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The Clairvoyants open up about upcoming virtual experience Special

Acclaimed mentalist duo Thommy Ten and AmeĢlie van Tass of The Clairvoyants chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about their upcoming virtual show on April 18.

Citrix says 2020 will be a year of experience-driven innovation

Emboldened by the tightest labour market the world has ever seen, employees are demanding a simpler, smarter, more flexible way to work. And in 2020, it looks as if they will get it, according to Citrix.

'Game of Thrones' Live Concert Experience coming to Long Island

Wantagh - On May 9, it was announced that the critically-acclaimed "Game of Thrones" Live Concert Experience will be back for a 20-city tour in amphitheaters.

Review: 'Game of Thrones' spectacular at New York's Madison Square Garden Special

New York - On October 3, the "Game of Thrones" Live Concert Experience, starring German composer Ramin Djawadi, was spectacular at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Jake Resnicow takes the 'Life Ball' experience to the next level Special

Event producer Jake Resnicow chatted with Digital Journal about taking the "Life Ball" experience to the next level. He is preparing for the June 2nd event.

Why the experiential supply chain is attractive to millennials

From that $3 cup of Starbucks coffee to meals planned ahead of time using pre-packaged ingredients shipped to your door by Blue Apron, consumers are disrupting the supply chain with their unique demands, creating an "experiential supply chain."

How much the environment can affect our IQ? New study sheds light

Can experience and education actually increase our IQ or is it all genetics? New research may have found an answer to the "nature vs nurture" debate, showing that the effects of environmental interventions may increase it, but not permanently.

VR communities divided by controversial '9/11 simulator'

A virtual reality game that simulates the tragic events of 9/11 from the perspective of the victims is dividing VR enthusiasts and creating both hype and deep controversy. The simulation has led people to question what's acceptable as a VR experience.

Microsoft announces Minecraft for Oculus Rift is coming next year

Microsoft has announced that the hit video game Minecraft will be made available for Oculus Rift headsets from next year. Players will be able to build and mine with friends while fully immersed in the VR experience.

'Unified', 'appropriate' Windows 10 Start menu wins design award

The new-look Start menu in Microsoft's Windows 10 has been chosen as the winner of the IDSA Design Award. It has drawn praise for allowing users to experience technology in a "contextually appropriate manner", a point of controversy for some who prefer 7.

Tetris can help block flashbacks of traumatic events

A study has found that playing Tetris can help people recover from post-traumatic stress disorder and overcome the repeated flashbacks it triggers. In a new investigation, playing Tetris reduced the number of memories of the event by over 50 percent.

Here's what's new in Android M, coming later this year

As expected, Google revealed a new version of its Android mobile operating system at its IO developers conference yesterday. A very early preview, some of Android M's features include a new app launcher, built-in fingerprint support and more battery life.

Ghana gets its first emergency medicine training program

In a new initiative seeking to improve healthcare in the country, Ghana has begun its first emergency medicine training program. Nurses are being trained and despatched to regions across the country and new recruits are busily signing up.

5 things you should know about the Samsung Galaxy S6 release

With the launch date of the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 only three weeks away, consumers across the globe are paying close attention to every detail of the Android flagship of the year. Here are five things you should know about the Galaxy S6.

Microsoft reveals the Lumia 430: A low-cost Windows Phone

Microsoft has added another low-cost Windows Phone to its growing range. The Lumia 430 is the most affordable Lumia smartphone to-date at only $70 but still offers a full smartphone experience.

Image shows woman paid to manipulate App Store rankings

An image posted to Chinese social media site Weibo allegedly shows a "ranking farm" of racks of iPhones that are used to manipulate ratings and reviews of apps in the App Store.

Anxiety may cause man's constant chronic deja vu

Scientists believe that the extraordinary case of a man who experiences a constant case of deja vu, where you believe you have seen an experience before, may be caused by anxiety.

Discover the best experiences in your city with Wutzwhat Special

In today's technology-orientated world, more and more of us find ourselves living in busy, crowded cities but somehow overlooking the treasures held within. Canadian start-up app Wutzwhat aims to rectify this by highlighting unique experiences.

Geri Halliwell didn't experience a great orgasm until 30

Geri Halliwell of the band Spice Girls tweeted happy birthday to a Twitter user, and also wrote that she didn't have her first worthy orgasm until she was 30 years old.

Obama Supporter Criticizes Democrats For Belittling Palin's Experience

Illinois' Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich is a Barack Obama supporter who levels criticism at the Democratic Party for trying to belittle GOP vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin's experience.

Clinton papers cast doubt over experience claims

One of the main selling points of Senator Clinton's campaign has been that she would be 'Ready from Day One', however the release of her schedules from during her time at the White House casts serious doubt on that claim.

Workplace Wants Experience

How are young people expected to get a job if all jobs want experiance. I find it extreemly dificult for students primarily.

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 Game of Thrones  Live Concert Experience
'Game of Thrones' Live Concert Experience
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Wutzwhat aims to connect you with the best experiences in your city
Wutzwhat aims to connect you with the best experiences in your city

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