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Eyes News

Look into the eyeball: How animals see

Manchester - New research has revealed how animals see, by the use of a novel chemical compound. The compound stimulates retinal neurons under low-light conditions, triggering retinal activity to increase.

Improving AI by assessing where your eyes will look

New Haven - By assessing precise brain measurements, scientists have successfully predicted how people's eyes move when viewing natural scenes. Understanding this is the key to improving visual-based artificial intelligence.

AI system to be developed to detect eye disease

London - Can artificial intelligence have detected eye disease as accurately as a medical professional? This might not yet be the case, however advances with algorithms have led to a new platform being considered to assist medics.

Essential Science: Laser eyes being developed

Laser eyes are edging close to reality, according to researchers based in Scotland. With this, ocular lasers, based on an ultra-thin membrane laser using organic semiconductors, have been tested out.

Eye imaging predicts cardiovascular risk

The concept of assessing whether an individual is at risk from cardiovascular disease or heart failure via an eye-scan has come closer to reality thanks to an innovation from Google’s health technology development wing.

Ophthalmic technology address a range of visual impairments

In the past few years considerable advances have been made with ophthalmic technology, with devices introduced by smaller medical technology companies aimed at the hospital sector and for improving the experience of patients.

How to safely watch an eclipse

Miami - Everyone who plans to look skyward when the solar eclipse sweeps across the United States on Monday should have the proper protective eyewear, or risk lasting blind spots, experts warn.Regular sunglasses will not do, the US space agency says.

Early success for fractal-based retinal implants

A step-forward has been made with retinal implants, based on computer simulations of electrical charges. These are based on fractal geometry and the process has been developed at the University of Oregon.

Blind NHS patients to receive bionic eyes

The NHS, England's national healthcare system, will pay for 10 blind patients to have bionic eyes. The eyes will treat them for an inherited form of blindness.

Do men and women really see things differently?

London - A psychological study concludes that men and women examine faces if other people differently and absorb visual information in different ways. This suggests a gender difference in understanding visual cues.

Trouble with contact lenses? Might be your microbiome

Some people cope well with contact lenses, other suffer with itchy eyes or run into problems. The reason may be due to the microbial composition of the eye, according to a new study.

Scientists found cell programming technique to treat eye diseases

A team of researchers discovered a new reprogramming technique that transforms retina support cells into stem cells, paving the way to new potential treatments for eye diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Robot used to operate in an eye for the first time

Oxford - A robot has been used to complete an operation inside a patient's eye for the first time. The operation has been hailed as a success for surgical robotics.

Rates of myopia rising sharply around the world

Sydney - A study, published in the journal Ophthalmology, predicts 5 billion will be short-sighted by 2050. Of these, 1 billion people face a risk of blindness.

Video shows what a wasp sees as it heads home

An interesting new video shows what wasp sees as it finds its way home. The footage provides a fascinating insight into the head of a wasp.

Crocodiles can sleep with one eye open

A new study from Australia has found that crocodiles can sleep with one eye open, allowing the reptile to keep itself on alert.

People with blue color eyes are more likely to be alcoholics

Brown and hazel eyed people breath a sigh of relief. It seems that people with blue eyes are more likely to have an alcohol least according to one strand of research.

Eyes differ, risk to contact lens wearers revealed

New York - Researchers, through analysing thousands of eye specimens, have concluded that the risk of infection to contact lens wearers depends on the individual and that the risk can change over time. This is due to the microbes in the eye.

Cute, colorful jumping spiders can see more colors than humans do

Sometimes surprises come in tiny packages. That's the case with jumping spiders, scientists have found. Scientists know that jumpers have excellent vision. What they didn't know until now is that these little creatures can see more colors than we do.

Gene therapy sight restoration success fades

Scientists had thought a recent gene-therapy trial to be successful. Here the study participants experienced some restoration of sight. However, the people now seem to be losing their vision.

Ebola virus is heard to beat, found in man's eye

The Ebola virus has been detected in the eye of a U.S. doctor who survived the illness, according to a new medical study. This raises further questions about the ability of the virus to survive.

Big Pharma company accused of blocking eye treatment

Pharmaceutical giant Novartis has been accused by the British Medical Journal of acting in a way to block access to low-cost eye treatment drug. The claim is refuted by Novartis.

Eyelashes found to have an optimal length

Scientists are suggesting that eyelashes are the optimal length for protecting eyes from dust and drying out. This applies to people as well as to a range of other mammals.

Eat well for eye heath, says leading specialist Special

Dr. Robert Abel Jr., MD author of the new book, The Eye Care Revolution explains to Digital Journal why diet is necessary for good eye health.

Progress with topical treatment of retinal disease

SciFluor Life Sciences, LLC, an emerging clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, has announced it has secured a patent on a novel compound called SF0166. This is a small molecule integrin antagonist designed to treat retinal disease.

Breakthrough with artificial retinas for the visually impaired

Tel Aviv - Researchers have created a new light-sensitive film that could be the basis of a prosthetic retina. Such a retina could aid people suffering from retinal damage or degeneration.

Keeping an eye on diabetes risks Special

Toronto - The Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) recently reminded people of the importance of routine eye exams. This is because diabetes can have a significant impact on eye health.

Nanotechnology leads to improved retinal implants

Tel Aviv - Researchers have developed a new light-sensitive nanotube-based film. The technology could pave the way to more flexible and durable retinal implants.

Eye drops improved by nanotechnology

Scientists have developed a means to make eye drops more effective. The new method uses nanoparticles and it ensures that more of the active ingredient reaches the eye of the patient.

Mantis shrimps can see cancer

Adelaide - Australian scientists have discovered that the mantis shrimp has an amazing ability: the shrimps can detect a variety of cancers inside the human body. The researchers hope to harness this to make a special camera.
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Eyes Image

A human retina
A human retina
Jan Kaláb
My eyes at the moment of the apparitions by August Natterer  a German artist who created many drawin...
My eyes at the moment of the apparitions by August Natterer, a German artist who created many drawings of his hallucinations.
August Natterer
Anatomy of the Eye.
Anatomy of the Eye.
Illustration by BruceBlaus
A woman licking a man s eyeball
A woman licking a man's eyeball
Jarrod Jones
Photo of the heart-art designed by Marta Ayala and Marina Perez of Precita Eyes Muralists. Photo cou...
Photo of the heart-art designed by Marta Ayala and Marina Perez of Precita Eyes Muralists. Photo courtesy of Charles Zukow & Associates, San Francisco, CA (2011)
Drew Altizer Photography
Human eye  close up
Human eye, close up
Che (CC BY-SA 2.5)

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