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Zuckerberg urged to nix kids' version of Instagram

San Francisco - Advocates for children from around the world urged Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday to ditch plans for a version of Instagram geared toward pre-teens.

Irish watchdog launches inquiry into Facebook data leak

Dublin - Ireland's data regulator has launched an official inquiry into Facebook after details on 533 million users were leaked on a hacking website, a spokesman said Wednesday.

Data breach issues signal to companies to update their data Special

Facebook has been involved in a large data breach. While this itself raises questions for social media, the incident also acts as a timely reminder for companies to undertake a data audit and review.

Social media data grab leaves users vulnerable Special

A recent loss of Facebook data provides a timely reminder of the risks in terms of the volume and detail of personal data held by social media sites. In the wrong hands such data leads to digital identity theft.

What can digital firms learn from the Facebook data loss? Special

A vast array of information relating to more than 530 million Facebook users was shared over the weekend at a hacker forum. As well as worrying about what might happen to the data, there are lessons that most companies can learn from this incident.

Facebook says hackers 'scraped' data of 533 mn users in 2019 leak

San Francisco - Facebook said Tuesday that hackers "scraped" personal data of some half-billion users back in 2019 by taking advantage of a feature designed to help people easily find friends using contact lists.

Facebook virus lies 'biggest challenge' to PNG vaccine drive: minister

Port Moresby - Papua New Guinea's health minister on Thursday called disinformation spread on Facebook the "biggest challenge" to efforts to curb the rampant spread of Covid-19 in the poor Pacific nation.

Facebook freezes Venezuela leader's page over Covid misinformation

Caracas - Facebook said Saturday that it was "freezing" Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's page for a month after repeated violations of the platform's rules against Covid-19 misinformation.

US lawmakers, tech CEOs clash over disinformation

Washington - US lawmakers unleashed a torrent of criticism against social media top executives Thursday, blaming the companies for amplifying false content and calls to violence, while promising new regulations to stem rampant online disinformation.

Congress to grill US internet giants over disinformation

San Francisco - The heads of Facebook, Google and Twitter will testify before Congress Thursday on disinformation, following a tense US election, Capitol attack and rise of a new administration seemingly intent on doing battle with Big Tech.

News Corp strikes content deal with Facebook in Australia

Sydney - Rupert Murdoch's News Corp on Tuesday announced a three-year content deal with Facebook in Australia, weeks after Canberra introduced laws forcing digital platforms to pay for news.

Facebook derails effort to mislead protesters in Russia

San Francisco - Facebook on Wednesday said it derailed a deceptive campaign to use hundreds of bogus Instagram accounts to mislead people in Russia protesting the arrest of Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny.

New Zealand eyes Australia-style media deals with tech firms

Wellington - New Zealand called on Google and Facebook Wednesday to strike deals with Kiwi media similar to those reached in Australia, which require the tech giants to pay for using news.

Facebook bans Myanmar military accounts citing the coup

Bangkok - Facebook said it has banned all remaining accounts linked to the Myanmar military on Thursday, citing the junta's use of deadly force against anti-coup demonstrators.

Facebook pledges $1 bn for news, defends Australia blackout

San Francisco - Facebook on Wednesday pledged to invest at least $1 billion to support journalism over the next three years as the social media giant defended its handling of a dispute with Australia over payments to media organizations.

Facebook to restore Australia news, pay media companies

Sydney - Facebook said Tuesday it will lift a contentious ban on Australian news and pay local media companies for content, after a last-gasp deal on pending landmark legislation.

Mogul vs Mogul: Australia's tech law pits Murdoch against Zuckerberg

Sydney - Australia's push to regulate tech giants has become a power struggle between two of the world's most powerful men, with Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg locked in a generational battle for media dominance.

Australia health chiefs freeze Facebook ads

Sydney - Australia's health department will no longer advertise on Facebook, it has announced, the latest escalation of the government's feud with the social media giant, which continues to block news content from its platform in the country.

Australia slams 'heavy-handed' Facebook news blackout

Sydney - Australia's government said Thursday that Facebook was "heavy-handed" and "wrong" for introducing an unprecedented local ban on sharing news in response to pending legislation that would force the social media giant to pay for content.

Backlash grows as Facebook imposes Australia news blackout

Brisbane - Facebook was branded "arrogant" and "unconscionable" for banning Australian users from sharing news Thursday, as its defiant response to government regulation inadvertently crippled the pages of several emergency services.

Facebook to restrict Australia news sharing, defying regulators

Washington - Facebook said Wednesday it would restrict news content sharing in Australia, refusing to bend to a regulatory push that would force the social giant to share revenue with media outlets.

Texas mayor resigns after telling people they're 'on their own'

Colorado City - The mayor of Colorado City, Texas, who told residents they were owed "NOTHING" as many went without power or heat during a deadly cold snap has resigned.

Trump critics call for permanent Facebook ban of ex-president

New York - Calling Donald Trump a "clear and present danger," scholars and civil rights advocates on Friday urged Facebook to permanently ban the former US president from the platform.

Why the world is watching Australia's tussle with Big Tech

Sydney - Facebook's decision to pull news from its platform in Australia comes in response to legislation that would force tech giants to pay for sharing news content.

Microsoft backs search engines paying for news worldwide

San Francisco - Microsoft on Thursday lobbied for other countries to follow Australia's lead in calling for news outlets to be paid for stories published online, a move opposed by Facebook and Google.

Facebook rolls out news feeds with less politics

San Francisco - Facebook said Wednesday it began rolling out news feeds with less political subject matter in line with a plan outlined by chief Mark Zuckerberg to reduce inflammatory content.

Facebook 'supreme court' overturns four content-removal rulings

Washington - Facebook's newly-launched 'supreme court' issued its first rulings on Thursday, overturning four of five decisions to remove controversial posts from the platform.

Facebook 'supreme court' to judge Trump suspension

San Francisco - Facebook on Thursday said it is asking its independent experts to rule on whether former president Donald Trump's suspension for "fomenting insurrection" should stand.

Facebook exec says 'no plans' to end Trump ban

New York - Facebook does not intend to lift the suspension on outgoing President Donald Trump, the platform's second in command Sheryl Sandberg said Monday. "Our ban is indefinite. We have said at least through the transition.

Facebook bans Trump 'indefinitely' for inciting violence

San Francisco - Facebook has banned President Donald Trump from the platform "indefinitely" due to his efforts to incite violence at the US Capitol, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday.
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