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First US recipient of partial face transplant dead at 57

Washington - Connie Culp, the first US recipient of a partial face transplant, has died at age 57, according to Ohio's Cleveland Clinic, where she underwent the delicate operation nearly 12 years ago.

Scientists suggests beauty sleep actually works

Stockholm - Beauty sleep appears to be a real thing, according to scientists. A report indicates that those who miss out on the right amount of sleep appear less attractive to others.

Country star Jessie Chris: A Radio Disney face for anti-bullying Special

Country songstress Jessie Chris is one of Radio Disney's faces of their national anti-bullying campaign #choosekindness.

Reshaping the future? Hong Kong's face readers

Hong Kong - Want to improve your performance at work, or solve relationship problems? Li Chau-jing has the solution -- plucking your eyebrows to help achieve those life goals.

New way of paying with your face being tested by MasterCard

Recently, MasterCard announced that it wants to add a layer of biometric security to its credit cards and all their customers have to do is take a selfie.

Windows Hello biometric authentication allows for instant logins

Microsoft has unveiled a brand new way of logging in to your computer that will debut with Windows 10. Called Windows Hello, it uses biometric authentication to instantly log you in when you show your face or touch your finger to a device.

Goat with human face born in Argentina

Centro - A family is facing public accusations of bestality after one of their goats gave birth to a stillborn goat with a 'human' face.

Video shows bartender accidentally lighting person's face on fire

A bartender in Lithuania was making a 'Flaming Lamborghini' when she ended up accidentally lighting a customer's face on fire.

Video: Game 6 Heat-Pacers — Lance Stephenson slaps Norris Cole in face

Miami - One of the most flagrant fouls of the week-long Indiana Pacers-Miami Heat NBA playoffs series began tonight when the Pacers' Lance Stephenson went for a loose ball against the Heat's Norris Cole. The Heat guard ended up with a hard face-slap.

How DNA variations shape the human face

According to new research, variants of just 20 genes can predict the shape of a person’s face. It is possible that DNA fragments left at a crime scene could allow criminologist to reconstruct the face of the alleged criminal.

Surfer survives shark attack by punching it in the face

Jeff Horton, an ex-boxer living in Hawaii, survived a shark attack by landing several good punches on the animal, which caused the shark to spit out his surfboard and swim away.

Jets fan punches woman in face

A video has surfaced showing a male New York Jets fan punched a woman in her face after the Jets played against the New England Patriots.

Photo: Pregnant Karen McMartin has face on her baby bump

British mother Karen McMartin was astounded to find what appeared a perfect imprint of a human face on her baby bump. It looked like the baby was trying to peer out of the womb at the world.

White supremacist gang leader removes hate tattoos from face

Bryon Widner, a former pillar of the white power movement, decided he wanted to begin anew. He left the hate groups, but the tattoos on his body and face remained. It was a long, painful journey but now his face is smooth, his life hopefully redeemed.

'Face' of Facebook to be trademarked?

The social networking giant hits the patent and trademark office again, this time to try and claim a common word: "face." Facebook is also taking on a small business over the word "book."

Bank robber forgets to pull mask up over his face

Eden - A man who decided to rob a bank in New York was prepared to hide his face with a dust mask, but he forgot to pull the mask up over his face.

Rape suspect in coma after victim’s husband retaliates

Issaquah - In what appears to be an example of vigilante justice a man who allegedly raped a woman is now in coma after her husband and his friend took matters into their own hands. When they found him - he was beaten until he was bloody and unable to move.

Lady Gaga to be new face of Polaroid

Polaroid has announced that pop and fashion sensation Lady Gaga will be the company's new creative director and inventor of specialty products.

First complete face transplant goes ahead

A top surgeon based in France has successfully completed the first full face transplant. The surgery was done in two separate operations.

Josef Fritzl continues to hide his face in court

For the second day in a row, Josef Fritzl has hid his face in court using a large blue file folder. The court appearance was Frtizl's second day in court for his rape, incest and murder trial.

'Fish with a human face' making waves in South Korea

Two carp fish in South Korea have become a major tourist attraction. The unique fish have a human-like face with features that look like human eyes, noses and lips.

Tina Fey's finally talks about the scar on her face

Actress Tina Fey finally revealed the reason behind the scar on her face; she was viciously attacked by a stranger when she was young.

Google is watching more than streets with the addition of facial recognition software

In a week which has seen Google enter the browser wars with the beta version of Chrome, a more subtle innovation has been introduced to the Google Picasa photo collection products.

Love or lust: You can tell from the face

You can spot how a relationship will work just by looking at someone’s face. That’s a scary thought, given most people’s faces. I dread to think what sort of relationship I’m signaling. Put it this way: If I mention Styrofoam, stop reading.

Enough to Make Your Skin Crawl, or Least Have its Own Face

The ghostly face of a hanged priest has appeared on cover of a 17th Century book thought to be covered with his skin. The priest had been executed for his part in the plot to kill King James 1

Op/Ed I know The Face Of Satan

This is a response to GotTheScoop's article, "Who Is Satan?"

Japanese and Americans read faces differently

Have you ever wondered why we use :-) and they use ^-^

Your Next Facial: Dunk Your Skin in a Bowl of Chili!

Tired of expensive restorative creams, face masks, and too scared to try Botox? Try burying your face in a bowl of spicy hot chili!

Balloon Time = Celebrity?

Does your kid have a face all of America should see??? Then maybe they should be on a box for Balloons.

Horror fan slashed sleeping pal's face with Freddy Krueger-style glove

Jason Moore, who slashed his friends face with a homemade Freddy Krueger-style glove, was jailed for life yesterday.
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Face Image

Face of a dragonfly. By photochem_PA. Taken using a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM.
Face of a dragonfly. By photochem_PA. Taken using a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM.
By photochem_PA
Rupert Murdoch was hit in the face with a plate of shaving cream while testifying at a hearing befor...
Rupert Murdoch was hit in the face with a plate of shaving cream while testifying at a hearing before a House of Commons committee in London.
Screengrab from testimony
Anonymous teen face.
Anonymous teen face.
Photo by Sam Da Plant
Photo by tanakawho
A demonstrator at a Libya rally in Boston
A demonstrator at a Libya rally in Boston
A hair salon patron is startled when a ghostly face appears in the mirror.
A hair salon patron is startled when a ghostly face appears in the mirror.
Screen Capture
A man made up in the colors of Ukraine takes part  with thousands of others dressed in the national ...
A man made up in the colors of Ukraine takes part, with thousands of others dressed in the national colors, in a mass prayer for peace in downtown Kiev on June 19, 2014
Genya Savilov, AFP
Editor-at-Large Markos Papadatos wearing a Fine Guard Sport Face Mask
Editor-at-Large Markos Papadatos wearing a Fine Guard Sport Face Mask
Salvador Dalí (1904–1989)  Study for “The Image Disappears ” 1938. Pencil on paper © Salvad...
Salvador Dalí (1904–1989), Study for “The Image Disappears,” 1938. Pencil on paper © Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York 2012 Photo © 2012 Museum Associates/ LACMA, by Michael Tropea, Private Collection.
Museum Associates/ LACMA, by Michael Tropea
Shapes of faces
Shapes of faces
S zillayali
The former IMF chief  Dominique Strauss Kahn
The former IMF chief, Dominique Strauss Kahn

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