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Exploitation News

New study shows vast scope of our exploitation of the ocean

Monitoring the global fishing industry has been difficult, and this means visualizing its global footprint has been almost impossible. Much of the fishing is unobserved, taking place far from land, with boats leaving little trace of their activity.

Geothermal energy — How we harness this energy source (Part 2)

In Part 1 of our look into the Earth's heat energy as a renewable energy source, we discovered this heat has been used for millennia to bathe us and in creating mechanical power. Let's look at the ways we are extracting this energy for electricity.

Human exploitation of groundwater sources affects the climate

Over-exploitation of groundwater resources not only changes soil moisture and land-atmosphere and energy variability but essentially affects the ecohydrological processes of the climate system, according to a new study.

'Love Me' explores the male search for love, online and overseas Special

Toronto - Internet dating is big business, particularly overseas, where Ukrainian and Russian women sign up in droves to meet American men.

Child labor in India: Hidden shame or necessity

A 2011 UNICEF report estimated that in India, 28 million children between the ages of five and 14 were engaged in child labor. Most of these children were not being forced into labor nor being kept as slaves. Work is not an option, but a necessity.

Exploitation of the xate plant in Central America's rainforest

Because of Mother's Day, Palm Sunday and a global demand for exotic xate palm leaves, the unspoiled rainforests of Belize, Mexico, Guatemala and other South America countries are being exploited due to the leaf's usage in long-lasting flower arrangements.

Prostitution in India: In the Name of 'Tradition'

Lucknow - Generations of women are forced into prostitution by their male relatives in the name of tradition in rural Uttar Pradesh, India

Child Rights protected in Sudan

The first-ever law recognizing children’s rights in Sudan was launched today by the Sudanese government, drawing praise from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Op-Ed: Scientology Targets Haiti For Slave Labor

The Scientology organization has increasingly targeted poor countries such as Haiti in its recruitment efforts. Why would this money-hungry crime-cult be interested in one of the world's poorest countries?

Anna Nicole II? Danielynn Raises New Question of Exploitation

On February 4 Entertainment News will be showing a special, "Anna Nicole: Tragedy in Paradise." This brings back memories of the news blitz and accusations of exploitation that made people comment about 24/7 news devoted to celebrity

Dancing Dangerously: How Paid Dancers Face Violence

She will dance for two bucks a song, providing a haven for men looking for female company. But as any paid dancer will tell you, dancing for money is flirting with danger.

Child Exploitation for Your Computer and Gaming Consoles

The latest news on the true cost of advancement for society may have human rights activists throwing their computers in the dumpster and running for a cabin in the woods.

Diana: Will the Princess Ever Rest in Peace?

As the ten-year anniversary of Diana's death approaches, why are we allowing certain individuals to exploit and profit from her tragic passing? With the release of a book by one the princess's former friends, new allegations are made without a defense.

Exploitation of the American Flag

Council backs neighbors in flap, orders flag down. A representative of the Nevada Chapter Veterans In Politics states that Towbin’s American Flag is for financial gain NOT love of country.

Sony Uses Topless Women and Decapitated Goat to Promote Video Game

Sony has sparked a major row over animal cruelty by using a freshly slaughtered goat to promote a violent video game. The corpse of the decapitated animal was the centrepiece of a party to celebrate the launch of the God Of War II game for the PS2.

Sex, Lies and Advertising: David Jones Firm sues over Child Exploitation claims

David Jones firm in Australia sues a think tank for defamation.

A New Ray Of Hope For India's Child Labourers

New Delhi (dpa) - Their hands roll cheap cigars when they should be turning the pages of schoolbooks and their backs are bent over piles of matches when they should be playing with kids of their own age. Children in Tirunelveli in the southern I...

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Filipino children from the barangay line up single file and wait to be sprayed with water from a fir...
Filipino children from the barangay line up single file and wait to be sprayed with water from a fire engine during Exercise Balikatan April 24, 2012, outside the camp at Crow Valley, Philippines.
Michael R. Holzworth, TSgt, USAF

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