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Majority of expats opt for virtual health care services

For those electing to living abroad, accessing health services can be challenging, not only in terms of cost but also due to cultural differences and language barriers. A new survey finds 78 percent of expats are now likely to use virtual health services.

Spain will seek deal for expats after Brexit: Rajoy

Madrid - Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says he thinks a deal can quickly be worked out with Britain to defend the rights of British expats in Spain after Brexit.

France's British expats grapple with Brexit 'shock'

Eymet - British expatriates living in a sunny corner of France they have dubbed "Dordogneshire" grappled Friday with Britain's shock vote to leave the European Union."It was a huge shock," said estate agent Terrie Simpson.

Taxed Too Much? Record number of Americans giving up citizenship

An increasing number of Americans are deciding to renounce their citizenship and turn in their passports. The home of the brave and land of the free simply isn't that attractive to an increasing number of people.

Op-Ed: How the Internet is helping expat children integrate

What happens if you're offered the promotion of a lifetime but it's in a different country? To some this'll be a no-brainer but to others, children need to be considered. So what's the best way of ensuring they integrate as well as you do?

Expats in Mexico feel isolation

Mexico may be a cheaper place to retire to than Canada but retirees who do are often isolated from both their families in Canada and the mainstream in Mexico according to a new study.

South African government denies voting rights to 2-million expats

The South African interim-government has appealed against the country's highest court 's ruling ordering it to provide voting facilities for all of the country's 2-million expats. The Constitutional Court still must ratify the ruling on March 4.

South Africa's 500,000 zombies who pitched up to vote...

With the next election planned for April 22 in South Africa, and the ruling African National Congress party split into two nasty, warring factions, questions now are finally being raised about the 500,000"deceased" people who had voted last time...

2-million South African expats win first voting-rights hurdle

The opposition Freedom Front Plus party in South Africa has just had a court application reconfirmed in the Pretoria High Court, granting all the country's estimated 2-million expats voting rights at embassies in the April 22 elections.

South African youth leader an 'ill-bred brat', says Zulu leader

In an unprecedented outburst of anger by the usually so courteous South African Zulu statesman Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, he called African National Congress Youth League Julius Malema an "ill-bred brat' whose bad behaviour was moreover, 'un-African'.

South Africa sets election for April 22

South Africa 's acting president has just announced in parliament that the next elections will take place on 22 April. He didn't 'proclaim' the date, merely 'mentioned' it, only one day before the Pretoria High Court hears an interdict to stop him.

Expats Flee Dubai

Thousands of British expats are abandoning their cars at Dubai airport and using the remaining credit on their bank cards to flee back home rather than risk debtors’ jail. Debtors unable to pay their debts can be imprisoned in Dubai under sharia law.

1,2m expat South Africans sue for voting rights at embassies

South Africa's Independent Electoral Commission has denied requests by ex-president FW de Klerk and 3 political parties to create polling stations at foreign embassies and allow the country's 1,2-million expats to vote abroad - as they also did in 1994.

Saudi Arabia Hangs and then Publicly Crucifies Four Expatriates

Saudi Arabia hangs four Sri Lankans and then Publicly Crucifies them.

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