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Extraterrestrials News

Essential Science: Planets close to dim stars may support life

The question of whether life exists on other planets in the depths of our galaxy continues to intrigue people. If we are to find out that we are alone in the universe then examining planets orbiting dim red stars might provide the answer.

Op-Ed: Sitchin's '12th Planet' book still fascinates after 40 years Special

The question of “where did we humans come from” has been spinning around for thousands of years, much like the classic question, “what is the meaning and purpose of life?”

Scientists at U.S. conference say time to contact Aliens

A scientist from the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Institute told a meeting of the American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science that the time has come to contact extraterrestrials. It sparked a debate at Thursday's meeting in San Jose.

Americans conflicted on whether or not we should contact aliens

If aliens exist, should we try to get in touch with them? According to a new poll, many Americans think it would be a bad idea.

Giza pyramid vandalized to prove extraterrestrials built them

Conspiracy theories abound in our world, including one that suggests the pyramids of Giza was actually built by ancient astronauts, extraterrestrials who came to earth thousands of years ago.

Peruvian Air Force revives defunct UFO investigations wing

Lima - Sightings of anomalous aerial phenomena — UFOs to you and me — are on the increase in Peru. So much so that the Peruvian Air Force, the Fuerza Aérea del Perú (FAP), has announced it’s reinstating a UFO investigations team moribund since 2005.

Former Senator Mike Gravel: White House suppressing ET evidence

A UFO advocacy group Paradigm Research has paid six former members of the US Congress $20,000 each to hold a simulated congressional "hearing" examining evidence that the government is suppressing information about ET visitors and related UFO phenomena.

Aliens welcome in Glasgow says City Council

It's one of the stranger requests from the FOI Act but in response to a member of the public's enquiry about "what provisions have been put in place for our inevitable encounter" with aliens, Glasgow City Council said they would be welcome.

Video: Possible origin theory, we're aliens from outerspace

A video, from TIME Magazine, gives the suggestion that humans may have originated from outer space; but, not in the usual belief of aliens and space ships.

Op-Ed: Why Aliens are hiding from us

From wars of religion to aggressive intent on the territories of others, Earthlings have killed for a variety of reasons. They are now entering an era of exceptional hatred of the difference. Is it really a wonder that no one wishes to pay Earth a visit?

Op-Ed: Texas UFO witness reports helicopter, unidentified entities

UFOs are "Unidentified Flying Objects". What entities did the witness see in a Texas forest? Humans dressed in costumes? Alien "visitors" from another dimension? What are your views?

Extraterrestrials: Florida witnesses report alien, unusual eyes

Some alien encounters are not associated with any corresponding eyewitness account of a UFO sighting. If aliens are not in contact with Earthbound humans, how do you explain an encounter with an apparent alien which was reported by Florida witnesses?

Exopolitics Britain: Plans exist for Extraterrestrial invasion

A British exopolitics group has released testimony of plans to defend against an alien invasion. However, Dr. Carol Rosin who worked with Wernher von Braun from 1974 to 1977 at Fairchild industries indicates this invasion scenario has been orchestrated.

Alabama witnesses report UFO orbs, human-like entity manifests

UFOs are "Unidentified Flying Objects". Is it possible that some UFOs are life forms? John Todd once suggested that UFOs or 'orbs' can also be lower and interdimensional entities that can shape-shift. Alabama witnesses reveal encounters with UFO orbs.

NASA debunks Russian scientist's claim of life on planet Venus

Greenbelt - A Russian scientist's claim that he has possibly detected life on the planet Venus has now been debunked by NASA. The United States space agency said the pictures depicting life forms were instead objects from the craft.

Scientists propose finding city lights to discover alien species

Cambridge - For decades, astronomers have utilized a variety of techniques in order to hunt down extraterrestrial civilizations. Two scientists are proposing to search for one identifiable piece of evidence: city lights.

The search for alien life continues, donations revive SETI

San Mateo - After a 45-day campaign called SETIStars, the SETI Institute was able to receive $200,000 from a flood of worldwide donors, including Academy-Award winning actress Jodie Foster. SETI will continue its search for extraterrestrials in our universe.

Press conference to discuss UFO interference with US nuclear arms

They are former officers of the United States Air Force and they are convinced that extraterrestrials interfered in US operations one day in 1967. They also believe that ETs are still keeping an eye on weapons of mass destruction in the U.S.

Denver man says ET technology could clean up Gulf oil spill

Denver - Jeff Peckman's claim to fame is a video he released in 2008 that purports to show an alien in the window of a house. It wasn't his video, and it was not well received, but that hasn't stopped Peckman.

Fears of a UFO invasion of northern Australia overblown

Melbourne - Some Australians are afraid that strange bright lights seen in the Northern Territory sky at night might be the prelude to an extraterrestrial invasion of the area.

NASA's Voyager 2 spaceship 'hijacked by aliens'

Pasadena - NASA's Voyager 2, which is touring the outer reaches of our solar system, suddenly began to send back messages to Earth that scientists cannot interpret. A German researcher believes those sounds may come from aliens.

Do you believe in aliens? Survey says 1 in 5 believe

Reuters/Ipsos undertook a poll to measure the strength of human belief in extraterrestrial beings, and the results are astounding.

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Extraterrestrials Image

A screenshot from the video taken by a film crew of a strange purple UFO that was spotted in Peru
A screenshot from the video taken by a film crew of a strange purple UFO that was spotted in Peru
Screen capture from YouTube video
Zecharia Sitchin s book  The 12th Planet  gets its title from the theory that Extra-Terrestrial bein...
Zecharia Sitchin's book "The 12th Planet" gets its title from the theory that Extra-Terrestrial beings came to earth by way of a planet that entered into Earth's orbit over 3,000 years ago. From that point of reference, Earth would be the 12th Planet from the sun, not the third.
Second City s current Mainstage cast (front: Alan Shane Lewis; back  left to right: Sharjil Rasool  ...
Second City's current Mainstage cast (front: Alan Shane Lewis; back, left to right: Sharjil Rasool, Natalie Metcalfe, Tricia Black) perform an "E.T." for modern times in "If I Could #Throwback Time".
Paul Aihoshi
The Dog  one of the characters in Peru s massive Nazca Lines. The Nazca Lines are geoglyphs (drawing...
The Dog, one of the characters in Peru's massive Nazca Lines. The Nazca Lines are geoglyphs (drawings on the ground) located in the Nazca Desert, Peru thought to date from the 5th century A.D.
Wikimedia Commons
Alien craft from the planet
Alien craft from the planet
Alien Telescope Array (ATA)
Alien Telescope Array (ATA)
Dave Deboer / Jcolbyk / wikipedia
An unidentified flying object?
An unidentified flying object?
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