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Salvini appeals for populist alliance ahead of European elections

Milan - Italy's hardline interior minister Matteo Salvini gathered a handful of European far-right parties in Milan on Monday in a bid to forge an unlikely alliance of nationalists ahead of next month's European parliament elections.

Salvini hopes to forge populist alliance for European elections

Milan - Italy's Matteo Salvini gathers far-right parties from around Europe in Milan on Monday hoping to forge an unlikely alliance of nationalists ahead of next month's European parliament elections.

Far-right parties kick off campaigns for Europe election

Berlin - Right-wing populist parties are gearing up to campaign for European Parliament elections next month, but policy differences and the Brexit drama threaten their dream to "unite the right".

Racist crime up sharply in east Germany's Saxony state

Berlin - Far-right and racist crime rose sharply last year in eastern Germany's ex-communist state of Saxony, new data showed on Thursday.

German Jewish leader 'threatened' after criticising far-right AfD

Berlin - A Jewish community leader in Germany said Thursday she had been targeted with threats and hate mail "almost by the minute" since criticising the far-right AfD party.

Italy's far-right Salvini calls for populist 'European spring'

Warsaw - Italy's far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Wednesday said populists from Italy and Poland should spark a "European spring" to replace the centre-right influence of Germany and France, ahead of key EU elections.

Italy's far-right Salvini calls for populist 'European spring'

Warsaw - Far-right Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Wednesday said populists from Italy and Poland should spark a "European spring" to replace the centre-right influence of Germany and France, as the EU prepares for key elections.

Merkel leads condemnations of attack on far-right MP

Berlin - Chancellor Angela Merkel led condemnations Tuesday of a "politically motivated" gang attack against a far-right German MP, an assault that underlined the increasingly tense political landscape in the country.

German prosecutors seek to lift far-right MP's immunity

Berlin - German prosecutors on Wednesday asked parliament to lift the immunity of a prominent far-right MP, Alice Weidel, as they step up enquiries into suspicious campaign donations made to the AfD party co-leader ahead of the last general election.

WWI event may have been target for suspected plot against Macron: sources

Paris - Six people arrested Tuesday and linked to the French extreme right may have been plotting to attack President Emmanuel Macron during WWI remembrance ceremonies, sources close to the case told AFP.

Six far-right suspects held over 'plot' against Macron

Paris - Six people linked to French extreme right movements were detained Tuesday on suspicions they were preparing a "violent" plot against President Emmanuel Macron, sources close to the case told AFP.

Sweden's far-right seeing possible ceiling to its support

Stockholm - Sweden's far-right had hoped to overtake the "establishment" in weekend elections and become the country's biggest party, but, having fallen well short of that goal, some are now wondering whether support for the Sweden Democrats has peaked.

Austrian far right invites Orban to form joint EU bloc

Vienna - The leader of Austria's far-right party raised the prospect Monday of forming a common bloc in the European Parliament with the party of nationalist Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Swedish far-right leader receives death threat: party

Stockholm - The far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) on Friday said their leader Jimmie Akesson has received a letter with a death threat as the party is on course to win record support in Sunday's legislative election.

Jimmie Akesson, the architect of Sweden's rising far right

Stockholm - Jimmie Akesson, the leader of the far-right Sweden Democrats, is a charismatic speaker who has succeeded in attracting mainstream voters with his efforts to cleanse the party of its neo-Nazi roots.

The far-right Sweden Democrats' rocky path to 'normalisation'

Ystad - The far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) who originated from the neo-Nazi movement, have sought to clean up their image in recent years with a sweeping revamp that has widened their appeal.

Police under fire after Germany far-right mob violence

Berlin - Police in eastern Germany were accused Wednesday of stoking tensions by leaking to far-right groups the arrest warrant over a fatal stabbing that sparked racist mob violence.

Warrant leaked on killing that sparked Germany mob attacks

Berlin - Police in eastern Germany came under fire Wednesday after far-right groups posted online the leaked arrest warrant for a fatal stabbing that has sparked racist mob violence.

Sweden's far-right poised for record election score

Stockholm - Barring a major upset, Sweden's far-right is on course for a record result in September 9 legislative elections, capitalising on the mood of voters who feel they are being left behind in favour of hundreds of thousands of newly-arrived asylum seekers.

Merkel stresses media freedom after police blocked TV crew at far-right rally

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday stressed the importance of media freedom amid a widening scandal over police who obstructed a TV crew at a far-right rally against her.

Buchenwald memorial chief demands answers from far-right MP

Berlin - The head of the foundation running the memorial at the former Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald said he would confront a German far-right politician with pointed questions when they hold talks Wednesday.

Far-right Austrian 'Identitarians' cleared of most serious charges

Vienna - An Austrian court on Thursday found 17 members of Austria's far-right "Identitarian Movement" (IBOe) not guilty of charges of criminal association and hate speech.

Trump backers seize on case of jailed UK far-right activist

London - Supporters of US President Donald Trump are taking up the cause of an anti-Islam activist jailed in Britain for contempt of court, raising fears of a far-right revival.

France charges 10 ultra-right suspects over plot to attack Muslims

Paris - French authorities have charged 10 suspected far-right extremists in connection with an alleged plot to attack Muslims, a judicial source said Thursday.The nine men and one woman aged 32 to 69 were arrested in raids across France on Saturday.

Thousands square off in Berlin far-right rally and counter demos

Berlin - Thousands of demonstrators for and against the far-right faced off in mass rival rallies in Berlin on Sunday, where calls of "We are the people" were countered with "Go away, Nazis" and techno beats.

Hungary's rebranded far-right Jobbik eyes Orban ouster

Gy - Hungary's Jobbik used to be one of Europe's most hardline far-right parties, its members burning EU flags and calling Jewish MPs a national security risk.But lately it has been charging towards the political centre, or so it seems.

German far-right 'terrorists' jailed for refugee attacks

Dresden - Eight members of a German far-right group were jailed Wednesday on terrorism and attempted murder charges for a series of explosives attacks targeting refugees and anti-fascist activists.

German far-right 'terror' group faces verdicts for attacks

Dresden - Eight members of a German far-right group face verdicts Wednesday after a year-long terrorism trial over a series of explosives attacks targeting refugees and anti-fascist activists.

Austrians keep right to give far-right the finger

Vienna - A court has upheld the right of Austrians to give the leader of the country's far-right Freedom Party (FPOe) the finger, officials confirmed on Thursday.

Germany's far-right overtakes Social Democrats in poll

Berlin - Germany's far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) would beat the centre-left Social Democrats and become the country's second-largest party if elections were held now, a survey found Monday.
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