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10 years on, Femen movement struggles to maintain momentum

Paris - When four young Ukrainians banded together in 2008 to break the mould for protesting sexism and violence against women, they set off a wave of bare-breasted "sextremism" that eventually spread around the world.

Bare-breasted woman dubs Czech leader 'Putin's slut'

Prague - A bare-breasted woman ambushed pro-Russian Czech President Milos Zeman on Friday as he was about to vote in an election that could win him a second term, calling him "Putin's slut.

Op-Ed: Modern slavery abuses the rights of millions

Slavery officially ended in all nations in 1981 when Mauritania ended its slave trade, and yet as slavery continues in Mauritania so does it continue throughout the world.

Femen activist who grabbed Vatican Nativity Jesus released

- Vatican authorities on Saturday ordered the release of a Femen activist detained after snatching a baby Jesus figurine from the St Peter's Square Nativity scene on Christmas Day while baring her breasts.

Pope targeted by explicit protest on St Peter's Square

- Femen, the women's rights group known for topless protests, took their act to a new level of provocation on Friday with an explicitly sexually suggestive demonstration in front of the Vatican.

Vlad the impaled: Femen militant fined for stabbing Putin waxwork

Paris - A Ukrainian member of the Femen movement was slapped with over 6,000 euros ($7,300) in fines on Wednesday for impaling a wax statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin with a stake, while bare-breasted, in a Paris museum.

Femen protesters held after topless protest in Crimea

Simferopol - Two Femen protesters were arrested in Crimea's capital Simferopol on Thursday after staging a topless demonstration against Russia's intervention in Ukraine in front of the regional parliament.One protestor was stopped by police within seconds while an...

Video: FEMEN shakes up Spanish Parliament in support of abortion

Madrid - A group of women from the FEMEN movement bared their breasts in the Spanish Parliament in Madrid on Wednesday, upsetting the proceedings. They made their point before being forcibly removed.

Op-Ed: Tunisia embarrassed by FEMEN activists

Tunis - Three women, two French and one German have just been released from jail in Tunisia, an Islamic North African country. Their crime? Demonstrating topless in front of a court in Tunis, the capital.

FEMEN protests in Berlin against female circumcision (video)

Berlin - Ukrainian women's rights activists, FEMEN, stole the show at opening of the Berlin Film Festival recently, protesting against female circumcision.

Topless Ukrainian FEMEN opens 'boot camp' in Paris

Paris - Ukrainian feminists from the infamous group FEMEN, notorious for staging topless protests, have opened a global headquarters and "boot camp" in Paris.

Femen activist gets 15 days for baring breasts at Patriarch

Kiev - A Ukrainian activist from FEMEN who bared her breasts before the Russian Orthodox Patriarch has been sentenced to 15-days by a Ukrainian court.

Video: Topless Femen activist grabs Euro 2012 trophy

Dnepropetrovsk - Topless women activists of the Ukrainian women's rights group Femen, "attacked" the Euro 2012 cup while it was on public display in the southeast of Ukraine. Ukraine is hosting the Euro 2012 tournament jointly with Poland.

Protests over rape and torture by high social class suspects

Justice is being demanded over the rape and torture of a 19-year-old Ukrainian woman whose injuries resulted in the amputation of an arm and both feet. Two of the alleged suspects are from families with high social status and were released without bail.

FEMEN activists claim kidnapped, tortured, by KGB

Minsk - Female activists from Ukranian FEMA claim that they were kidnapped by the Belarusian KGB on Monday following a topless protest against the regime of the Belarusian president.

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A topless protester from the controversial Ukrainian feminist group Femen  tries to throw herself at...
A topless protester from the controversial Ukrainian feminist group Femen, tries to throw herself at the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill in Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, July 26, 2012
Photo handout by Femen
FEMEN activists protest against Vatican s stance on gay marriage in Rome on March 12  2013
FEMEN activists protest against Vatican's stance on gay marriage in Rome on March 12, 2013
Protesters from the FEMEN movement in Spain s Parliament  protesting against harsher abortion laws.
Protesters from the FEMEN movement in Spain's Parliament, protesting against harsher abortion laws.
FEMEN protests against female circumcision at the Berlin Film Festival.
FEMEN protests against female circumcision at the Berlin Film Festival.
FEMEN members
FEMEN members
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FEMEN protests against female circumcision at the Berlin Film Festival.
FEMEN protests against female circumcision at the Berlin Film Festival.

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