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Fail News

Gatwick Airport suffers complete failure of air traffic control

London's Gatwick Airport was forced to suspend all flights after its air traffic control system failed at around 5 p.m. London time. Inbound flights that were already airborne were forced to divert to other airports, while other flights were delayed.

Shoplifter gets schooled by police after theft fail

Marietta - Police in Georgia recently posted to Facebook about how one thief made it too easy for them to solve a recent shoplifting crime.

Review: Pet Express defines bad service by not following order slip Special

Manila - Animal lovers bring their pets to animal groomers because they believe that their pets would get superb service. Find out how Pet Express measured up to one pet owner's standards.

Op-Ed: Daniel van Buyten strikes football so hard it bursts

Munich - The beautiful game often brings us many surprises; however, I can safely say that I’ve never seen anything like this. In a Bundesliga game which took place on Friday night, Bayern Munich defender Daniel van Buyten struck the ball so hard that it burst.

Op-Ed: Marek Hamsik celebrates too soon, comes back to bite him

Napoli - Napoli player Marek Hamsik must have felt like hiding under a rock following a recent game with Juventus. After scoring a penalty, he celebrated as if he'd won the World Cup. The penalty was then disallowed, before he completely spooned the re-take.

Op-Ed: Santa loses his beard in 'heroic' abseiling-style entrance

Palm Beach Gardens - We all look forward to this time of year, but it's extra special for young children, especially when meeting the man who brings it all together - Father Christmas. Unfortunately for those at a shopping mall in Florida, his entrance didn't go as planned.

Op-Ed: Weatherman keeps his cool after trouble with his remote control

We all know it's difficult to script live TV, especially when technology fails, but kudos to those presenters who manage to keep their cool, such as Chuck Bell - the weatherman for NBC Washington.

Report: Tougher Canadian citizenship tests lead to failing rates

Ottawa - The government of Canada recently revised its citizenship test and increased the benchmark passing grade from 60 percent to 75 percent. However, these changes have led to more immigrants failing the 20-question test.

Op-Ed: The Internet will fail and the TV will never compete with radio

Man has always tried to do his best to advance technology against all odds. Here are some incorrect predictions that'll leave you baffled.

Horizon Bank is the first to fail in 2010

Horizon bank, based in Bellingham, Washington, is the first bank to fail in 2010. Eighteen branches were seized by state regulators on Friday.

Google Explains Recent Gmail Outage

Google 'Reliability Czar' Ben Treynor explains why Gmail failed, how it was fixed and what can be done to prevent this from happening again.

Limbaugh On Sotomayor: 'I Want Her To Fail'

Radio host Rush Limbaugh becomes the first conservative figurehead to attack the Supreme Court nominee. Like his previous comment wanting President to fail, he wants the new nominee to fail as well.

Federal Watchdog Agency: GPS System Could Fail Next Year

According to a new report by the U.S. Government Accounting Office, the Global Positioning System could start to fail as early as 2010.

Op-Ed: Limbaugh: 'If Obama Fails, America Is Saved'

Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk show host and GOP mouthpiece, is at it again. He said he wants Obama to fail in order to save America.

South Korean woman fails driving test 771 times

A 68-year-old South Korean grandmother has failed her written driving test 771 times but is determined to keep trying to pass.

Nearly 1 in 5 car dealerships could fail: study

According to a forecast released on Wednesday, as many as 3,800 U.S. car dealerships could fail this fall and into 2009 because of weak sales, increased operational costs and the credit crunch.

House Defeats Bailout Measure 228-205

The House of Representatives rejected the $700 billion bailout plan to the nation's mortgage securities. The vote was 228-205 and the Dow Jones reacted by plummeting 777.68 points.

U.S. Financial Bailout Deal Fails

It would appear that the financial package is not going to pass. CNN and MSNBC are both reporting that the House vote is going to fail. At just after 2:05 pm EST, it is being confirmed that the House has voted down the bailout.

Professor: Hundreds of U.S. banks will fail in the next 18 months

A New York University professor and famed economist Nouriel Roubini warned that at least 100 banks in the U.S. will fail in the next 18 months of recession.

Hundreds Of Texas Students Barred from Graduation Because of Test Failure

It's that time of year again to bring out the cap and gown as family members pack venues across the country to see their family members walk across the stage and receive that diploma. But for many students in Texas, they will not be walking.

Report: 16 per cent of all Xbox 360 consoles fail

Warranty provider SquareTrade reports that at least 16.4 per cent of all Xbox 360 fail. Microsoft says it is a low number. But the failure rates of its competitors, Sony Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii, is only 3 per cent.

The Failing FDA

Pet fod, toothpaste, weird gluten, farmed fish, and what else has the FDA dropped the ball on lately? Then there are always the unpredictable yet frequent Mad Cow disease scare outbursts.

TurboTax System Fails During Busiest Tax Day Of Year

Last minute tax filers overload TurboTax's system which slowed almost to a halt. IRS forced to extend the filing deadline 2 days for e-filers whose information did not make it through by midnight.

Year-long talks on the future status of Kosovo have ended in deadlock

UN special envoy Martti Ahtisaari said the failure of Kosova issue reflected bitter divisions between Serbia's government and the disputed province's pro-independence ethnic Albanian leadership.

New Orleans Fails to Meet Qualified Teacher's Goal

67 percent of those teaching in 18 Recovery District schools have earned state certification, a statistic district officials concede speaks to a larger crisis in securing enough qualified teachers.

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A TSO from the Transportation Security Administration checks a passenger’s identification at secur...
A TSO from the Transportation Security Administration checks a passenger’s identification at security checkpoint.
Department of Homeland Security
Epic fail! - Santa Claus at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens  Florida.
Epic fail! - Santa Claus at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
YouTube Screen Capture - MillyOlson

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