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Failure News

Satellite images show Iranian rocket launch ends in failure

A rocket at an Iranian space center that was set to launch a satellite, apparently exploded on its launch pad Thursday, according to satellite images, suggesting the Islamic Republic suffered its third failed rocket launch this year alone.

Facebook launches new team to build apps, expects 'many failures'

Facebook has created a new internal group, called NPE Team, designed to launch new consumer-facing apps. It comes as Facebook tries to diversify its products and reduce its reliance on its scandal-ridden core Facebook app.

Tim Cook reflects on the lesson from Steve Jobs' biggest flop

Back in 2000, Apple released the Power Mac G4 Cube, a funky small PC designed by Jony Ive himself. It was a good-looking piece of hardware, but it flopped so hard that Apple discontinued it after a year.

iMessage experiences severe widespread outage, no known cause

Apple's iMessage service has been experiencing widespread service issues this morning, according to numerous frustrated reports from users on social media sites. There has been no official acknowledgement but the outage is now trending on Twitter.

More Lollipop issues: Nexus 5 camera problems widely reported

After recent reports that Android Lollipop has been permanently bricking Nexus 5 and 7 devices, Nexus 5 owners are facing even more issues. Many users have reported that the camera often fails to start or immediately force closes in several apps.

Op-Ed: Making mistakes is not the problem

A key precept in the self-improvement manual is to learn from your mistakes. If you can do that then you can keep growing and getting better. Yet many people find this very hard.

New York subway derailment caused by new track that snapped

New York - A piece of subway track that snapped and caused a derailment that injured 19 people under New York City on Friday was new and had been installed just weeks before the accident, officials said Saturday.

Madrid holds bargain basement sale of Olympic 2020 bid gear

Madrid - Anyone looking for a bargain is in luck. After its third-time-unlucky bid to host the summer Olympics in 2020, Spain's capital city of Madrid is busy selling all the gear they used during that bid, and it's going for a song.

Congressman says FBI failed to 'flag' bomber after 2011 interview

US Representative Mike McCaul, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said on CNN last Sunday that a "flag" should have been placed on Tamerlan Tsarnaev, after Russian intelligence warned the US that he had been radicalized in recent years.

Vodafone's customers experience Blackberry outages

Not the first time this has happened, but certainly won't be the last. Vodafone is experiencing a problem similar to the one back in 2012. Luckily, RIM is here to help.

Op-Ed: In Defense of Liberty – Ending the drug war to protect freedom

Before I start to pontificate my didacticisms, allow me to confirm a few things: I do not drink alcohol. I do not do drugs. I do not smoke. I do not gamble. But just because I oppose this repugnant behavior, why can’t others enjoy these things?

Op-Ed: Zoe Alexander X Factor star set up for failure

Zoe Alexander, a Pink impersonator decided to sing Pink's song because the producer's of The X Factor told her too. Yet when judges rejected her she stormed off the stage, throwing the microphone to the floor.

Pentagon confirms X-51A WaveRider test flight a failure

Point Mugu Nawc - According to the U.S. Air Force, a test mission on Tuesday of an unmanned hypersonic plane, the X-51A WaveRider, was a failure.

Old dam fails in Karelia, Russia — 25,000 without power (video)

Belomorsk - Heavy rains in the Russian Republic of Karelia have left 25,000 people without electricity and have affected transport links in the region. Some communities in the region have been flooded.

SpaceX Falcon 9: 'Lift off did not occur' (video)

Cape Canaveral - The SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon module, loaded with half a ton of provisions for the International Space Station did not lift off.

Congressional supercommittee likely to admit failure

Washington - Members of the Congressional ‘supercommittee’ met this morning in an attempt to reach a last-minute deal on cuts to the United States budget. It's looking increasingly unlikely they will come to an agreement in time to meet the Wednesday deadline.

Report: Future of family-owned businesses questionable in Canada

The future of Canadian family businesses may suffer by a lack of succession planning, according to the results of PwC's latest Global Family Business Survey.

Switzerland Justice Minister warns UBS Bank could collapse

In an interview over the weekend, the Swiss Justice Minister said the country's top bank UBS could collapse if the tax fraud investigation between the US and Switzerland unravels.

Op-Ed: Stark Contrast between MA Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown

Much hay is being made about the abrupt 180 degree turn Massachusetts voters took in electing Republican State Senator Scott Brown. Before we toss too many kudos their way, let us remind you of the OTHER senator from the Commonwealth.

Three Banks Close in U.S. on Friday, 133 Failures in 2009

Three regional banks in the U.S. closed their doors on Friday, taking the number of bank failures in the country so far this year to 133.

95th US Bank Failure This Year, Hundreds Expected to Follow

Georgian Bank became the 95th U.S. bank casualty of the financial crisis this year. Regulators shut it down Friday as loan defaults rise.

Gmail Down in Massive Service Outage

Google's 'Gmail' web email service disappeared from the web earlier today in what seemed to be a massive and unexpected service failure.

Mr. Media Radio: Dean Shepherd, author 'From Lemons to Lemonade' Special

Failure is epidemic in America these days, some of it earned, much of it dropped in the laps of hard-working entrepreneurs who did nothing wrong but have still seen their life work vanish in recent months.

Speculation Over Cause Of Crash Of Flight 447 Surfaces

Even as the search for the wreckage of Air France Flight 447 in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean continues, speculation over the possible cause of the presumed crash has begun.

Op-Ed: Obama The Role Model President Bush Could Not Be

You can't begin to learn from failure until you acknowledge that you have failed. It might not be a bad idea for our new president to redefine failure, especially for the children watching him, as being an important stepping-stone toward success.

Mars rover Spirit encounters problems

NASA has said that the rover Spirit failed to record a day’s activities and failed to move after getting driving directions.

Americans Critical of the Bush Presidency

A new national poll finds two-thirds of Americans think George Bush's entire eight-year term as president was a failure.

Laura Bush: My Husband's Eight Years In Office Was Not A Failure

First lady Laura Bush in her interview with Fox News doesn’t agree with the critics’ view that her husband’s presidency was a failure.

IndyMac fails, the fifth bank to collapse this year amid housing worries

California based bank IndyMac, which specializes in mortgage lending, failed to succeed financially after panicked investors queued in front of the branches to withdraw money.

Federal Funds Spent on School-Based Abstinence Programs Prove To Be Wasted Funds

As schools and religious programs continue to preach the value of abstaining from sexual activity before marriage, a report shows that the millions of dollars spent on these Federally funded programs are actually a waste of money.
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