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Executive order News

Trump orders boost in 'critical minerals' production in U.S.

Washington - President Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered the government to boost the production of critical minerals used in the manufacture of everything from smartphones to wind farms and batteries.

Trump orders review of Obama rule protecting wetlands and streams

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday, mandating that the Environmental Protection Agency review an Obama-era rule protecting small streams and wetlands from development and pollution.

Executive order puts halt to additions to endangered species list

The rusty-patched bumblebee was scheduled to be added to the endangered species list on Friday but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced the action will have to be reviewed due to an executive order signed by the president.

Iranian man barred from U.S. under travel ban returns

Los Angeles - An Iranian man who arrived in the U.S. on Jan. 27 and then sent back to Iran, landed at LAX yesterday. Ali Vayeghan became the first person from a country banned under the travel ban to be admitted into the United States.

CDN tech companies want visas for those affected by U.S. ban

Leaders of Canadian tech companies penned an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urging Canada to issue immediate visas to potential employees who have been adversely affected by the American travel ban imposed upon citizens of seven countries.

Canada will accept refugees banned from entering U.S.: Trudeau

Ottawa - The prime minister announced Canada will accept refugees refused entry into the United States after Friday's executive order was signed by the president. The Canadian government also announced dual citizens in Canada will not be affected by the order.

Op-Ed: Sandy Hook 'truthers' send death threats to victim's family

Newtown - His name was Noah Pozner, and he was only six years old when he was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Dec. 2012.

Executive order takes steps to promote Internet security

On Friday, February 13, 2015, President Barack Obama signed an executive order urging companies to participate in information-sharing hubs.

Op-Ed: Showdown coming between Obama and GOP over immigration

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner told reporters on Wednesday he would not rule out withholding funds in an attempt to block President Barack Obama from halting deportation for millions of illegal immigrants. Boehner said,"All options are on the table."

Op-Ed: President Obama's use of executive orders in 2014

Washington - President Obama will be leveling the threat of using executive orders to accomplish his goals in 2014 during the State of the Union address, a tactic some see as a bullying behavior. Other lawmakers welcome the idea. In truth, it doesn’t matter.

Obama signs off on pay raise in 2014 for federal workers

President Barack Obama on Monday authorized a 1 percent pay raise for government workers effective Jan 1, ending a three-year pay freeze for most civilian Federal employees.

Pres. Obama announces executive orders to curb greenhouse gases

Washington - President Obama outlined sweeping measures on Tuesday designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants and help local communities better prepare for devastating storms, fires, and drought.

Rand Paul accuses Obama of acting like a 'king' over Exec. Orders

Jerusalem - Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul slammed President Barack Obama in an interview with a news outlet in Jerusalem on Monday. The Tea Party favorite accused the president of acting like a "king" by “usurping the Constitution.”

Op-Ed: Obama uses powers previously reserved for white presidents

Washington - Barack Obama, the illegal immigrant from Kenya who pretends to have been legally elected as President of the United States, intends to use powers that have been previously reserved for Caucasian presidents.

Op-Ed: Obama's Executive Order, business as usual?

Washington - Despite controversy over the March 16 Executive Order issued by the Obama administration, apologists are passing the word "Move along. Nothing to see here." But is "business as usual" really the case?

President Obama Issues Executive Order NDRP

Washington - An official White House press release announced the latest Presidential Executive Order, but some of the details are generating controversy.

Op-Ed: Navy biofuel purchase bypasses Congress to an executive order

A significant step for the U.S. Navy has been the recent purchase of 450,000 gallons of biofuels at $15 per gallon---four times the normal price. The goal is to eventually transform the "Great Green Fleet" into one that relies on alternative energy.

U.S. Executive Order to prevent drug shortages and price gouging

Washington - President Obama has begun signing controversial executive orders to get things done, because of what he describes as a growing dysfunctional Congress. One such act is to reduce price gouging and prescription drug shortages by drug companies.

President Bush Signs Executive Order Requiring Federal Contractors to Use E-Verify

President George Bush issued an Executive Order which amends Executive Order 12989 yesterday, which will require federal contractors to use the E-Verify system to verify a person's eligibility to work, making sure they are in the U.S. legally.

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A USGS geologist pans for monazite and rare earth minerals in Wolf Creek  which cuts through the Mel...
A USGS geologist pans for monazite and rare earth minerals in Wolf Creek, which cuts through the Melozitna granite. This area is part of the Bureau of Land Management's Central Yukon Planning Area in Alaska, which USGS did a mineral assessment of in 2015.
USGS/Sue Carl
The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (Lewis F. Powell Courthouse) in Richmond  Virginia  is located a...
The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (Lewis F. Powell Courthouse) in Richmond, Virginia, is located at the foot of the Virginia Capitol grounds in Richmond, Virginia.