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Evangelos Venizelos News

Greek government considers outlawing Golden Dawn

As the Greek ultra-nationalist party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) soars in the polls, the government is once again considering moves to outlaw the party.

Greek Parliament votes in new austerity measures

Shortly after midnight the Greek Parliament voted in favour of the latest austerity measures that include drastic cuts and new taxes to the tune of €13.5 billion, and comprehensive changes to the labour laws.

Greek journalist due in court Monday for publishing Lagarde List

Greek investigative journalist Kostas Vaxevanis is due to appear in court on Monday on charges of violating privacy legislation, following Hot Doc's publication of the names on the infamous 'Lagarde List.'

Op-Ed: Evangelos Venizelos squirms over PASOK fallout from Lagarde List

Athens - Evangelos Venizelos, the former PASOK Minister of Finance, is in the political spotlight for losing the now infamous "Lagarde List." Squirming and visibly sweating, he deftly deflected criticism, claiming it was "no accident" PASOK was in the hot seat.

Turmoil in Greek parliament over 'Lagarde List'

The Greek press has come up with a new moniker for the missing CD containing the names of 1,991 wealthy Greeks with funds stashed in a Swiss bank. The CD has been aptly named the "Lagarde list" as it was provided by IMF Head Christine Lagarde.

Missing CD listing 2,000 Greeks with Swiss deposits handed over

Former Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos handed over the missing CD containing the names of almost 2,000 Greeks with large deposits in a Swiss bank, to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Tuesday.

Greece: Latest austerity measures cut top rate of tax

Athens - The three coalition party leaders have reached a basic agreement on the latest round of austerity measures to present to the Troika, due back in Greece on Sunday. The measures include a reduction in the top rate of tax from 45 to 35 percent.

Greek coalition partners meet to discuss austerity measures

Athens - The three leaders of the Greek coalition government are due to meet Thursday morning in a last attempt to agree austerity measures. The coalition could be on shaky ground if an agreement is not reached to present to the Troika next week.

Op-Ed: The hypocrisy of Greek political immunity

Greek Members of Parliament enjoy immunity from prosecution, thanks to a law initiated by current PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos. Thus the corrupt elite can commit financial crimes with impunity.

Op-Ed: Troika concerned about cuts to Greece's defense spending

After months of political maneuvering to conjure up austerity cuts of €11.66 billion, the government may find the proposed measures don't win the approval of their Troika masters. The latter are reportedly concerned about cuts to Greek defense spending.

Greek coalition government bows down to Troika demands

Athens - The deadlock between party leaders in the coalition government over further proposed budget cuts has been broken, as all three leaders reached an agreement to adhere to the demands of the Troika.

'Greece cannot be saved, that is simple mathematics': German MP

Athens - As Greece's coalition government's three party leaders prepare to finalize €11.5 billion in cuts to satisfy creditors, negative comments continue to emanate from Germany, where there is growing pressure for a Greek euro exit.

World's worst job: Finance Minister of Greece

Athens - Bloomberg has described the world's worst job as that of Finance Minister of Greece. The job's latest incumbent, National Bank of Greece chief executive Vassilis Rapanos, hasn't yet managed a day on the job which may yet prove too stressful to his health.

New coalition government confirmed in Greece

Athens - On the third day of negotiations since Sunday's election, a new coalition government has been announced in Greece. The coalition will comprise New Democracy, PASOK and Democratic Left.

Op-Ed: Greek MPs should vote for an end to parliamentary privileges Special

Athens - Greece has wasted a splendid opportunity to introduce austerity and reforms into the Greek parliament during the six weeks a caretaker government presided without wages. Corrupt politicians feed at the trough of plenty as Greece sinks deeper into debt.

Greek party leaders call for a government of national unity

Athens - As the Greek electorate prepare to vote for the second time on June 17, the prospect of a second stalemate looms. Party leaders have called for a government of national unity to prevent confusion and a third election.

Alex Tsipras fails to form government in Greece

Athens - Alexis Tsipras, leader of the far-left political party Syriza, has failed in his attempt to form a coalition government. The mandate to form a government will now be passed to Evangelos Venizelos, leader of PASOK.

Greece: Venizelos cannot rule out further cuts and austerity

Evangelos Venizelos, former Greek Minister of Finance and now the new leader of PASOK, said this weekend that more cuts cannot be ruled in an effort to comply with Troika demands. He said Greece should accept whatever terms are imposed.

Scandal of Greek MP's sending funds abroad during debt crisis

Athens - A scandal has engulfed the Greek Parliament following revelations that an unnamed member of Parliament allegedly sent €1 million of personal funds to a Swiss bank account during 2011.

Germany wants Greece to delay elections, adopt technocrat gov

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has suggested Greece delay elections planned for April, and instead adopt a technocrat government free of politicians.

Greek austerity package agreed with Troika to secure bail loan

Athens - Greek politicians have finally reached an agreement on new austerity measures demanded by the Troika in order to secure the 130 billion Euro loan needed to prevent a disorderly default in March.

Grim Reaper twins: Steve Grimmett, Greek Evangelos Venizelos

A YouTube video of British heavy-metal band Grim Reaper has gone viral. The group, which is currently on tour in Greece, is headed by Steve Grimmett who bears an uncanny resemblance to Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos.

New Greek Prime Minister: No decision reached, Papademos likely

Athens - Greece is still waiting to hear who will be appointed the new prime minister of the interim coalition government. The front runner is tipped to be economist Lucas Papademos, but it is not yet clear if he would be willing assume the mantel.

Greece agrees to new coalition government under new leader

An agreement was reached on Sunday night for Greece to form a new interim coalition government. Prime Minister George Papandreou has agreed to stand down, and the new leader will be announced on Monday.

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