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Canada blocks certain drug exports in response to US plan

Montr - Canada announced Saturday a ban on exporting certain medicines that are or may soon be in short supply, a measure in response to a US plan to import drugs from its northern neighbor.

China exports remain strong in October, import growth slows

Bejing - China's exports posted strong growth again last month, extending an upward trend on the back of a consumption rebound among its major trading partners, official data showed Saturday.

Restricted Hajj hits Somalia's livestock economy

Mugadishu - The annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca is a time for celebration, not least among Somalia's livestock herders and traders who export millions of livestock to feed pilgrims.

China seizes over 89 million shoddy face masks

Beijing - China has confiscated over 89 million poor quality face masks, a government official said Sunday, as Beijing faces a slew of complaints about faulty protective gear exported worldwide.

Shipping sheep in summer heat, Romania defies EU

Constanta - Under the burning sun in Romania's Midia port on the Black Sea, the Lady Maria stands ready to embark its passengers -- thousands of sheep to be shipped to Libya for the Eid al-Adha holiday.

An explanation for why Canada's waste ended up in Asia

With criticism of plastic waste exports mounting in many developed nations, most countries have had very little to say about the problem.

Germany adds six months to Saudi arms export ban: government

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition government Thursday extended by six months an embargo on weapons exports to Saudi Arabia, instituted last October in response to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Merkel govt split on Saudi arms exports as deadline looms

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition government was Thursday struggling to overcome divisions on whether to extend or scrap a weapons export embargo against Saudi Arabia.

Germany under fire for Saudi arms export ban

Berlin - Export power Germany has long had a troubled relationship with selling arms abroad, a legacy of its dark history that is now spelling deep discord with its European allies.

Germany firm on Saudi arms ban despite British warning

Berlin - Germany said Wednesday it would hold firm on its decision to halt weapons exports to Saudi Arabia, shrugging off British warnings that the embargo could hurt European credibility and efforts to bring peace in Yemen.

Israel gives green light for medical cannabis exports

Jerusalem - The Israeli government on Sunday gave the final go-ahead for the export of medical cannabis, the health ministry said, a move expected to generate significant revenues for the state.

US government shutdown muddles Canada trade tallies

Ottawa - The Canadian statistical agency said Thursday the US government shutdown is having impacts beyond its borders, stemming data sharing and forcing Ottawa to suspend publication of trade figures.

Scallops: Peru's 'golden nuggets' of the sea

Sechura - Peruvian fishermen need only dive down a few meters to find the scallops considered the "golden nuggets" of the country's seas -- and cherished in European and North American kitchens.

Most big exporters failing to check foreign bribery: report

Frankfurt Am Main - Countries that strictly enforce a worldwide pact against foreign bribery are far outnumbered and outweighed by those that turn a blind eye, a report published Wednesday by watchdog Transparency International found.

German trade surplus shrinks for first time in 8 years

Frankfurt Am Main - Germany's trade surplus shrank for the first time since 2009 last year as imports outpaced exports in Europe's booming top economy, giving Berlin ammunition to ease criticism of its huge trade gap with other countries.

Norway suspends arms exports to UAE over Yemen war

Oslo - Norway on Wednesday announced it has suspended arms and ammunition exports to the United Arab Emirates because of the nation's involvement in the Yemen war.

French resume foie gras exports to Japan

Paris - French foie gras can grace Japanese dinner tables once more, two years after Tokyo banned it following outbreaks of bird flu, French agriculture minister Stephane Travert said Friday."That's the good news of the night.

Weakening gasoline demand in U.S. has refiners worried

U.S. refiners are facing the prospect of another year of dismal earnings as a weakening demand for gasoline at the pumps continues its downward spiral.

U.S. set to become a net energy exporter

By 2026 the U.S. is expected to become a net exporter of energy. By then the U.S. economy will be producing 20 percent more energy than today, with demand only having risen by five percent.

Cuba signs first exports to US in half a century

Havana - Two firms signed a deal Thursday for the first commercial exports in half a century from Cuba to the United States, a new step in the countries' historic rapprochement.

Libya oil chief fears 'financial collapse' unless exports rise

Tripoli - Conflict-hit Libya could run out of money next year without a swift resumption of oil exports, the head of the country's National Oil Corporation (NOC) warned on Thursday.

Syria to export 700,000 tons of citrus to Russia

Damascus - Syria will export more than 700,000 tons of citrus fruits to Russia to "fill the gap" left by Moscow's ban on Turkish agricultural products, officials said Tuesday.

French arms exports in 2014 'best in 15 years'

Paris - French arms exports rose 18 percent in 2014, according to a defence ministry report published Tuesday, the country's best export performance for 15 years.France sold 8.2 billion euros ($9.

Op-Ed: Costs of doing science climbs in Argentina

Scientists in Argentina are struggling with budgets due to government tariffs which mean that most tools and reagents cost more than double their normal retail value.

A century of hard work on the Panama Canal

Panama City - From painter Paul Gauguin's illness-ridden misadventure in the Central American rainforest to tugboat captain Eileen Vinueza's purple nail polish and sneakers, working on the Panama Canal has changed considerably in the past century.

What Wayfair's IPO will mean to Australian furniture exporters

As home goods seller Wayfair cruises toward an initial public offering, its financial situation continues to look better and better.

German machine-tool orders up in January

Frankfurt - Rising domestic and export demand gave Germany's key mechanical engineering sector a boost in January, the VDMA industry federation said on Tuesday.The manufacture of machine tools is an important part of Germany's industrial and export performance.In ...

Swiss watchmakers clock record exports in 2013

Z - Swiss watchmakers saw their export growth slow down significantly last year, but they still clocked a new record high, the Swiss Watch Industry said on Thursday.Swiss watch exports edged up 1.9 percent in 2013 to a record 21.

Argentina peso sinks as foreign purchases curbed

Buenos Aires - The Argentine peso plunged 3.2 percent Wednesday as the country cracked down on online purchases from abroad in an attempt to stem capital flight and battle dwindling foreign reserves.

Iraq oil exports dip in 2013

Baghdad - Iraq's oil exports and revenues declined in 2013 compared to the previous year, official figures showed Wednesday, despite efforts to dramatically ramp up crude sales to fund much-needed reconstruction.Exports totalled 872.3 million barrels, or 2.
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A small pie chart showing off Russian exports in 2007.
A small pie chart showing off Russian exports in 2007.
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