog.

French farmers protest EU farm talks at Loire chateau

Chambord - Hundreds of struggling French farmers protested Friday outside a meeting of EU agriculture ministers at the giant Loire Valley chateau of Chambord.

Killing of 2 black farm workers exposes S.Africa faultlines

Parys - Two black men are beaten to death in the middle of a cattle pasture in South Africa after white farmers hunt them down to avenge an attack on an elderly landowner.

New campaign to save bees from pesticides

In 2013 neonicotinoid pesticides were temporarily banned in Europe due to a 'high acute risk' to honey bees. An environmental organization wishes the matter to be extended to a complete ban.

Food poisoning scare from farmers' markets

Farmers’ markets are becoming increasingly popular, providing opportunities for people to purchase fresh produce as opposed to pre-packaged supermarket fare. A study in the U.S. warns about the presence of pathogens.

Farm workers take drug resistant bacteria home

A new study has found that over half of farm workers who look after animals in industrial hog farms carry home hog-related bacteria in their noses. This is potentially harmful for the farm workers and their families.

Early European hunters and farmers lived side-by-side

Genetic studies suggest hunter-gatherers and immigrant farmers lived side-by-side for more than 2,000 years in Central Europe, before the agricultural lifestyle won over. This finding overturns some previous thinking.

Weedkillers now linked to depression among farmers

Insecticides used by farmers have been previously linked to higher risk of Parkinson’s disease. Now a new study links weedkillers to depression in a study of French farmers that could also mean health risks for the average gardener.

Chickens from farmers markets carry more pathogens

At least that was the case in one U.S. state. A study of raw, whole chickens purchased from farmers markets throughout Pennsylvania contained significantly higher levels of bacteria.

Farm workers carry high numbers of antibiotic resistant bacteria

Farm workers who work on farms where high levels of antibiotics are used in farm animals carry a high proportion of antibiotic resistant bacteria compared with farms that are antibiotic-free.

Scottish mowing event cancelled due to lack of grass

But behind the headline lies a tale of the severe effects the prolonged cold spell, which has gripped north west Europe, is having on farmers' crops and livestock all the way from Scotland to the south of France.

U.S. farmers face immigration issues hindering work for many

Products that we consume in the U.S. are most likely the result of the work of farmers or guest workers. These products are made at a low cost and often times sold as so. However, people do not realize the costly factors involved.

Farmer's wife in Congo tells of her experience

Frances du Toit, the wife of Wynand, tells of their experiences in the Congo where they came with a group of farmers from South Africa at the invitation of the Congolese government.

Farmers in North Ireland left cut off due to heavy snow

Due to heavy snow farmers in Northern Ireland have been "abandoned and left to fend for themselves" due to the heavy snow which has left them cut off.

Op-Ed: Anti-GMO protests by Polish farmers continue in London, UK

London - On Thursday, the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC) and a group of British and Polish supporters rallied in front of the Polish Embassy in central London, against the sale of Polish farmland to foreign multinationals.

Greek farmers give away 55 tons of free fruit & vegetables

Athens - On Wednesday farmers in Greece, while protesting high production costs, gave away tons of free fruit and vegetables to needy Greek people outside the Agriculture Ministry in Athens.

Polish farmers protest sale of farmland to foreign multinationals

Warsaw - Farmers in Poland continue to protest against the sell-off of prime Polish farmland to foreign multinational corporations, who can then plant GM crops in the country. The fight has now spread to five Polish provinces.

TopFinds: Samsung's curved OLED TV, rare giant squid filmed

At CES, Samsung reveals its unique OLED TV. A rare giant squid was caught on video for the first time. The family of Robert Levinson has released new pictures showing the missing former FBI agent in chains. These are the top stories on Digital Journal.

GMO objections ongoing as Monsanto reports strong 1Q profits

As an appeals case against Monsanto commences, the company has reported earnings and revenues for the first quarter have soared. These results have boosted forecasts for 2013.

Op-Ed: Poland farmers protest sale of land to foreign multinationals

In four cities in Poland, farmers are demonstrating against Polish farmland being sold to foreign multinationals. Now they need international support for their protests, along with help educating the Polish public about GMOs.

Documentary: Belo Horizonte, Brazil — The city that beat hunger

Belo Horizonte - This short documentary (12 minutes) shows how Belo Horizonte, a city of 2.5 million people in Minas Gerais, Brazil, came up with a policy to ensure that no citizen went hungry.

Video: Angry dairy farmers spray milk on EU headquarters

Brussels - On Monday, furious dairy farmers sprayed milk on the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels, along with a whole crowd of riot police, over high quotas and low prices.
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Cows are led along a street during a march by the farming community to promote British farming  in c...
Cows are led along a street during a march by the farming community to promote British farming, in central London
Leon Neal, AFP
Farmer s feed cities!
Farmer's feed cities!
Farmers protest an open air field trial of Monsanto GM corn in India
Farmers protest an open air field trial of Monsanto GM corn in India
GM Watch
At the IHT Luxury Conference on Friday  Bono described Africa as  remarkable creative  and entrepren...
At the IHT Luxury Conference on Friday, Bono described Africa as "remarkable creative, and entrepreneurial," and reminisced about conversations he shared with friends at EDUN's launch in 2005. "Our African friends said to us... 'Is it another charitable project?' And we're like, 'No, it's a business.' 'Oh thank GOD.'"
Kevin Ito
Farmers in Poland protest against sale of farmland to foreign multinationals.
Farmers in Poland protest against sale of farmland to foreign multinationals.
Protest Rolników
A farmer in a tractor
A farmer in a tractor
Walt Hubis
The Krobia and Miejska Górka region of Poland is known for its food exports.
The Krobia and Miejska Górka region of Poland is known for its food exports.
screen grab
Farmers in Poland protest against sale of farmland to foreign multinationals.
Farmers in Poland protest against sale of farmland to foreign multinationals.
Protest Rolników

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