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Facebook needs 'very high standard' for Libra coin: US Treasury

Washington - Facebook must meet "a very high standard" before it moves ahead with its planned digital currency Libra, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Monday.

Facebook launches new team to build apps, expects 'many failures'

Facebook has created a new internal group, called NPE Team, designed to launch new consumer-facing apps. It comes as Facebook tries to diversify its products and reduce its reliance on its scandal-ridden core Facebook app.

Steve Wozniak: 'Figure out a way to get off Facebook'

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak advised that most people "find a way to get off Facebook" when speaking with TMZ. He said he quit the site last year.

Q&A: Facebook app to pull user data for market research Special

Facebook has a new Android app called ‘Study by Facebook’ that will compensate users for letting the company see which apps/devices they use. Is this a good idea and should consumers be wary with their data privacy?

Trump Facebook ads used models and Japanese scenes to depict U.S.

Both the Donald Trump re-election campaign and Facebook have come under fire over a series of ads which suggest they show Trump supporters in the U.S., but are in fact something else entirely.

Facebook requested to put cryptocurrency Libra on hold

Facebook has been requested by members of the U.S. House of Representatives to put the brakes on its cryptocurrency project Libra. This is due to concerns about the impact upon the global financial system.

Facebook to help France fight hateful content: govt aide

Paris - Facebook will share with French judicial officials the IP addresses of users who post hateful content, an aide to digital affairs minister Cedric O said Tuesday.

Is it time to start regulating the technology giants?

Given the various data privacy issues and other matters like tipping the balance during elections, the big technology companies are increasingly coming under the spotlight. Is it now time for regulation?

Governments must regulate social networks: Facebook's Clegg

London - Governments, not companies, must regulate social networks, Facebook's head of global affairs and former UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, said Monday."It's not for private companies, however big or small, to come up with those rules.

Q&A: Privacy insight on Facebook’s Libra Special

Facebook is creating a new open-source digital currency called Libra. Through the new coin, Facebook could quickly establish a dominant position in global finance. This raises serious questions of data privacy for prospective users.

Europe wary as Facebook takes up cryptocurrency challenge

Paris - European financial leaders on Tuesday vowed vigilance after Facebook announced it was diving into the cryptocurrency market, as analysts warned the social media giant could face major regulatory questions.

Facebook takes on the world of cryptocurrency with 'Libra' coin

San Francisco - Facebook unveiled plans Tuesday for a new global cryptocurrency called Libra, pledging to deliver a stable virtual money that lives on smartphones and could bring over a billion "unbanked" people into the financial system.

Amid privacy firestorm, Facebook curbs research tool

Washington - Facebook has curbed access to a controversial feature allowing searches of the vast content within the social network -- a tool which raised privacy concerns but was also used for research and investigative journalism.

Op-Ed: Will Facebook really start its own cryptocurrency?

Menlo Park - The ongoing rumour that Facebook will start its own cryptocurrency won't go away. At this stage, Facebook is refusing to comment, but there are a few working scenarios for this idea.

Facebook ready to launch its first cryptocurrency

Facebook is soon to roll out its new cryptocurrency, with June 18, 2019 being the expected date for details to emerge, although the official release may not be until 2020. Multiple investors are lined up to support the project.

Facebook on trial for 'censorship' in Poland

Warsaw - A Polish court held a first hearing Wednesday in a case brought against Facebook by a historian who claims the tech giant engaged in "censorship" by suspending accounts that had posted about a nationalist rally in Warsaw.

Facebook shareholder revolt gets bloody

Independent Facebook investors voted overwhelmingly in support of proposals to fire Mark Zuckerberg as chairman and scrap the firm's share structure.

Mark Zuckerberg's security chief faces racism complaint

San Francisco - The head of personal security for Mark Zuckerberg was on leave Friday pending a probe into complaints of sexual harassment and racism, some of it involving the Facebook chief's wife.

Top US Democrat slams Facebook over deceptive video

San Francisco - US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday lashed out at Facebook for refusing to block the sharing of a video doctored to make her appear drunk or impaired.

Iran-based social media scheme impersonated press

San Francisco - Facebook and Twitter said Tuesday they shuttered accounts used in an Iran-based social media campaign to sway public opinion by impersonating reporters, politicians and others.

How to identify a fake account on Facebook

To help users of its social media platform to spot fake accounts, Facebook has provided some useful guidance in the form of a new blog post. This may help to stop users being scammed and reduce the spread of disinformation.

Op-Ed: Facebook and disinformation: Pelosi video to remain

Facebook has had a rocky period over data privacy, fake accounts, and accusations of allowing posts that seek to interfere with democratic elections. It seems no lessons have been learned with Facebook's refusal to remove a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi.

Facebook bans 2.2 billion fake accounts

Facebook has taken steps in recent months to ban a series of fake accounts. With this act of housekeeping, Facebook discovered there were as many fake accounts as there were 'real' users.

Facebook's privacy issues spell hiring trouble

Given the scandals that have rocked the company in the past year, would you want to work for Facebook? The answer is seemingly 'no', or at least declining as an option among new graduates and experienced professionals, according to a new survey.

Hungary blasts Facebook for 'censorship' of pro-government media group

Budapest - Hungary's government on Thursday accused Facebook of "censorship" of a pro-government media group after it complained its advertising accounts with the social media giant had been closed down.

Op-Ed: Facebook in the firing line — Big fine, 20 years FTC oversight?

Menlo Park - Facebook’s big privacy issues have led to a pretty hardline range of options. The company could pay up to $5 billion as a fine, and be subject to 20 years of privacy oversight following charges by the FTC for the Cambridge Analytica fiasco.

Facebook tightens live-streaming in crackdown on violence

San Francisco - Facebook announced Wednesday it is tightening access to livestreaming to prevent the rampant sharing of graphic video as took place with the Christchurch massacre.

WhatsApp urges update after 'serious' security breach

San Francisco - WhatsApp on Tuesday encouraged its users to upgrade the app to plug a security breach that allowed sophisticated attackers to sneak spyware into phones, in the latest trouble for its parent Facebook.

Zuckerberg 'optimistic' on regulation after Macron meeting

Paris - Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg on Friday said he was "encouraged" and "optimistic" about the regulatory framework being suggested by France for the social media giant and other online platforms, after a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Whistleblower says Facebook generating terror content

San Francisco - Facebook is unwittingly auto-generating content for terror-linked groups that its artificial intelligence systems do not recognize as extremist, according to a complaint made public on Thursday.
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