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Radical Islam breeds in deprived corner of Serbia

Novi Pazar - In a country proud of its Orthodox Christianity, the Serbian city of Novi Pazar is a place apart: young bearded men in ankle-length trousers stroll the streets, the restaurants don't serve alcohol, and the call of the muezzin punctuates the daily routi...

Pro-Assad Syrian mufti rejects terrorism claims on Ireland visit

Dublin - Syria's pro-regime Grand Mufti Ahmed Badreddin Hassoun on Thursday rejected claims he had encouraged terrorism in Europe, during a rare visit outside Syria that has triggered outrage from rights groups.

France to create regional 'de-radicalisation' centres, PM says

Paris - France will create regional de-radicalisation centres, the prime minister said Monday as he set out measures in response to last year's terror attacks that killed 147 people.

Economics, sense of revenge 'pushing Syrians into jihadist ranks'

Birut - Economic concerns and the desire for a sense of purpose and revenge are the major factors pushing young Syrians into the arms of jihadist groups, a study released on Wednesday found.

World Jewish Congress slams YouTube over neo-Nazi videos

Berlin - The World Jewish Congress on Monday accused the German unit of YouTube of failing to stop neo-Nazis from using the online video channel to distribute thousands of anti-Semitic tracks.

Cameron raises stakes in London's dirty mayoral election

London - Prime Minister David Cameron accused the opposition Labour party's candidate for London mayor of associating with an alleged Islamic State group supporter Wednesday, spotlighting the dirty race to run Britain's capital.

IS 'spreading like a cancer': UN chief

Ginebra - The Syrian conflict has acted like a greenhouse for extremist groups which are now spreading "like a cancer", the UN chief said on Friday, urging greater cooperation to prevent radicalisation.

World must unite to stem 'mushrooming' violent extremism: UN

Ginebra - Countries must urgently cooperate to halt the spread of violent extremism around the globe, the United Nations said Tuesday, ahead of a high-level conference focused on preventing dangerous radicalisation.

Bid to outlaw German far-right NPD crosses first hurdle

Karlsruhe - A request to ban Germany's neo-Nazi fringe party the NPD crossed a first hurdle Wednesday when the highest court rejected party claims it was being infiltrated by state undercover informants.

Germany's top court weighs ban on far-right NPD party

Karlsruhe - Germany's highest court on Tuesday began hearing a landmark request to ban a neo-Nazi fringe party that openly rails against migrants, more than a decade after a first attempt failed.

German officials horrified by anti-migrant mobs in eastern state

Berlin - Shocked German officials on Sunday condemned two "disgusting" incidents involving anti-migrant mobs in the ex-communist east of the country, including a crowd cheering a blaze at a planned refugee shelter.

Jewish extremist leader wants ban on 'vampire' Christmas in Holy Land

Jerusalem - Israeli anti-racism activists have called for an investigation after a Jewish extremist leader urged a ban on Christmas celebrations in the country and called Christians "vampires".

Pakistan's 'war on terror' failing in fight against extremism: Activists

Islamabad - Worshippers at the infamous Red Mosque in the Pakistani capital Islamabad still gather in their hundreds for Friday prayers, but the fiery sermons calling for Sharia law led by hardline cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz are now a thing of the past.

Two killed in Kyrgyzstan 'anti-terror operation'

Bichkek - Security services in ex-Soviet Kyrgyzstan said Friday they had killed two members of what they claim was the cell of an international terror group during a nightime raid in the capital Bishkek.

EU, Internet giants join forces to fight online extremism

Brussels - The European Union launched a forum bringing together Internet firms like Google, Facebook and Twitter as well as law enforcement agencies to combat online extremism.

Prominent French jihadist tried in absentia

Paris - Seven members of a network in France accused of recruiting fighters for the Islamic State group went on trial Tuesday, but the highest-profile suspect is being tried in absentia because he is thought to be in Syria.

Review: ‘She Who Must Burn’ is intelligent and pointed horror Special

‘She Who Must Burn’ is a thoughtful condemnation of extremists that doubles as an intense drama and engaging thriller. Shot in Vancouver, the film plays The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival.

Former Tajik police chief reappears as IS fighter in video

Dushanbe - A man claiming to be the former head of ex-Soviet Tajikistan's special forces police division appeared in a video Wednesday saying he has joined the Islamic State jihadist group in Syria.

EU to set up expert cell to fight jihadist propaganda: report

Brussels - The European Union plans to set up a cell of advisors in Belgium that member governments can tap to fight jihadist propaganda, a top EU official told a newspaper Saturday.

German president urges compassion, help for refugees

Berlin - Germany's president appealed in a Christmas message for compassion and openness towards refugees coming to the country, which is grappling with a growing anti-Islam movement amid a debate about immigration.

Record 17,000 rally against 'Islamisation' in Germany

Berlin - A record 17,000 anti-Islamic protesters rallied for their tenth demonstration in as many weeks Monday in eastern Germany, celebrating the rise of their far-right populist movement by singing Christmas carols.

Xenophobia mushrooms in shadow of Berlin tower blocks

Berlin - There's little to break the monotony of communist-era apartment blocks stretching across Marzahn-Hellersdorf, an east Berlin satellite district that has gained national notoriety for a spate of anti-foreigner protests.

15,000 join anti-Islam protest in eastern Germany

Dresden - A record 15,000 people marched Monday in eastern Germany against "asylum cheats" and the country's "Islamisation" in the latest show of strength of a growing far-right populist movement.

German police see rise in far-right extremism: report

Berlin - German police have noted a significant rise in far-right extremism and attacks targeting foreigners, a news report said Sunday, amid national debate about a new Islamophobic movement.

Germany's new far-right populists rail against Islam

Dresden - They march in their thousands every Monday evening, wave German national flags and angrily protest against "criminal asylum seekers" and the "Islamisation" of their home country.

Anti-foreigner protesters rally in German capital

Berlin - About 500 protesters, among them neo-Nazis and angry local residents, protested in the German capital on Saturday against the construction of a centre for refugees seeking political asylum.

Japan PM's new picks deny neo-Nazi links

Tokyo - Two newly-promoted Japanese politicians moved Monday to distance themselves from allegations of extremism after pictures emerged of them posing alongside the leader of a domestic neo-Nazi party.

Saudi Arabia arrests professors over Muslim Brotherhood links

Saudi Arabia has arrested nine university professors who are alleged to have connections with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned in that kingdom.

Auschwitz commandant grandson combats Europe's neo-Nazis

Stockholm - Rainer Hoess was 12 years old when he learned he was the grandson of a man who oversaw the murder of a million people as commandant of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz.

Kuwait is the main financier of Syrian terrorist extremists

According to officials in the Obama administration, the tiny oil sheikhdom of Kuwait is the leading financier of al-Qaeda affiliated militants fighting in Syria.
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David Joseph Pedersen and Holly Ann Grisby  the white supremacist couple has been charged by federal...
David Joseph Pedersen and Holly Ann Grisby, the white supremacist couple has been charged by federal authorities with unleashing a crime wave across the Pacific Northwest that included robbery, theft and kidnapping and resulted in the deaths of four people.
Everett Police Department
An American neo-nazi militant holding a holding a 30-.06 rifle against the backdrop of a Nazi flag.
An American neo-nazi militant holding a holding a 30-.06 rifle against the backdrop of a Nazi flag.
The ruins of the Murrah Building are demolished more than a month after the Oklahoma City bombing. T...
The ruins of the Murrah Building are demolished more than a month after the Oklahoma City bombing. The bombing had occurred with a Ryder truck similar to the one in the lower left of the picture. The Oklahoma City Bombing National Memorial would later be built on the site.
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

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