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Fall News

Review: Haus Nightclub to host fall electronic music events in New York

New York - Haus Nightclub is New York's premier night life experience. This fall, it will feature multiple upcoming electronic dance music events.

Fall forecast for the U.S. and Canada — Hold on to that sunscreen

Fall, also called autumn, officially arrives on Thursday, Sept. 22, at 10:21 a.m. EDT, but we may not notice any change in the temperature until the coming weekend in the Northeastern part of the United States and into Canada..

Notre Dame student plunges to his death a day before graduation

South Bend - A student of the University of Notre Dame died this weekend, only about a day before he was set to graduate, after he fell from the roof of an athletic building on campus.

'Blood rain' falls on Britain

"Blood rain" is forecast to fall on Britain Friday night, as sand from the Sahara sweeps north from Africa to blanket parts of the island.

SUV falls 60 feet from bridge; lands upright with passengers safe

An SUV fell over 60 feet from the Hackensack River bridge after avoiding another vehicle and hitting a snowdrift. Two occupants have survived with only minor injuries as the car landed upright below the bridge.

Natural beauty of fall in Edmonton Special

Edmonton - Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I am only partly joking. Edmonton's weather makes fall seem fleeting in some years.

Op-Ed: Unique tips on how to take your summer garden into the fall

Labor Day marked the unofficial end to summer and fall is just a few weeks away, which means summer gardens full of ripe tomatoes and overgrown watermelons are about to give way to hearty crops like broccoli and cabbage.

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips to embark on fall tour

American Idol Season 11 winner and pop-rock singer-songwriter Phillip Phillips will be embarking on his fall tour on September 12.

Dead body falls out of van onto busy roadway in Pennsylvania

A body fall right out of a coroner's van, and into the middle of traffic near Feasterville, Pennsylvania. A passerby called the incident the "the most bizarre thing."

Lorde announces fall tour in North America

Two-time Grammy winner Lorde announced that she will be returning to North America this fall. Her tour will begin in Philadelphia's Mann Center on September 5.

Bodybuilder breaks both legs and blames it on topless woman

A little over two weeks ago a renowned bodybuilder, who climbs a popular rope at Bondi Beach, found himself in a near-death accident, and he blamed a topless sunbathing beauty.

Photo Essay: Businesses proudly display their patches of pumpkins Special

With nearly 158 million Americans celebrating Halloween this autumn and more than 117 million households celebrating Thanksgiving, businesses are featuring the all-American symbol of the season, pumpkins.

Ecuadorian man falls from balcony in Spain seeking WiFi signal

Murcia - A 23-year-old Ecuadorian man was leaning over the second-floor balcony, trying to find a WiFi signal on his mobile phone. He apparently lost his balance and fell to his death.

Antimatter experiment may make apple fall upwards

After the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, a group called ALPHA at CERN's Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, is continuing the quest to find answers to the riddles of the universe.

Watch footage of man falling 100ft down an icy Welsh mountain

The video shows the heart-stopping moment a British mountaineer Mark Roberts, falls 100ft down the side of the Parsley Fern Lefthand Gully in Cwm Glas, Snowdonia, Wales.

Watch seasons change in time lapse video of Norwegian train ride

Trondheim - A Norwegian broadcasting company has created an amazing time lapse video of a train ride between Trondheim to Bodø, detailing the changing of the seasons.

A young girl's 'trust fall fail' video goes viral

A girl's "trust fall" video has become an Internet hit. It shows the girl, for unknown reason, falling forward, away from her companion who should catch her and crashing face-first to the floor. The girl appears to have misunderstood the instructions.

Beating the icy winter roads with beet juice

With the declining supply of road salt and the higher prices, many communities are switching to a more cost efficient, and yet environmentally friendly solution.

A changing of the seasons — Fall to Winter Special

Nashville - As the month of December grows near, and autumn turns to winter, the landscape in and around Nashville, Tennessee begins to change.

Photo Essay: Photo apps can turn simple photos into art

More and more people are using their camera phones to take pictures, and various photo editing apps makes it easier for average people to create artistic photos.

Taking a walk in Mississauga's Riverwood Park Special

Mississauga - Fall is such an inviting season, with the turn of the leaves, the welcoming of warm beverages, bountiful harvests and temperatures cool enough to let your hair down as you decide to take a walk through the colourful foliage.

Video: Australia's Julia Gillard takes embarrassing fall in India

New Delhi - Australia's PM Julia Gillard, on a state visit to New Delhi, slipped over her heel as she walked from the cremation site of Mahatma Gandhi on the final day of her three-day visit to India during which she held talks with the Indian PM Manmohan Singh.

Op-Ed: Autumn light in the southern Spanish countryside (video/photos) Special

While southern Spain doesn't experience the glorious splash of autumn colours experienced elsewhere in the world, there are some attractive sights to see in the countryside. This article shows some views near Coín in the province of Málaga, Spain.

Photo essay: Leaves change, temps drop as autumn comes to Detroit Special

Detroit - The leaves are changing and the calendar has turned. It's autumn in Detroit. However, it hasn't been feeling like it with temperatures dipping into the 30-degree range at night.

Photo essay: Fall arrives, but signs of summer remain in Virginia Special

Autumn has arrived, but signs of summer are still lingering in Northern Virginia. Last month the region saw definite signs of fall emerge, however warmer temperatures have returned this week.

'Smart Carpet' will detect when the elderly fall

Manchester - It is always worrying when an elderly person lives alone. What if they should fall, and not be able to reach the telephone? The answer may have been invented.

Video: Woman & child step off platform & fall on subway tracks

Cambridge - CCTV cameras in the Boston-area subway caught the scene as a woman walks off the platform, falling on the tracks, holding her 4-year-old child. Commuters came to the rescue.

3-year-old Colombian boy rescued after falling down a sewer

Barranquilla - A boy, 3, has been rescued after falling down a sewer shaft while playing at a construction site in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Cat survives 19-story fall by gliding in air like flying squirrel

Boston - A cat with pure white fur plummeted from a 19th-story window only to somehow manage to get herself to sustain only minor injuries by landing in mulch. It is believed the aptly-named Sugar somehow managed to glide to the pile like a flying squirrel.

CBS Let's Make a Deal's lawsuit after fall

Los Angeles - Mary Hutchinson, a 75-year-old woman, is suing CBS and the creators of "Let's Make a Deal" after going to watch a show being recorded in Los Angeles.
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Fall Image

View of Sugar Mountain Ski Resort over the Sugar Mountain Golf Club.
View of Sugar Mountain Ski Resort over the Sugar Mountain Golf Club.
observing the change of seasons in Toronto
observing the change of seasons in Toronto
The arrival of autumn in Toronto s uptown area.
The arrival of autumn in Toronto's uptown area.
The arrival of autumn in Toronto s uptown area.
The arrival of autumn in Toronto's uptown area.
Elderberry growing off a telephone pole guideline  now ripe and ready for harvesting  Wayland  NY
Elderberry growing off a telephone pole guideline, now ripe and ready for harvesting, Wayland, NY
The arrival of autumn in Toronto s uptown area.
The arrival of autumn in Toronto's uptown area.
Saturday September 11th was the first day of the Corn Maze in Statesville  North Carolina.
Saturday September 11th was the first day of the Corn Maze in Statesville, North Carolina.
Upper Falls at Ball s Falls conservation area.
Upper Falls at Ball's Falls conservation area.
World wide known symbol of Canada  maple leaf  affected with some seriously looking disease at the t...
World wide known symbol of Canada, maple leaf, affected with some seriously looking disease at the turn of seasons, Hope area of BC, Canada.
The arrival of autumn in Toronto s uptown area.
The arrival of autumn in Toronto's uptown area.

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