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Fake orgy plot helps 28 inmates escape from Brazil jail

28 inmates at a prison in Brazil escaped after three women in dominatrix costumes tricked guards into thinking they were going to have an orgy.

Woman who faked having cancer sentenced for defrauding donors

Colchester - Danielle Watson, 24, was given a suspended jail sentence after she raised around $15,000 from claiming she had cervical cancer, when she actually didn't.

15 people sent to the hospital after smoking poisonous fake weed

Synthetic marijuana is readily available in bodegas and head shops in New York, even though it was banned two years ago, and New Yorkers are increasingly getting sick from smoking it.

Austrian newspaper in scandal over Photoshopped image

Österreich, a tabloid newspaper in Austria, was caught by one of its competitors over what they dub a "nasty piece of photojournalism." It seems they Photoshopped an image of two politicians in a breakfast meeting, which never actually happened.

Fake drug officials active in India

The Indian government has warned both Indian and foreign pharmaceutical companies to beware of a scam involving people posing as U.S. FDA officials. The officials have been demanding cash payments for approvals.

Lab detectives help expose art fakes

Paris - In under two weeks, the art world has been rocked by cases of forgery in which paintings with a potential value of millions were unmasked as worthless fakes.The two episodes, entailing a bogus Marc Chagall and a Ferdinand Leger, have shed light on the ...

Hunt is on for fake sign language interpreter at Mandela memorial

Pretoria - As the world watched the mass memorial service for the late Nelson Mandela, former South African President, a man stood there, gesticulating "sign language" for hours, but his movements meant nothing.

Passengers ejected from Air Canada flight due to fake tickets

Air Canada is investigating how five people boarded an Air Canada flight with fake tickets on Friday. The flight was bound for Toronto.

Madrid man arrested for phantom airline scam defrauding 67 people

Madrid - A Madrid man has been arrested by Spanish police after setting up a fake airline and cheating 67 "passengers" out of a total of €50,000, booking them on a flight to Paraguay that didn't exist.

Game of Thrones: Judge sends self-styled King of Germany to jail

Neustadt - 48-year-old Peter Fitzek, who claims to rule a nine-hectare kingdom in Germany, has been sent to jail. He got into trouble for using a fake driving license issued by his imaginary kingdom, "New Germany."

Japanese man arrested for making 28,000 prank emergency calls

Tokyo - In what could possibly have been the height of sheer boredom, or maybe a touch of paranoia, a Tokyo man has been arrested for making 28,000 prank calls to the local emergency number 110.

Spanish police catch up with gang making Ferrari knock-offs

Valencia - If you've been to the beach in southern Spain, you have been offered fake "brand-name" handbags, watches etc. by the Senegalese "lookie-lookie" men. Now it seems things got a tad more serious as other criminals managed to produce fake Ferraris for sale.

Teenage prank goes horribly wrong in 'kidnapping' scare

Valencia - When a teenage girl decided to play a prank on her father, things went terribly wrong, as a Spanish police officer stopped his vehicle and pulled a gun on him. However, it could have been much, much worse.

Photos of alleged Photoshopped Iranian fighter jet go viral

Tehran - New photos of Iran's recently unveiled stealth fighter are going viral, with many claiming the photos appear to have been Photoshopped.

Brazilian website offers fake lovers to impress Facebook pals

Your life is an open book, thanks to Facebook, which can put a strain on loners who are still single. All your pals have girlfriends, what can you do? A Brazilian website has the answer for you - a fake girlfriend.

Video: Inglewood police chase goes viral, skeptics say it is fake

A YouTube video showing a guy recording a police chase in Inglewood, Calif., on his TV has raised skeptical responses after the guy shifted his camera from TV action to his window as the chase passed in front of his house.

Video: 'Human barbie,' Valeria Lukyanova, fake?

Questions are being raised about the claims of the "Human Barbie," Valeria Lukyanova, that her online photos are not Photoshopped and that she has not undergone plastic surgery after a video that shows her looking more like a normal person surfaced.

UK soldiers lured to death by Afghan's fake injury

A gunman dressed as an Afghan policeman pretended to be injured so he could lure two soldiers from The Yorkshire Regiment.

Chinese authorities arrest 2,000 for making counterfeit drugs

Chinese authorities have arrested nearly 2,000 people in relation to the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit drugs.

Woman fakes triplets so boyfriend can have more food stamps

An Illinois woman Ebony Martin, 34, who set up a false state file for her boyfriend, Keith Jones, 38, with social security numbers of non-existent triplets so that he could receive more government food assistance, was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail.

Man sentenced for selling fake Viagra

Rochester - A man in Rochester, New York has been sentenced to probation after he was found guilty of selling fake Viagra and Cialis tablets.

Fake doctor 'diagnosed' cancer & offered women perverted 'cures'

A 77-year-old man was jailed for 8 years yesterday for acting as a doctor, falsely diagnosing cancer and offering perverted cures to women.

Viral Video: Young brothers' tablecloth stunt becomes YouTube hit

The video of German brothers Michel and Sven, trying their hands on a popular tablecloth stunt that went disastrously wrong has gone viral online with 1.3 million views.

Mother fakes daughter's death in order to extend her vacation

A mother, who is a parent coordinator at Manhattan High School of Hospitality Management in New York, faked her daughter’s death in order to receive some additional time off.

IKEA latest to be hit by Chinese copycats

Kunming - In one of the latest attempts at product marketing, a new furniture store in the southern district of China is drawing comparisons to Swedish-based IKEA and has touched off the newest firestorm on the issue of intellectual property (IP) theft.

Company targeted by Senator Schumer over 9/11 commemorative coins

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has asked the Federal Trade Commission to stop a company from selling commemorative coins of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City.

US scientists commit most medical research fraud: Study

Scientists in the US are more likely to publish fake research than their colleagues from other countries, a study has revealed. The findings appear in the November 16 online issue of the Journal of Medical Ethics.

Thousands of fake Toronto Transit Commission tokens showing up

Toronto - Four years after the Toronto Transit Commission introduced bi-metallic tokens, it is now estimated that as many as 2,000 fake tokens are dropped into the TTC system per day. Two alleged fraudsters have now been arrested.

Iraqi reality TV show plants fake bombs as gag

Baghdad - An Iraqi television show, which plants fake bombs in celebrities’ cars and then accuses them of being terrorists, has upset many people.

Woman fakes cancer to scam people for wedding donations

New York - A bride faked having cancer in order to receive wedding donations from family and strangers. All the wedding expenses were paid for including the honeymoon and bridal dress.
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Ca Right to Know
A screengrab from the website of Colin Fry.  The dead can speak  but apparently they don t spell so ...
A screengrab from the website of Colin Fry. The dead can speak, but apparently they don't spell so good.
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Fake tweet sent by parody of Piers Morgan.
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