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Europe News

Merkel govt draws scorn for deal on under-fire spy chief

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government drew widespread criticism Wednesday for a compromise deal that defused a blistering coalition row centred on the head of the domestic intelligence service.

Greece vows to improve conditions on island migrant camps

Atenas - Greece's migration minister on Tuesday pledged to improve living conditions for migrants in camps on islands in the Aegean Sea, where he said arrivals had doubled this summer.

Germany frees Iraqi suspect in killing that sparked racist attacks

Berlin - A court in the eastern German city of Chemnitz on Tuesday freed an Iraqi man who had been held as the main suspect in a deadly stabbing that sparked xenophobic mob violence there last month.

Merkel removes spy chief to defuse row over far-right

Berlin - Angela Merkel's government on Tuesday removed domestic spy chief Hans-Georg Maassen from office, transferring him to a different post to end an explosive row over immigration and the far right that once more rocked the German chancellor's fragile coali...

Fate of German spy chief a new stress test for Merkel govt

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government was to decide Tuesday whether to fire the domestic spy chief as an explosive row over immigration and the far-right once more rocks her fragile coalition.

Smugglers pave path for migrants from Africa to Europe

Madrid - They scale barbed-wire topped fences and cross the sea in inflatable boats or jet skis -- more than 36,000 migrants entered Spain this year seeking a better life in Europe. Almost all of them relied on smugglers to make the crossing.

Austria proposes migrant processing at sea

Vienna - Austria's far-right Interior Minister Herbert Kickl used a meeting of his EU counterparts in Vienna Friday to suggest processing migrants on board rescue ships in the Mediterranean, rather than on land.

Tunisia struggles to host migrants saved at sea

Medenine - Surrounded by other people's belongings piled high on beds, Georgie Ndab wants to leave Tunisia's only migrant centre and take her baby to Europe."I spent eight months in prison in Libya.

Dealers bristle as calls grow for restitution of colonial-era art

Paris - Among the specialists in indigenous art gathering for their annual trade show in Paris this week, resistance is growing to demands that works taken from native peoples be returned decades or even centuries after the fact.

European court rules against Britain over mass surveillance

Strasbourg - Europe's top rights court ruled Thursday that Britain's programme of mass surveillance, revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden as part of his sensational leaks on US spying, violated people's right to privacy.

Cancer in Europe: more cases but fewer deaths

London - The number of cancer cases has continued to rise across Europe, however mortality rates from the disease have fallen, according to the World Health Organization's "European Health Report", published Wednesday. Some 2.

Rising European life expectancy undermined by obesity: WHO

London - Life expectancy in Europe continues to increase but obesity and the growing proportion of people who are overweight risks reversing this trend, the World Health Organization warned Wednesday.

Stigmatising refugees in Europe after attacks 'very dangerous': UN

Geneva - The UN warned Monday against the stigmatisation of refugees in Europe, amid fears that several recent violent incidents involving asylum seekers could inflame anti-migrant tensions and expose vulnerable communities to "grave retaliation".

Merkel 'outraged' by Nazi chants in far-right rally

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel voiced anger Monday against Nazi chants by far-right demonstrators marching over the death of a German man following a fight with two Afghans.

German far-right wants to 'reclaim' Chemnitz after fatal stabbing

Chemnitz - "I don't care if they call us racist but things simply cannot carry on this way," said Paula Neubach at a far-right rally in the flashpoint German city of Chemnitz, rocked by anti-foreigner violence since late August.

Greek migrant camp workers strike to protest overcrowding

Mytilene - Workers at a camp for migrants on the Greek island of Lesbos said Friday they will go on strike to protest overcrowding, as the government conceded conditions were "near impossible".

Merkel, German intel chief clash on 'foreigner hunt' reports

Berlin - The head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency Friday raised doubts about reports of a "hunt on foreigners" by neo-Nazi mobs in a flashpoint city last month, directly contradicting Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Europe braces for crucial nationalist-globalist showdown

Paris - A week after he squared up to populists in Hungary and Italy, claiming to be their "main opponent", French President Emmanuel Macron is girding for the second round in a bitter battle for Europe's soul.

Migration truce shatters in Germany after mob violence

Berlin - A tense truce within German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative camp imploded Thursday after her hardline interior minister defended protests marred by neo-Nazi violence and blasted immigration as "the mother of all political problems".

50 migrants allowed in by Italy have disappeared: minister

Rome - More than 50 of the 144 migrants recently allowed into Italy after being stranded for days on a coastguard vessel have disappeared without trace from reception centres, the country's far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Wednesday.

Cyprus seeks EU help after spike in migrant arrivals

Nicosia - Cyprus appealed Wednesday to the EU to offer it more help with illegal migrants, warning it would be unable to cope if the influx of arrivals continues to its shores.

Rescued migrants must not be sent back to Libya: UN

Paris - Migrants and asylum-seekers rescued while trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe should not be sent back to Libya, where they risk "serious abuses," the UN's human rights agency has warned.

10,000 unaccompanied minor migrants in Spain: Madrid

Madrid - Madrid estimates that 10,000 minor migrants are on Spanish soil alone without their parents and has unblocked 40 million euros ($46.5 million) for regions willing to welcome them, the health ministry said Wednesday.

Mediterranean crossings 'deadlier than ever': UN

Geneva - Even as the number of migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean to Europe has fallen sharply, the likelihood of dying during the dangerous voyage has risen significantly, the UN said Monday.

Has Germany's migrant influx fuelled crime?

Berlin - Germany's emboldened far right has seized on a number of high-profile crimes allegedly committed by migrants to excoriate Chancellor Angela Merkel's liberal border policy.

Open arms and expulsions: Spain struggles to set migrant policy

Madrid - In June, Spain welcomed the Aquarius migrant rescue ship with open arms. Then in August, Madrid sent back to Morocco more than 100 men who had forced their way into its overseas territory of Ceuta.

Morocco targets migrant smuggling 'mafia'

Rabat - Morocco has launched an operation against people-smuggling mafia and the migrants they bring in from sub-Saharan Africa, a government source said Thursday.

Mogherini urges EU to take 'more responsibility' on migrant mission

Vienna - EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Thursday urged member states to "take more responsibility" and ensure the bloc's migrant rescue operation continues to fight human trafficking in the Mediterranean.

Lost at sea: 'Thousands' of dead migrants never identified

Fass - In 2006, Khady Dieye's husband left the family home on Senegal's northern coast and boarded a dugout canoe in the hope of reaching Spain.

Dire message left on stones in Czech river: 'If you see me, weep'

Ancient ominous warnings carved on usually submerged boulders along the Elbe River had for centuries driven fear into the hearts of Czechs, but their reappearance during this year’s drought is just a reminder of how tough people had it.
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Eurozone is lost in translation as EU collapses
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