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Exercise News

New diabetes life-style guide advises walking

Pharmaceutical company AstraZenexa has issued a new guide book for those with type 2 diabetes. The focus is on encouraging people with the condition to lead more active lives.

Regular exercise holds off cognitive diseases

New York - There could be a new incentive for undertaking regular exercise: holding off cognitive decline, according to a new research study. The benefit could be up to ten years.

Exercise alone doesn’t lead to weight loss: Study

A new study has shown that simply putting hours in the gym, while maintaining the same diet, is not effective for losing weight. This is because the calorie burning process reaches a plateau.

Is eating an apple as effective as taking statins?

London - The arguments for and against statins are convoluted and have been running for years. Two health experts have stated the benefits of statins are outweighed by the side-effects.

Just how accurate is Fitbit?

A class-action lawsuit has been taken out against the company Fitbit. The legal action alleges the company’s heart-rate monitors are inaccurate and, therefore, dangerous.

Exercising early changes gut microbes for the better

A new study has found how exercising while younger alters the types of gut microbes so that the composition is different than a person who takes up exercise later in life. These changes to the gut microbiome are beneficial.

Strategies for avoiding ill-health at work

Staying healthy while holding down a busy job can be difficult, especially if this is something you try to do on your own. A new study suggests partaking in group activities gives a better chance of success.

NATO exercises send clear message to potential foes: Stoltenberg

Zaragoza - NATO's biggest military exercise in more than a decade sends a clear message to friends and foes alike that it is ready to face the challenges of a fast-changing world, alliance head Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday.

How Gangnam Style can increase your pain threshold

It's the tune that most people around the world have heard and the video that has smashed the YouTube 'most watched' record. But did you know dancing the 'Gangnam Style' can help with pain management?

95,000 Russian troops in massive military drill

Moscow - Russia on Monday launched its largest military exercises of the year, Centre-2015, involving some 95,000 soldiers including ground troops, navy and airforce units.

Putin orders snap military exercise in central Russia

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday ordered snap checks on troop combat readiness in Russia's central military district, the defence ministry said."According to the order, troops in the central district...

Pedaling at work is healthy, claims new study

You’ve seen people pedaling on bicycles to work, but does pedaling at work help you stay healthy? A university has undertaken a study of exercises to undertake during the working day.

North Korea slams South-US drill, threatens strikes on White House

Pyongyang - North Korea on Thursday condemned a looming South Korea-US joint military exercise as a "declaration of war" and boasted of its ability to make retaliatory strikes against Seoul and the White House.

Physically active children are happier

London - A child focus exercise campaign called Change4Life, backed by Disney's 10 minute shake up campaign, has begun in the U.K. To accompany this, a report has been issued explaining the benefits of physical exercise for children.

Exercising as a kid may promote good fitness habits in adulthood

Encouraging children to exercise may instill fitness habits in adulthood, researchers concluded based on a series experiments with mice.

British Royal Marine trainee dies on training exercise

London - Britain's Ministry of Defence has launched an investigation after a Royal Marine trainee collapsed and died during a 30-mile march in southwest England.

Silicon Valley exec Dave Goldberg died from a tragic gym accident

It has been revealed that high-ranking Silicon Valley executive Dave Goldberg died whilst exercising at the gym in a tragic accident as he ran on a treadmill. He was found dead beside the equipment at a holiday resort in Mexico last Friday.

Exercising has more benefits than just weight loss

Doctors and health experts always recommend that everyone should exercise a set amount of minutes a day, but it's more than just for weight loss reasons.

Start exercising! It can even change your genes!

Exercise certainly makes us healthier, but a new study gives us a clue as to exactly how this process makes us healthier and in fact, changes our genes.

Nestle fat burning food equal to workouts

"Exercise in a bottle" is a new product under development, which Nestle claims could burn away fat like a workout in the gym.

Link between physical and mental health

Researchers have shown how a muscle gene associated with the metabolite kynurenine, which can cross the blood-brain barrier, relieves symptoms of depression in exercising mice.

Exercise and smelly clothes: why cotton is best

According to a new study, polyester clothes smell worse than cotton after exercise by their wearers. This is because bacteria that cause odor grow better on polyester.

Op-Ed: Online workouts — YouTube or professional videos?

The Internet has brought us a new wave of fitness bloggers and digital workout programs; the at-home workout realm has completely changed since the days of walking in place to a Jane Fonda VHS.

Obesity rates show a global increase

A global study of obesity, taking in 30 years of data, reveals that an increasing number of people around the world are overweight. One of the causes is technological advances that promote inactivity and the increasing availability of unhealthy food.

Therapeutic Solutions notes social media marketing possibilities Special

Merrick - Social media methodologies and marketing strategies in preventative medicine proved their value in an interview with Jamie Rockwin, president of Therapeutic Solutions Physical Therapy.

'Sitting Disease' is more prevalent than thought

A recent U.S. study on sedentary behavior came up with some surprising results. 50 to 70 percent of the population spend six or more hours daily sitting. An additional 20 to 35 percent spend four or more hours of their day watching television.

Want to burn fat? Shivering is as good as working out

Working out and shivering in the cold both help slow down brown fat production by altering body biochemistry, according to a new research study.

How exercise helps to burn fat

How does exercise help to burn off fat? A small molecule released by muscles after a workout can contribute to the browning of white fat cells and to an increase in the breakdown of fat.

New guidelines out for treating hypertension

Blood pressure can be difficult to understand because it means more than just a set of numbers. We have been told for years that a measurement of 120/80 is the ideal that is considered normal. But now, there are new guidelines for clinicians to follow.

Video: Free ticket to ride on the Moscow metro for squats

Moscow - The Moscow metro in Russia has come up with a novel way to get the public fitter. They are offering free single-trip tickets to passengers who can perform 30 squats in front of the machine.
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These hikers through fog could be boosting their eyesight clarity along with their overall fitness; ...
These hikers through fog could be boosting their eyesight clarity along with their overall fitness; a long-term, large-scale UK eye health study suggested moderate physical exercise could help preserve vision.
Allan Chatto
The new biosensor patch developed by a UCSD team
The new biosensor patch developed by a UCSD team
The Journal of Analytical Chemistry
Female jogger
Female jogger
Mike Baird
Treadmills at gym
Treadmills at gym
U.S. Air Force Photo/Staff Sgt Araceli Alarcon
Two women walking
Two women walking
o5com/Photo by mikebaird
88 year-old Aileen Dendy  a great grandmother bowls with her grand daughter  Lyndsie Armstrong (left...
88 year-old Aileen Dendy, a great grandmother bowls with her grand daughter, Lyndsie Armstrong (left) on an Xbox 360 Kinect system while her great grand daughter watches.
Dave Goldberg died while exercising on a treadmill
Dave Goldberg died while exercising on a treadmill
Several studies show we can alter our DNA with lifestyle choices. Newer studies show exercise change...
Several studies show we can alter our DNA with lifestyle choices. Newer studies show exercise changes DNA methylation and the way we store fat.
High definition graphics make it look like the real thing.  In this case  the player rolls a gutter ...
High definition graphics make it look like the real thing. In this case, the player rolls a gutter ball.
First Lady Michelle Obama joins local students at the physical activity stations during the Let’s ...
First Lady Michelle Obama joins local students at the physical activity stations during the Let’s Move! series kick-off on the South Lawn of the White House
Chuck Kennedy / White House
Anti-Aging Exercise Solution
Marathon runners in Paris
Marathon runners in Paris
Josiah Mackenzie