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Op-Ed: Just how committed is the U.S. to regime change in Syria?

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has said that while present U.S. action in Syria has served to inadvertently benefit the Syrian regime they are still committed to seeing to its overthrow.

Syrian FSA rebels helped from command center in Amman Jordan

Amman - Rebel fighters in Syria claim their is an operations command center in Amman Jordan staffed by western and Arab military officials who give support to rebels fighting on the southern front.

Syria: Islamic Front fighters seize bases belonging to FSA rebels

Syrian activists have announced that an Islamic alliance that came together last month in Syria has just seized some bases and warehouses used by the Free Syrian Army near the Syria-Turkey border.

Op-Ed: Free Syrian Army refuses to commit to ceasefire during Geneva 2

The Geneva 2 peace conference on Syria is set to meet on January 22. The western-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) leader, General Salim Idriss said that he would not agree to a ceasefire during the talks.

Free Syrian Army units switch allegiance to jihadists

Damascus - Al Jazeera reports that hundreds of fighters under the western-backed umbrella group Free Syrian Army(FSA) have pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda-linked groups including the al-Nusra front in Raqqah province that borders on Turkey.

Free Syrian Army commander rejects Russian plan

The military chief of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the Western-backed umbrella military group of Syrian rebels, has rejected the Russian plan to put the Syrian government's chemical weapons under international control.

Syrian rebels possess 'game-changing' weapons

The Syrian rebels reportedly have in their arsenals weaponry that can "change the course of the battle" in their favor according to a Free Syrian Army spokesman.

Review: ‘Bankers — Fixing The System’ Special

London - There used to be an old joke about traffic wardens belonging to the most hated profession; today, bankers top that list. This BBC TV documentary series explains why, just in case you didn't know.

Syrian rebels to get armoured vehicles from the UK

The UK today announced that it will be providing Syrian rebels with armoured vehicles, as well as body armour, amongst other supplies totalling a 13 million pound package.

Syrian rebels capture most of northern city

Syrian rebels managed to capture most of Raqqa after intense fighting with government troops. This would come as a significant victory for the rebels, as it would hand them their first complete control over a major city.

Arming Syrian rebels is not ruled out: British foreign secretary

Damascus - In an interview with the BBC, the UK's Foreign Secretary stated that arming of the Syrian opposition was not something completely ruled out, and could be a possibility in the future.

Syrian troops regain key highway in northern Syria

Aleppo - Syrian troops loyal to the regime scored a major strategic victory in the north today in yet another day of violence across the war torn country.

Review: 'What’s Really in our Food?' Special

Monday night the BBC ‘Panorama’ programme covered the ongoing horsemeat scandal. The good news is this is not really a contamination problem. There is bad news too however.

Horsemeat scandal: UK consumers reject frozen foods

The frozen food industry in the UK is huge. The frozen food section of large UK supermarkets is often the most profitable part of the store. Now, as the horsemeat scandal deepens, consumers are rejecting frozen foods.

Op-Ed: Financial news from the UK — Pension reform and new minimum wage

The British public is not the only entity that has lost patience with the banks; the Financial Services Authority has also had more than enough.

Op-Ed: Is 'investing' skill or luck?

A recent paper published by researchers in Germany concluded that poker is largely a game of chance. So is "investing" when you hand over your money to other people.

FSA Commander: Opposition control two-thirds of Aleppo

Aleppo - One of the top Free Syrian Army commanders has claimed that the rebels are in control of around two-thirds of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Fighter jet crashes near Iraq-Syria border

A Syrian Air Force jet fighter has crashed in eastern Syria. State media states it was a result of "technical problems" whilst the FSA opposition say they shot it down.

Op-Ed: Bank rip off was not criminal, says head of financial watchdog

A suspected shoplifter got more than she bargained for at a Louiseville Walmart when she was shot by a constable. Many people here believe this is what crooked bankers deserve.

Survey: People taking more risks with food as finances squeezed

Research in the UK by the Food Standards Agency has revealed people are taking more risks with their food as money becomes tighter and disposable income is squeezed.

You've Been Scammed — The BBC on fake courses and share scams

This morning saw another well-researched 45-minute documentary aimed at educating the general public, and keeping their money out of the hands of crooks.

Food labels branded 'misleading'

The food industry is misleading consumers with its new food labelling system, a report claims.

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FSA Image

Free Syrian Army soldiers being transported by pick up truck (20 August 2012).
Free Syrian Army soldiers being transported by pick up truck (20 August 2012).
United States Government
Following proper food safety guidelines will keep Campylobacter away.
Following proper food safety guidelines will keep Campylobacter away.
Ziya Tasali  46  a Turkish drifter and FSA rebel was arrested this past March in the murder of Sarai...
Ziya Tasali, 46, a Turkish drifter and FSA rebel was arrested this past March in the murder of Sarai Sierra, 33, an American tourist from New York City and married mother of two who was on a vacation in Istanbul. Tasali had attempted to rape Sierra on a deserted street but became enraged and murdered her after she resisted. After the murder he fled across the border to Syria where he briefly joined the FSA before returning to home where he was arrested by Turkish officials and the FBI.
Youtube screen capture
Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels hold a planning session. The FSA is not a single group  rather it is a...
Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels hold a planning session. The FSA is not a single group, rather it is a mishmash or umbrella organization of varied political and religious militant factions as well as defected Syrian regime soldiers
The FSA is now mapping food safety prosecutions.
The FSA is now mapping food safety prosecutions.
Food Standards Agency-UK

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