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Fallujah News

Forces fighting for Iraq's Fallujah

Baghdad - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has announced the start of a long-awaited operation to retake Fallujah, one of two cities in the country still held by the Islamic State group.

Iraq says its forces preparing for Fallujah battle

Baghdad - Iraqi forces are heading to Fallujah to launch a long-awaited operation to retake the city from the Islamic State jihadist group, the prime minister's spokesman announced on Sunday.

Iraqi tribesmen battle IS inside Fallujah for second day

Baghdad - Iraqi tribesmen battled Islamic State group militants inside their Fallujah stronghold for a second day Saturday, a significant challenge to longstanding jihadist control that may be undermined by a lack of supplies.

Iraq tribesmen clash with jihadists inside IS-held Fallujah

Baghdad - Deadly clashes erupted between Iraqi tribesmen and the Islamic State group inside jihadist bastion Fallujah on Friday, a sign their longstanding hold on the city west of Baghdad is weakening.

Op-Ed: U.S. may be returning to Fallujah and Haditha in Iraq

Fallujah - Anbar Governor Ahmed Khalaf al-Dulaimi confirmed to Reuters that he had met with U.S. diplomats as well as senior military officials to seek help in defeating IS forces who control almost all of the province.

ISIL are now deeply entrenched in Iraq's Mosul

In Mosul the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) are flexing their muscles. They are walking the streets and telling workers to get back to work a mere day after walking in and taking over Iraq's second biggest city.

In Iraq casualties from Fallujah clashes continue to rise

Fighting continues as the Iraqi Army tries to regain full control over the Anbar province capital Fallujah. According to the main hospital there some 366 people have lost their lives since this crisis began late last December.

Syria and Iraq dropping barrel bombs on their own cities

In the last couple of days the Syrian regime has continued to drop barrel bombs on opposition fighters in Aleppo. In neighboring Iraq the Maliki government is also using the same kind of weapon in Fallujah.

Iraq using barrel bombs, hitting Fallujah hospital: HRW

Baghdad - Iraq's government is dropping barrel bombs and may also be targeting a hospital in its battle with militants in the conflict-hit city of Fallujah, Human Rights Watch alleged Tuesday.

Iraqi Shi'ite who fought in Syria runs for Iraqi parliament

An Iraqi Shi'ite Muslim who went to Syria in order to fight the Sunni rebels engaged against the Assad government there is now back in Iraq running for a seat in parliament in the upcoming April 30 elections.

Carnage in Iraq continues as over 70 killed March 1

Baghdad - Since the Iraqi government's battle with the Islamic State in Iraq (ISIL, ISIS, or AQI) in Anbar province and Sunni militants throughout the country hundreds of people have lost their lives. The carnage is continuing into March.

Sunni militants of ISIL seize another town north of Baghdad

Baghdad - Another town or most of it has fallen under control of Sunni militants associated with the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL). The group also operates in Syria and has taken over the city of Fallujah in Iraq and part of the provincial capital Ramadi.

Iraqi government forces shell and launch airstrikes on Fallujah

Fallujah - Iraqi government forces were shelling Fallujah yesterday (January 26) and also launched airstrikes against areas held by Al Qaeda-linked militants.

Capture Fallujah from al-Qaeda on your own, US tells Iraq

Fallujah - The United States has reportedly communicated to Iraq that it would support the trouble-torn nation in its fight against al-Qaeda, but without the help of US forces.

Al Qaeda group occupies parts of Iraqi cities

Fallujah - While facing continuing protests for a crackdown in Sunni dominated Anbar province and other Sunni areas, the government of Nouri al-Maliki now faces Al Qaeda in Iraq which has captured parts of two major cities.

US munitions linked to 'staggering rise' in Iraqi birth defects

Fallujah - A recently published study has reported a "staggering rise" in birth defects and miscarriages among babies and women living in parts of Iraq that were heavily exposed to toxic metals as a result of the US-led invasion and occupation of that country.

New study: Fallujah birth defects reach epidemic levels

Fallujah - New research set to be published this week shows birth defects of newborn babies in the Iraqi city of Fallujah have reached epidemic proportions since the city was annihilated six years ago by the US military.

Six years after battle, birth defects in Fallujah skyrocket

Six years after severe fighting raged in Fallujah between U.S. Marines and Iraqi insurgents the effects of the battle still linger. Specifically, there is increasing anecdotal evidence that birth defects are increasing at an alarming rate.

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Masked Sunni Muslims gunmen take position with their weapons during their patrol in the city of Falluja, 70 km (43 miles) west of Baghdad, February 26, 2014
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