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Obama urged to support encryption by Apple, Google & Microsoft

The largest and most influential technology companies including giants Apple, Google and Microsoft have formed a coalition to deliver a letter to President Obama, urging him to reject any proposal to deliberately weaken the security of smartphones.

FBI issues search warrant after man claims he hacked plane

The FBI has issued a search warrant for a man who claims to have successfully hijacked aircraft during flight. He used his laptop computer to hack the plane's systems and temporarily gain control of the engines, causing it to fly sideways.

Robber carrying a gun and wearing oxygen mask strikes again

A "masked" man armed with a gun and carrying an oxygen tank has struck again in Denver. The robber has now been dubbed the O2 bandit.

'Joke Tweet' gets cybersecurity expert barred from United flight

A prominent cybersecurity researcher ran afoul of United Airlines last week after he joked on Twitter that the airline's onboard computer systems could be hacked. The airline was not amused.

Florida jailhouse guards arrested in murder plot linked to KKK

Jacksonville - Three prison guards arrested in Florida Thursday are members of the Ku Klux Klan and it's alleged that they used Klan meetings to plan the murder of a black inmate upon his release.

Op-Ed: Question which must be asked in Tsarnaev trial — Were they alone?

As the defense team in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has already taken the unprecedented move of declaring their client guilty, as he sits "slouched in his seat and [showing] little reaction," in the words of one AP report, questions remain.

FBI seeks wider warrant powers - Google says, 'No!'

The news is, on the last day of public hearings, Google charged that expanded FBI cyber-search warrant power gives the Bureau free reign to violate search and seizure protections and privacy rights through the "practice of covert entry warrants."

No pardon for Missouri prisoner serving life sentence for pot

Sedalia - Every day for over 20 years, Jeff Mizanskey, a nonviolent offender, has been staring at the same prison walls, a victim of Missouri's stringent three strikes' law that has since been repealed. Last month, Governor Jay Nixon declined to pardon Mizanskey.

Op-Ed: Some experts still doubt North Korea hacked Sony

Washington - While FBI director James Comey presented new evidence to show that North Korea was responsible for the recent hacking of Sony Corporation many experts still doubt that North Korea is the culprit.

FBI: Colorado NAACP bombing could be act of domestic terrorism

Colorado Springs - The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Tuesday's explosion outside a building housing the Colorado Springs office of the NAACP as a possible hate crime or act of domestic terrorism.

Colorado NAACP bombed on Tuesday

Colorado Springs - Authorities in the United States are looking for a balding white man in his 40s after the Colorado NAACP was bombed on Tuesday morning. Luckily no one was injured in the attack.

FBI may have made embarrassing mistake investigating Sony hack

A confidential bulletin sent by the FBI to companies across the US warning of further cyberattacks by the Sony hackers may have been based on fake posts and messages created by a prankster.

Op-Ed: Revenge, PR and the brilliant troll behind the Sony hack

Washington D.c. - President Obama and the F.B.I claim North Korea is at the center of the Sony hack that shook Hollywood, but as many look inside the claims and put the pieces together, the story in Washington is being exposed as false.

Op-Ed: Why North Korea may not be behind Sony hacking

Washington - When I first heard about the hack attack on Sony, I thought that North Korean officials were incensed that a movie would poke fun at the Great Dear Leader and even have a plot that involved his assassination.

FBI mishandles large portion of U.S. evidence: Report

Washington - The FBI has mishandled large amounts of evidence in its offices across the United States, The New York Times reported Friday after reviewing an internal report from the investigative force.

Associated Press issues harsh denunciation of FBI operation

Olympia - Further negative response to the announcement by FBI Director James Comey that the intelligence agency impersonated an Associated Press employee in 2007 is coming out. The FBI agent impersonated an AP employee during a criminal investigation.

FBI arrests alleged 'Silk Road 2.0' operator

FBI agents arrested Blake Benthall in San Francisco on Wednesday. Benthall is the alleged operator of "Silk Road 2.0," an online marketplace where people can buy and trade illegal goods or services.

Twitter lawsuit seeks transparency in surveillance requests

San Francisco - Twitter has filed suit against the U.S Justice Department, claiming current laws restricting what the company can publicly disclose about national security requests is a violation of the First Amendment.

$100,000 reward offered for arrest, conviction of AK-47 Bandit

Los Angeles - The FBI is asking the public for help in solving a string of bank robberies by the "AK-47 Bandit," offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the serial robber.

FBI invents fake defendant to catch 'corrupt' judge

Philadelphia - The FBI invented a fake defendant, as well as phony court appearances and a staged arrest--all in an attempt to catch a Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge they believed was corrupt.

FBI's flawed facial recognition program fully operational

Civil right and privacy advocates are concerned over the FBI's recent announcement that a flawed facial recognition software program is now fully operational.

JP Morgan the victim of an 8-week long cyber attack

New York - This summer's hackers discovered a way into the servers of mega-bank JP Morgan Chase, exposing the backdoor vulnerability to access copious amounts of customer and company data.

Op-Ed: FBI moves on celebrity pics leaks — Cloud security farce exposed

Sydney - The FBI is investigating the leaks of “intimate” pictures of celebrities. While this may be a more valuable exercise than it looks and expose Cloud security weaknesses, the level of priority has to be questioned.

FBI catch fugitive using advanced biometrics

The FBI captured fugitive Neil Stammer, who has been on the run for 15 years, thanks to the agency’s new biometric facial-recognition system.

Sloppy work at FBI lab could affect thousands of cases

Touted as a state-of the-art crime-fighting facility, the FBI forensics lab has long been regarded as the final word on analyzing evidence whether it’s DNA or fingerprints, or anything else that might be linked to a crime.

Driver-less cars could be a criminal's dream

Washington - With all the talk about automated driving making roads safer, due to lessening the chances of human errors, many are overlooking the possibility that automated cars could also make our roads more dangerous, due to criminal activity.

Op-Ed: Why a government program could be labeling you as a terrorist

Five men in California are finally standing up against the government's 'Suspicious Activity Reporting' initiative, an Orwellian counter-terrorism program that has, until now, been overlooked by both mainstream and alternative media.

FBI: 168 children rescued in nationwide sex trafficking crackdown

Washington - The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced Monday that 168 children have been rescued during a nationwide crackdown on child sex traffickers.

SF suspect had material for remote-controlled bomb, FBI says

San Francisco - Authorities appeared no closer Friday to figuring out why a well-known San Francisco political consultant had components to build a remote-control bomb in his apartment when he was arrested last week.

Suspect in S.F. explosives case arrested near Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco - A San Francisco public relations consultant appeared in federal court Tuesday, one day after being arrested by local and FBI agents who had issued a nationwide alert for the man after allegedly finding explosive materials in his residence.
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FBI Image

FBI HRT members practicing air assault skills.
FBI HRT members practicing air assault skills.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
The New York Times reported that the FBI agent involved in the Patraeus sex scandal is Frederick W. ...
The New York Times reported that the FBI agent involved in the Patraeus sex scandal is Frederick W. Humphries II
Screengrab WTSP / Steve Ringman
Publicly released surveillance photo of Dzhokhar (left) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev  at Boston Marathon  a...
Publicly released surveillance photo of Dzhokhar (left) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, at Boston Marathon, at
FBI public website
FBI s Most Wanted Fugitive  alleged child pornographer  Eric Justin Toth
FBI's Most Wanted Fugitive, alleged child pornographer, Eric Justin Toth
FBI Special Agent Fred Humphries
FBI Special Agent Fred Humphries
FBI unit vehicle.
FBI unit vehicle.
Jessica Stonefield-Fantin
Members of the FBI s Hostage Rescue Team dressed in special Chemical  Biological  Radiological  and ...
Members of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team dressed in special Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) protective gear conduct training. The team considers a group of terrorists armed with a nuclear weapon inside of an American city as it's ultimate challenge and is the best prepared tactical team in civilian law enforcement to handle such a crisis. However, while nuclear weapons are the top concern, biological, radiological and chemical weapons are also very high level concerns.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Playing cards
Playing cards
Screen capture from FBI video of Operation Cross Country VI
Screen capture from FBI video of Operation Cross Country VI
FBI Hostage Rescue Team during urban warfare training. Because of HRT s training and experience abro...
FBI Hostage Rescue Team during urban warfare training. Because of HRT's training and experience abroad with fighting insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is the only civilian law enforcement tactical team in the U.S. capable of actually fighting an insurgency and one of the few in the entire world. HRT has a very high level of capability which allows it to perform low to moderate level tactical operations in non-permissible environments (i.e., war zones) overseas.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
The FBI releases images of suspects in the deadly Boston bombings. Authorities have identified two s...
The FBI releases images of suspects in the deadly Boston bombings. Authorities have identified two suspects in the attack
A special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation s (FBI) New York Field Office Special Weapo...
A special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) New York Field Office Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team standing on the rooftop of a skyscraper in Downtown Manhattan
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Photos released by the FBI of potential suspects in the Boston Marathon attacks
Photos released by the FBI of potential suspects in the Boston Marathon attacks
FBI HRT operators rappelling from an FBI Blackhawk helicopter as seen through during a late night tr...
FBI HRT operators rappelling from an FBI Blackhawk helicopter as seen through during a late night training exercise. HRT team trains relentless during both the day and at night, regardless of weather.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)