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UNICEF declares 2014 a 'devastating year' for children

According to a UNICEF statement released on December 8, an estimated 230 million children live in countries and areas affected by armed conflicts.

South Sudan famine 'within weeks' without funding

Juba - Famine will break out in war-torn South Sudan within weeks unless massive funding for food aid is provided, aid agencies warned on Thursday.

UN: World security at risk unless food production is increased

The UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) issued a stern warning to the world on Monday, saying food production must be increased a staggering 60 percent by mid-century to avoid mass starvation, social unrest and terrorism.

Irish potato famine pathogen identified

London - Scientists have used plant samples collected in the mid-19th Century to identify the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine. The fungus is different to the known types of fungi of today.

North Korean parents eat their children as famine worsens

Pyongyang - Reports say a North Korean man has been executed after he killed his two children for food. He was reportedly put to death by firing squad after officials discovered he ate his children in the 2012 famine in which thousands of North Koreans died.

North Koreans shorter than South Koreans due to famine, poor diet

Pyongyang - A new study has shown that North Koreans are on average three inches shorter than South Koreans. The study attributes the observation to stunted growth from years of famine and poor diet.

Somalia famine spreads, 750,000 face ‘imminent starvation’

The UN agricultural agency on Monday said famine conditions have spread to a sixth area in Somalia and the growing food crisis in the Horn of Africa could put another 750,000 people at risk of “imminent starvation” within the next four months.

Somali-Canadians set prioritized famine response plan Special

Toronto - Concerned Somali-Canadians in Toronto converged at the Alliance Neighbourhood Services on Jane Street on the evening of August 17th for a community consultation meeting to map out an effective response plan for the ongoing famine in Somalia.

World wide focus on Somalia's plight only way to make a change

As the crisis in Somalia worsens more nations are sending government officials to see for themselves the need. What they are seeing with their own eyes tears at their hearts knowing that the children they touch most likely will not survive the ordeal.

New Documentary Film Highlights the Plight of Somali Refugees Special

Toronto - Somali-led initiatives to raise greater awareness on the plight of Somali refugees took to the silver screen in Toronto and other western capitals with the recent screening of the acclaimed documentary, "Dadaab: Get There or Die Trying".

Heavy rains further hamper Somalia's famine crisis

Thousands of displaced Somalis fleeing drought and famine are now dealing with heavy rain and flooding which have left their make shift tents demolished.

UN calls emergency meeting: 11 million face famine in Somalia

Mogadishu - The UN has called an emergency meeting to address the developing humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa as an estimated 11 million people face famine in strife-torn Somalia.

Op-Ed: How Obama and Prince Philip planned the East African famine

If you thought the Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists were living in cloud cuckooland, you haven’t heard of Lyndon LaRouche.

Food-aid misappropriation claim a lie, says eyewitness

An eyewitness humanitarian worker has rejected a claim that aid agency funds were misused in Tigray during the Ethiopian famine in 1984–5.

Despite Global Shortages, Americans Throw Out More Food Each Year

Famine and malnutrition ravage significant parts of the globe. Not the U.S., though. In America more and more food is being disposed of as waste and ending up in landfills

1984 famine in Ethiopia to repeat itself

History is repeating itself in Ethiopia. Twenty-five years after a devastating famine killed one million people, famine looms again - threatening 6.5 million lives.

How do refugees survive these tough times?

With the economic crisis hitting rich and poor citizens so hard worldwide right now - how do the world's many millions of stateless refugees survive? The UN says there are 9 million refugees, and begs for more funds because donors have stopped giving...

'1932-33 Famine in Ukraine' photo exhibition is a fake?

A photo exhibition dedicated to 1932-33 Famine in Ukraine, organized by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in Sevastopol demonstrated photographs taken in the USA, not in Ukraine, Novyy Region news agency has reported.

Riot in Zimbabwe over arrest of new deputy-minister Roy Bennett

The arrest on Friday of Zimbabwe's new deputy-agriculture Minister, the white farmer Roy Bennett, has caused widespread anger in the town of Mutare, where he is denied food by the police, said Mutare mayor Brian James. A crowd outside demands his release.

3,035th white farmer shot dead in South Africa in front of wife

In another of the tens of thousands of horrific armed attacks against white farm families, a young South African veterinarian was shot dead in Limpopo province next to his nursing wife who was pistol-whipped. Killed was Dr Paul Meyer, 38.

Lesotho is suffering: does anybody care?

Lesotho, a landlocked mountain kingdom in southern Africa, only has 1.8-million residents. And 36 per cent of the population are expected to die of HIV-AIDS within the next 15 years. The overgrazed landscape is infertile. Is this little paradise dying?

120 journalists murdered worldwide in 2008

Kenyan journalist Francis Kainda Nyaruri was found decapitated. He's the second journalist murdered within a year in the East-African country: New Zealand photographer Trent Keegan was murdered in May - and worldwide,120 journalists were killed in 2008.

123 people burn to death in two Kenyan infernos

In Molo, Kenya, at least 98 people were torched to death when an overturned petrol tanker caught fire while locals were swarming all over it trying to scoop up free fuel. Four days earlier, 25 people died in a supermarket inferno in Nairobi.

Is Famine Coming to America?

If you take some preachers and books literally, you will be panicked enough about potential famine to start storing food now. In some pulpits, books, magazines and Internet sites folks are predicting serious food shortages and famine in America.

Congo invites South African whites to farm for them

"A New Great Trek' is in the making - to the war torn Democratic Republic of the Congo. South Africa's besieged white farmers have received a formal invitation through their cooperative union to go and farm there and set up a new agri-sector.

Op-Ed: When is the world going to talk about birth control?

The United Nations warns in its latest poverty report that at least 1-billion people survive on less than $1 a day. And that more than 500-million of the world population 'lives in poverty'. Yet there's one solution they refuse to mention: birth control.

Kenyan leaders fight over food-riches amidst growing famine

Kenya's governing coalition partners are at each other's throats, while 10-million fellow Kenyans are in the middle of a famine. And this famine was also brought on by these two warring factions: farming was disrupted due only to their political strife.

Two loaves of bread cost $50 billion in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean central bank has now been forced to issue 50-billion Zimbabwean-dollar notes - just enough to buy two loaves of bread: if anyone can still find any bread. Minister Patrick Chinamasa announced the new bank note on Saturday.

Immediate famine threatens 10-million Kenyans

The East-African country of Kenya only has a paltry 1.2 million bags of the staple food maize (corn) in stock - enough to feed its people for only the next two weeks. Ten-million people risk hunger and Kenya has declared a national emergency.

Afrikaners: ruling party destroys South Africa with their greed, malice...

Afrikaners across the entire political spectrum, from famous left-wing dissident author Breyten Breytenbach to the only parliamentarian of the conservative Freedom Front opposition party, warn that the ruling ANC is plunging South Africa into civil war.
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Somali refugees sharing a meal in an Ethiopian tent
Somali refugees sharing a meal in an Ethiopian tent
Eskinder Debebe / UN
Women rush to a feeding centre in Mogadishu. The UN has declared famine throughout Somalia s souther...
Women rush to a feeding centre in Mogadishu. The UN has declared famine throughout Somalia's southern regions and UN agencies have stepped up their support as drought and insecurity have led to a massive displacement of people.
United Nations Organization / Stuart Price
A child of Somali refugees  at a camp in Malkadiida  Ethiopia.
A child of Somali refugees, at a camp in Malkadiida, Ethiopia.
Eskinder Debebe / UN
Baby in Somalia.
Baby in Somalia.
United Nations Photo/flickr
Suffering in Somalia famine.
Suffering in Somalia famine.
©UNHRC/S. Modola
Camp Mogadishu. This large-scale population displacement is the result of poor agricultural producti...
Camp Mogadishu. This large-scale population displacement is the result of poor agricultural production, loss of livestock because of drought, increasing prices, and perpetual insecurity.
Doctors Without Borders Organization