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Chinese woman nabbed at airport smuggling money in nappies

Milan - A 30-year-old Chinese woman was caught at Milan's Malpensa airport, trying to smuggle €80,000 in cash, concealed in a pile of nappies. The woman was heading to Shanghai, China.

Oops: German bank employee dozes, transfers €222,222,222.22

Hessen - The employee was supposed to transfer €62.40 from a retiree’s bank account, but fell asleep with his finger on the "2" key and transferred €222 million instead. Thank heavens he wasn't typing the number "9."

Poll ranks France as having world's gloomiest economy

An end of year poll determined that most people in the world view France as having the most pessimistic economy in the world. This is the lowest score the country has received in over 30 years.

Iran to convert €45 billion into U.S. dollars, gold ingots

Tehran - The Central Bank of Iran announced that it will change its monetary policy by converting €45 billion into United States dollars, it's most powerful enemy, and gold ingots. This plan is to be carried out into three separate phases.

Venezuela signs oil contracts in euros

Venezuelan Government opts to sign some of the oil contracts in Euros rather than in the US dollars because of the decline in the value of US dollars against Euros. It provides more than half of the crude oil contracts to the US.

Model Bundchen Denies She Only Accepts Euros

Paid in Euros? Pounds? Dollars? Gisele Bundchen seems to believe she is happy to receive any kind of currency since denying reports about only accepting Euros. The Brazilian supermodel seemed to not favor the weak dollar in favor for the stronger Euro.

Iranians Say They Don't Sell Oil in Dollars Anymore - So What?

Iran has reportedly ceased selling oil contracts denominated in U.S. dollars. That is what Irananian news agency ISNA says, citing Iran's Oil Minister. That is bad news for the U.S., but it's more of a reputation problem than a real economic sore.

China shifts to Euros for Iran oil

China begins to pay in Euros instead of dollars for Iranian Oil Purchases.

Cocaine on '100% of Irish euros'

A new study has found that all of the banknotes in Ireland carry traces of cocaine.

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Some investors are enthusiastic about crowdfunding; others  less so
Some investors are enthusiastic about crowdfunding; others, less so
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