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Review: Mila Jam releases inspirational music video for 'Faces' Special

Pop sensation Mila Jam has released an inspirational music video for her empowering radio single "Faces." The video was directed by Frank Boccia.

From war or wealth: The many faces of the hajj pilgrimage

Mecca - There are those who come from countries at war, others who saved their entire lives, and some making the pilgrimage for the umpteenth time.They are among more than 1.

Man faces charges after parking plane at pub to grab a drink

Newman - A man in Australia has been charged by police after he drove a light plane down the street and then parked it at a pub while he went to have a beer inside.

Making facial transplants easier

Several facial transplants have been successfully completed. One of the on-going concerns is rejection by the recipient. Scientists have a new insight on the rejection process.

Murdoch's News International faces new inquiry

London - Rupert Murdoch’s scandal-plagued News International is undergoing a new inquiry over its journalism standards, a probe which began several weeks ago and includes The Times of London newspaper.

Mick Hucknall to front reunited Faces for Goodwood concert

Mick Hucknall, who became famous for being the lead singer of Simply Red, will front The Faces, the band Rod Stewart started out with. There had been ongoing rumors the band were to reunite and this has now been confirmed.

Orthodox Jewish newspapers remove women from Israel cabinet photo

Under ultra-Orthodox Jewish tradition, publishing pictures of women is considered a violation of female modesty. Two newspapers in Israel removed the faces of two female ministers from the photo of the new cabinet headed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Study: Dogs can sense emotion in human faces

British researchers claim that dogs can read emotion on faces just like people can sense, happiness, sadness or angry feelings in others.

Browse Faces With Google Face Search Website uses Apple's “Cover Flow” interface offered in iTunes and in iPhones. You can search and browse images in an efficient manner.

Baby Born With Two Complete Faces Said To Be Indian God Ganesha

A baby girl born in India in mid-March had more than ten fingers and toes. She was born with two faces. The infant is otherwise healthy and said to be doing well. She is being worshipped as a reincarnated god.

Rapper In The Dock Four Times, In Four Different Trails

Busta Rhymes is certainly stacking up his charges as he is about to face court on four separate occasions. The star may find himself convicted of assault and driving offences on different days since a judge refused to squeeze them all into one trial

Google image search recognizes faces

Google search recognizes just faces in image search.

Carlos The Jackal Faces The Dock Again And Not Because He Is The Number One Fan Of Bin Laden

He is one of the most notorious criminals in of the 20th Century, and once behind bars after found guilty of three murders in 1975, he stands to be on trial again

'Sorry' Seems to be Hardest Word for Browne as He Faces Wrath For Selling Sailor Stories

Defence Secretary Des Browne has his position within in the government questioned over the Navy allowing the freed sailors to sell their tales for cash

Study: In Nude Photos, Men Look at Faces First

No really. It's all about the face.

Accused Marine imposter faces federal charges

A man is accused of pretending to be a decorated Marine officer and is now facing federal charges.

British Oil gaint BP facing US criticism over blast

This critisicm of US is due to the refinery disaster that killed 15 workers

Frenchman faces terror charge

Willie Brigitte a french man was suspected for a terrorist attack in Australia and the Paris court on Thursday sentenced him 9 years in prison.

Update: Frozen toddler's father also faces sex charge

The father accused of leaving his daughter outside to freeze to death is now facing charges of sexual assault of the 2nd child.

Ontario man rescued trying to raft across Niagara River to U.S.; faces charges

A Canadian man was rescued from the Niagara River after trying to cross into the United States in the middle of the night in a rubber raft.

California Women's Faces Injected With Phony 'Filler'

Ugliness in the Name of Beauty -- Phony Cosmetic Practitioner's Needle Work Leaves Some Clients Worried About Health -- Diane Ritchie, Lionel's ex also arrested

Shreveport assistant coach faces molestation charges

A Southwood High School assistant coach is behind bars on a molestation charge of a 14 year old student.

Calf born with two faces

A calf with two faces is photographed Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2007, at Kirk Heldreth's dairy farm in Rural Retreat, Va.

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Richard Gottardo Photography
A conceptual illustration for thermal-to-visible synthesis for interoperability with existing visibl...
A conceptual illustration for thermal-to-visible synthesis for interoperability with existing visible-based facial recognition systems.
Eric Proctor, William Parks and Benjamin S. Riggan
Rod Stewart (right) and Ronnie Wood (left) of the band Faces  in concert 1975
Rod Stewart (right) and Ronnie Wood (left) of the band Faces, in concert 1975
Jim Summaria

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