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Evolution News

Students in Alabama will be required to learn about evolution

Alabama is updating its science standards to require students to learn about climate change and to understand evolution.

Why insects are the most successful creatures ever

Ever wondered why insects are the most successful creatures on the planet? The answer comes down to a newly discovered subfamily of molecular channels. These have given insects a survival advantage.

Breakups more painful for women than men, but men never recover

Research led by an evolutionary psychologist claims that women feel the pain of a breakup, emotionally and physically, more then men. But men's wounds never fully heal.

Op-Ed: What does Mike Huckabee get wrong about science? A lot, it seems

What does Mike Huckabee get wrong about science? I did some digging and came to the conclusion that perhaps the question should be: "Does Mike Huckabee ever get anything right about science?"

Another Earth is found — but will we ever be able to reach it?

NASA's announcement on Thursday of its discovery of a cousin planet to Earth was historic, breathtaking but are we destined to merely be admirers from afar, or will we ever be able to visit?

Human hand more primitive than chimp's: Study

Paris - Strong fists for defending ourselves and opposable thumbs for work as fine as threading a needle -- hand specialisation is widely believed to have given humans a major evolutionary advantage.

Op-Ed: Say no to creationism being taught in schools

Wake up Americans, our education system is under attack, and not by the government but by creationists who believe they have the right to indoctrinate your children with their version of intelligent design.

Chimpanzees show the skills necessary for cooking

A research group at Harvard studied Chimpanzees in order to gain an insight as to how humans evolved the skills to cook.

Early human ancestors were not alone

Scientists believe they have discovered a new species that could change the human family tree. The species may have lived during the same time period of the famous 'Lucy' fossil.

Op-Ed: Ever wonder why you're afraid of spiders? Evolution provides clue

San Jos - When you live in the tropics, the neighbors tend to invite themselves into your house. In my case, sometimes it's a two-toed sloth. Other times it's a beautiful morpho butterfly. And other times it's a large, hairy spider.

Universe's evolution recreated by mindblowing computer simulation

Described as a "time machine," scientists have recreated the history of the universe from near its birth to the present day, using a stunning computer simulation.

How were Neanderthals different? New remains give pointers

Leioa - A review of remains, originally recovered from a leading Neanderthal archaeological site in France over 40 years ago, highlights the differences between Neanderthals and humans.

Size matters: Evolution helps sea creatures, land animals get big

Stanford - A recent study suggests that sea creatures may follow a hypothesis known as "Cope's rule," and this rule states that in a lineage, animals grow larger in the passage of time.

Penguins love to eat fish, but they probably can't taste them

Penguins love fish, krill, squid and other sea life they catch while swimming underwater in the cold Antarctic oceans. But did you know they probably can't taste what they are gulping down their throats?

Op-Ed: Should a genetics company plan to create new creatures?

San Francisco - A San Francisco-based biotech wants to see its technology applied for inventing new organisms. This has raised concerns about so-called “Frankenstein science.”

Massive geographic event caused Cambrian explosion of species

Austin - Newly published research may help solve the puzzle of the Cambrian explosion, a period in Earth’s ancient past that saw a massive diversification of animal life.

Raising fish to walk on land

Researchers have turned to a living fish, called Polypterus, into a fish that can walk on land. This was carried out in order to see what might have happened when fish first attempted to walk out of the water.

When did Neanderthals become extinct?

By analyzing ancient remains across Europe, a team led by investigators have pinpointed the timing the Neanderthals’ extinction to between 39,000 and 41,000 years ago.

Dinosaur extinction the result of 'perfect storm' of events

Edinburgh - And if that perfect storm hadn’t come about, say scientists, dinosaurs might still be with us today — except their continued existence might have meant a very different "us" having evolved — if at all.

Dinosaurs 'were not' the ancestors of modern birds

An analysis of a sparrow-sized fossil has challenged the present status of dinosaurs as ancestors of modern birds. This is based on a new study of an archosaur fossil.

Creationism banned from UK schools

London - Britain's Conservative-led government has banned the teaching of creationism as a valid scientific theory in free schools and academies, the equivalent of public schools in the United States.

Scarlet kingsnakes are mimicking an extinct species

Chapel Hill - A harmless snake, mainly found in the Carolina Sandhills, has been mimicking a poisonous species for decades for protection. The odd thing is, the species that is is mimicking has been extinct for over 50 years.

Review: Can atheists be Republicans? Not if evidence matters

It is no secret that the Republican Party is the American theocratic party. They always seem to vote Bible first and ignore not only their constituents but also scientific evidence and all reason.

42% in U.S. believe 'God' created humans within last 10,000 years

The percentage of Americans who believe humans evolved without a 'God' has more than doubled since the 1980s, but more than four in ten people still believe the Abrahamic deity figure created humans in their present form within the past 10,000 years.

Brains vs brawn, how early humans developed

Research suggests that early humans made an evolutionary trade-off, giving up muscular strength to fuel bigger brains. This is not the view, however, shared by all biologists.

Op-Ed: The Shield vs Evolution has to steal the show at WWE Payback

The Shield vs Evolution, a rematch from the Extreme rules Pay-Per-View. WWE Payback has taken a big hit with the loss of Daniel Bryan, so does that mean the success of the Pay-Per-View lands on The Shield vs Evolution match?

Humans and Neanderthals 'not so different'

Scientists have found very little evidence to suggest modern humans are superior to their Neanderthal ancestors. The research team argues that the stereotype of the primitive Neanderthal is now gradually eroding.

U.S. public at odds with ‘scientific opinion’

A new poll suggests that sizable chunk of U.S. citizens disagree with scientists and what is — and is not — scientific fact.

Rare bird alert

Researchers have collated a list of the 100 most rare and unique bird species, many of which are facing extinction. The researchers warn that half of the 100 highest ranked bird species are receiving little or no conservation attention.

Study: Honey as brain food may have fueled evolution

Anthropologists have long theorized that improved nutrition helped early hominids evolve into the more advanced homo sapiens. In addition to eating more meats and vegetables, a new study suggests honey also played a major role.
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Evolution Image

Caveman were  according to evolutionary explanations  more conservative and more polygynous
Caveman were, according to evolutionary explanations, more conservative and more polygynous
National Museum of Mongolian History
WWE Payback The Shield vs Evolution
WWE Payback The Shield vs Evolution
Dr Eugenie Scott of NCSE
Dr Eugenie Scott of NCSE
World Evolution 12 May 2012
World Evolution 12 May 2012
Richard Leakey
Richard Leakey
Ed Shipul
Single cells : credit to
Single cells : credit to
New epoh-different people  different life style and different attitudes to life contemporary.

New epoh-different people, different life style and different attitudes to life contemporary. Photo by M.Kerjman
Harlem, NY, today: changing times-changing fashion
Richard Dawkins autographing a book for a fan.
Richard Dawkins autographing a book for a fan.
Depiction of the weird and wonderful Anomalocaris at Dinosaur Museum  Canberra  Australia. The Anoma...
Depiction of the weird and wonderful Anomalocaris at Dinosaur Museum, Canberra, Australia. The Anomalocaris was a top invertebrate predator during the Cambrian Explosion which saw a huge expansion in the number of animal species about 520 million years ago.
Wikimedia Commons
Artist s impression of a major asteroid impact. An asteroid with an impact strength of a billion ato...
Artist's impression of a major asteroid impact. An asteroid with an impact strength of a billion atomic bombs may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
The Dell  the house of Alfred Russell Wallace.
The Dell, the house of Alfred Russell Wallace.
Wallace Collection
PAPAL VISIT: Pope Francis visits the Brazilian city of Varginha in 2013.
PAPAL VISIT: Pope Francis visits the Brazilian city of Varginha in 2013.
Agência Brasil/Wikimedia Commons
Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus)
Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus)
Karunakar Rayker