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Op-Ed: Deregulation strikes again – FAA, Boeing and 346 737 Max deaths

Seattle - The Boeing 737 is a well-known design, used worldwide, and a natural choice for many airlines. When the 737 Max arrived, the FAA allowed Boeing to guide the management of the MCAS system which later caused crashes.

FAA says commercial market for drones may triple in size by 2023

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released its forecast for the next 20 years between now and 2039. Among the highlights is that the commercial market for drones is growing much faster than thought and could triple between now and 2023.

US to take 'immediate' action on Boeing jet if needed: official

Washington - US federal aviation authorities said Monday they will order Boeing to modify its 737 MAX 8 aircraft, including anti-stalling software and maneuvering system updates, after two of the planes crashed in five months.

Lithium-ion batteries must now be in carry-on luggage

The United States Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are forbidding people from storing lithium ion cells or batteries as cargo on passenger planes the two agencies announced.

DOT announces 10 drone projects that will be part of UAS trials

On Wednesday, Secretary, Elaine L. Chao of the Department of Transportation announced the 10 applications that have been selected to start as part of the UAS Integration Pilot Program, that was introduced by President Trump late last year.

FAA reports civilian drone safety incidents are soaring

The number of reported drone safety incidents has grown dramatically this year, with close to as many mishaps in the first nine months of 2017 as there was in all of last year, according to the FAA.

FAA considering an electronic license plate for drones

Drones, both commercial and non-commercial, have taken over the airways in the U.S., so much so that for safety reasons, the Federal Aviation Administration convened a committee last week to discuss the best way to regulate drone traffic.

Engine cover falls off on take off in Arizona, plane has to land

Phoenix - An American Airlines flight bound for San Francisco from Phoenix, Arizona on Monday, had to make an emergency landing after part of an engine cover came off as the plane was ascending.

FAA selects British anti-drone technology for trials

With the number of near-misses and collisions between drones and aircraft becoming more common, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has decided to test an anti-drone system developed by three UK companies at selected airports.

New state bill would give cops the freedom to shoot drones down

A new bill introduced in Utah would allow law enforcement to shoot down drones in some situations and would also place limits on drone activity.

Drone sales soar, but owners unaware of safety risks Special

Muncie - As sales of remote controlled aircraft or "drones" skyrocket, recreational flyers fear they may lose their rights to the air.

FAA upgrades India's aviation safety rating

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has upgraded Indian aviation's safety category to Category 1, a year after it was cut to Category 2.

Federal Aviation Administration allows for Amazon’s drones

Last Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration issued an experimental airworthiness certificate to Amazon that will let the company test-drive Prime Air on the American grounds.

Ted Cruz claims FAA flight ban is 'economic boycott of Israel'

Texas Republican Ted Cruz attacked the Obama administration on Wednesday, claiming the FAA flight ban to Israel was politically motivated.

FAA lifts ban on Israel's Ben Gurion Airport

Tel Aviv - The Federal Aviation Administration has just lifted its two day ban on all U.S. owned airlines from flying to and Ben Gurion International airport. The cancellation was effective at 11:45 p.m. EDT.

Top airlines cancel Israel flights after Gaza rocket strike

Washington - Major US, European and Canadian airlines cancelled flights to and from Israel after a rocket fired from Gaza struck near its main international airport in Tel Aviv.

FAA bans U.S. air carriers from Israel's Ben Gurion Airport

Tel Aviv - Shortly after noon Tuesday the Federal Aviation Administration issued a ban of at least 24 hours on all U.S.-owned air carriers from flying to and from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv in response to increased rocket attacks by the terrorist group Hamas.

All volunteer search and rescue team fights FAA, wins

Washington D.c. - A Texas volunteer based non-profit search and rescue organization can resume its operations after winning its court battle against the Federal Aviation Administration.

Passenger planes nearly collide, fly a football field apart

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation into an incident on May 9 that could have been a tragedy. Two United Airline planes flying over the Houston airport came within seconds of a mid-air collision.

FAA review says Boeing 787 Dreamliner is safe

The Boeing <BA.N> 787 Dreamliner, grounded for months last year after battery overheating problems, is soundly designed and safe to fly, a joint review by the planemaker and the Federal Aviation A...

U.S. regulators warned of problems on Boeing 777s

Washington - Months before Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 mysteriously vanished, US regulators warned of a "cracking and corrosion" problem on Boeing 777s that could lead to a mid-air breakup and drastic drop in cabin pressure.The revelation comes amid a desperate ...

Journalist sues Hartford PD in drone use dispute

A TV journalist is suing the Hartford Police Dept. after he was stopped from using a drone to film an accident scene. The dispute may be local, but it comes in the middle of a national debate over the private use of drones in the US.

FAA grounds flying beer drone; cites lack of legal precedent

If you’re like many of today’s consumers, you might be counting down the days until an Amazon Drone, which was first unveiled in December, delivers your latest online purchase to your door.

Southwest flight lands in Missouri — at the wrong airport

Branson - Southwest Airlines passenger Scott Schieffer knew something wasn't quite right on Sunday when the plane, making a planned stop in Branson, Missouri, first touched down on the runway.

Real estate brokers using drones to show homes

Naperville - Legal or not, real estate brokers are using small drones to sell multi-million dollar homes, according to several media reports. In some cases, tiny drones fly inside the mansions to film the interiors.

Op-Ed: FAA isn't making airplane seats home offices

The most essential ingredient in making a home office work is communication with the outside world. By that definition allowing mobile phones on airplanes doesn’t make a passenger seat an office.

Advisory panel to recommend FAA ease Wi-Fi restrictions

The FAA may finally be catching up with the times. That is, of course, if it accepts recommendations from one of its advisory panels.

Hugo Teso: Commercial aircraft vulnerable to ground-based hackers

Amsterdam - A chilling presentation at the Hack In The Box security conference this week demonstrated how commercial aircraft can be hijacked remotely by ground-based hackers and commanded to crash using a smartphone application.

Drone sighting near JFK airport sparks FBI, FAA investigation

New York - The FBI and the FAA say they are investigating a report from the pilot of an Alitalia passenger jet that he saw an unmanned aircraft near JFK airport over Brooklyn. The pilot said he spotted the drone within 200 feet of his passenger airplane.

Obama approves legislation to expand domestic surveillance drones

President Obama has approved new legislation that will quicken the pace of the drive to introduce the use of domestic surveillance drones within US airspace. Obama signed the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 Thursday.
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FANCY: A drone operator prepares to launch his aircraft from the Pacific Ocean shoreline in Half Moo...
FANCY: A drone operator prepares to launch his aircraft from the Pacific Ocean shoreline in Half Moon Bay, Calif., in March.
tomwsulcer / Wikimedia
Scene from a DJI video introducing the new Spark drone.
Scene from a DJI video introducing the new Spark drone.
Helium filled balloons.
Helium filled balloons.
Jonathan Trappe
Latest photograph of the crashed Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 at San Francisco International Airport
Latest photograph of the crashed Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 at San Francisco International Airport
Courtesy: Local news station
Another successful flight and landing by Jonathan Trappe  balloon enthusiast extraordinare/
Another successful flight and landing by Jonathan Trappe, balloon enthusiast extraordinare/
Jonathan Trappe

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