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Facebook to tighten political ad rules for 2019 elections

Paris - Facebook said Tuesday it will tighten rules for political ads in countries with elections scheduled in the first half of the year, building on transparency efforts already underway in the United States, Britain and Brazil after a series of scandals.

Facebook follows Google with funds to support journalism

Washington - Facebook announced Tuesday that it will invest $300 million over three years to support journalism, with an emphasis on promoting hard-hit local news organizations.

Facebook cleared political ads for a far-right group it banned

Facebook allowed political ads for far-right British political group Britain First to run on its platform in December, despite the fact the group is banned from the social network.

Drop Facebook for a year? Yes, for $1000

Could you live without Facebook? Many people might answer 'no' to this question. How about a financial incentive? It seems that $1000 is the amount required to incentivize people to switch off from the service.

Is Facebook pushing the U.S. closer to a form of EU GDPR?

Is the U.S. heading for a increased data protection legislation, along the lines of the European Union GDPR? Issues surrounding Facebook make this more likely, according to the International Association of IT Asset Managers.

Facebook said to be planning a crypto coin for money transfers

Facebook will build a crypto coin that is crafted to make it easier to transfer money on WhatsApp, according to a Bloomberg report. The coin will be focused on India and will allow Indian workers abroad to send funds back home.

Facebook could be building a cryptocurrency for WhatsApp

Facebook is trying to build a cryptocurrency that would power money transfers on WhatsApp, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Op-Ed: A look back at the year of the Facebook scandals

Facebook has not had a good year, and least from the perspective of its users and the public at large. Crowning this was the involvement with Cambridge Analytica, but there have been other data privacy issues too.

Lawsuit adds to Facebook woes on data protection

Washington - Facebook's woes mounted Wednesday as it faced a lawsuit alleging privacy violations related to data leaked to a consultancy working on Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, and as a new report suggested it shared more data with partners than it has acknowledge...

Washington DC is taking legal action over Cambridge Analytica

The DC attorney general has launched a lawsuit against Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The California social networking giant has been accused of misleading users and failing to protect their data.

Facebook kicks Myanmar military-linked pages off platform

Facebook has removed hundreds of pages and accounts in Myanmar with hidden links to the military, the platform said Wednesday, as the company scrambles to respond to criticism over failures to control hate speech and misinformation.

Irish data authority probes Facebook photo breach

Dublin - The Irish data watchdog on Friday launched an investigation into Facebook, after the social media titan admitted a "bug" may have exposed unposted photos from up to 6.8 million users.

How Facebook fuelled France's 'yellow vest' protests

Paris - With names like "Angry Drivers of Normandy", Facebook groups are the nerve centre of the "yellow vest" protest movement raging across France -- and increasingly, a breeding ground for fake news.

The 7 biggest revelations from the huge trove of Facebook emails

The UK Parliament published a trove of top-secret Facebook executive emails on Wednesday. Read the key takeaways from the documents below.

Zuckerberg defends Facebook in new data breach controversy

London - Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg pushed back Wednesday against emails showing the social media giant offering Netflix and other popular apps preferential access to people's data even after it had tightened its privacy rules.

Facebook accused of giving access to users' data

London - A British parliamentary committee accused Facebook on Wednesday of giving companies such as Netflix preferential access to users' data even after it tightened its privacy rules in 2014-15.

Fix Facebook, whether it wants to or not: whistleblower

Apo - Eight months after revealing the links between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica (CA), whistleblower Christopher Wylie is pushing for the internet giant to be regulated -- whether it wants to or not.

Latest Facebook controversy puts heat on number two Sandberg

Washington - Facebook's number two executive Sheryl Sandberg, long seen as the "adult" at the youthfully-managed firm, has found herself the center of controversy over her role in pushing back at a growing chorus of criticism of the social media giant.

Facebook expands 'local news' to 400 US cities

San Francisco - Facebook announced Wednesday it was expanding its offerings of local news alerts to 400 US cities, and is now testing the feature in Australia.

Mark Zuckerberg's parliamentary no show sparks outrage

London - Politicians from nine different countries have reacted with fury at the absence of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to a committee of the British parliament. The committee was examining disinformation and fake news.

Facebook was warned of alleged Russian meddling back in 2014

London - Facebook acknowledged on Tuesday that its engineers had flagged suspicious Russian activity as early as 2014 -- long before it became public -- but did not confirm evidence of a coordinated campaign.

Facebook election 'war room' goes quiet — for now

San Francisco - Facebook said on Monday a "war room" set up to defend the social network from abuses aimed at influencing elections in Brazil and the US has gone quiet.

Facebook looks like it's preparing for war with Trump

Facebook looks as if it's preparing for war with US President Donald Trump. The company recently hired Kate Patchen, the chief of the Department of Justice's antitrust division in San Francisco.

Facebook comms staffers reportedly fuming at COO Sheryl Sandberg

Communications employees at Facebook are fuming at the company's chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, after they were thrown under the bus over a smear campaign targeting the company's critics, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday night.

Facebook to offer 'watch videos together' feature

Facebook is testing a simultaneous co-viewing of videos feature that will be supplied via the Facebook Messenger application. The aim is to create greater community feel and engagement.

Facebook to launch independent body for calls on content

San Francisco - Facebook announced Thursday it is creating an independent body to make potentially precedent-setting calls on what content should be yanked from the social network.

Facebook aims to quell new storm over Russian efforts, lobbying

Washington - Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday sought to quell a new firestorm over the social network's handling of Russian misinformation efforts in 2016 and its hiring of a consulting firm that used questionable tactics to target the company's critics.

Facebook shuts more accounts aimed at political meddling

San Francisco - Facebook on Tuesday said it shut down more accounts aimed at influencing the US midterm election and that it is exploring a possible link to Russia.

Facebook blocks 115 accounts on eve of US election

San Francisco - Facebook said Monday it blocked some 30 accounts on its platform and 85 more on Instagram after police warned they may be linked to "foreign entities" trying to interfere in the US midterm election.

Facebook blocks 30 accounts ahead of US midterm elections

San Francisco - Facebook said Monday it had blocked some 30 accounts on its platform and 85 accounts on photo-sharing social network Instagram over concerns they may be linked to foreign entities and aimed at interfering in US midterm elections.
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