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Up to 100 missing in two Mediterranean shipwrecks: UN

Rome - Fifteen migrants are missing after their boat sank on Friday, the second shipwreck that day in the Mediterranean, bringing the number of lives lost to almost 100, the UN said Sunday.

May Day boos for Austrian leader after far-right poll shock

Vienna - Austria's embattled chancellor was greeted Sunday with loud boos as he addressed around 80,000 people in Vienna on May Day, a week after the government's disastrous defeat at the hands of the far-right in a presidential ballot.

Germany's right-wing AfD adopt anti-Islam manifesto

Stuttgart - Germany's right-wing populist AfD Sunday adopted an anti-Islam policy in a manifesto that also demands curbs to immigration, as a poll showed it is now the country's third strongest party.

84 migrants still missing after boat sinks off Libya: IOM

Rome - Eighty-four migrants are still missing after an inflatable craft sank off the coast of Libya, according to survivors cited by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on Saturday.

Austria, Germany press EU to prolong border controls

Vienna - Austria and Germany said on Saturday they were in talks with the European Union's executive body to extend temporary border controls brought in last year to help stem the migrant flow.

Austrian far-right head donates money to refugees

Vienna - The head of Austria's anti-immigration far-right apologised Friday for claiming a newspaper faked a photo of an anti-refugee protest by his party, donating 9,000 euros ($10,300) to a migrants charity.

Italy says Austria 'wasting money' in migrant border row

Rome - Italy told Austria Thursday it would prove Vienna was "wasting money" on anti-migrant measures and closing the border between the two countries would be "an enormous mistake".

Suspect in Cologne sex assaults caught near German-Swiss border

Ginebra - A key suspect in the New Year's Eve mass sexual assaults in Cologne was spotted shoplifting in southern Germany and arrested across the border in Switzerland, authorities said Thursday.

Showdown talks as Italy fumes over Austria migrant 'slap'

Rome - Italy and Austria were set for showdown talks Thursday as Italian politicians and media reacted furiously to Vienna's new anti-migrant measures that could close the border between the two countries.

Italy to start fingerprinting migrants at sea

Rome - Italy is to introduce the fingerprinting of migrants crossing the Mediterranean as soon as they are picked up by rescue boats, officials say.

Only one in five European films made by women, says report

Paris - Only one film in five in Europe is made by a woman director, according to a new report which calls for positive discrimination to combat the imbalance.

Neo-Nazis on trial for plotting attack on refugee shelter

Munich - A group of neo-Nazis calling itself the "Old School Society" went on trial Wednesday in Germany charged with forming a terror group that planned attacks against an asylum seeker home.

Austria adopts tough new asylum laws amid far-right surge

Vienna - The Austrian parliament on Wednesday adopted one of Europe's toughest asylum laws, as the country's political leaders struggle to halt the surging far-right which is leading in presidential polls.

Turkey visa deal only once 'all criteria met': EU

Paris - The EU's top diplomat Federica Mogherini said Tuesday that Turkey would only get visa-free travel to the bloc once it has met all the required criteria.

US backs NATO blockade of Libya to close migrant route

Rome - The United States on Monday offered its backing for a NATO naval operation off Libya in support of a controversial Italian plan to close the Western Mediterranean migrant route to Europe.

Jordan queen calls for 'legal' refugee path to Europe

Kallon - Jordan's Queen Rania on Monday called for "legal" paths into Europe for refugees, criticising the EU's controversial deal with Turkey which she said endangers lives."The deep concern is that many of the refugees...

Merkel basks in Obama refugee policy praise as critics grouse

Hanover - US President Barack Obama on Monday hailed German Chancellor Angela Merkel as being on the "right side of history" with her welcoming refugee policy, although critics denounced his praise as hollow lip service.

Italy says NATO three months from Libya coast mission

Rome - NATO is three months away from launching patrols off Libya as part of a plan to stop migrants arriving in Italy, Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti said in an interview published Monday.

Syria-born Greek mayor takes charge of 'lucky' refugees

Rent - On a long beach framed by a golden Ionian Sea sunset, a group of Syrian boys shout for joy as they race across the sand, the horrors of war and exile they have witnessed briefly forgotten.

Dozens of migrants break through Macedonian border: AFP

Gevgelija - Several dozen migrants managed to illegally cross from Greece into Macedonia on Saturday -- a border that has been shut since February, an AFP photographer reported.

Turkey 'best example for world on how to treat refugees': Tusk

Gaziantep - European Council head Donald Tusk heaped high praise on Turkey for its reception of Syrian refugees on Saturday, saying the country served as "the best example" in the world on caring for those fleeing war.

Visa deal or no migrant deal, Turkey warns EU

Gaziantep - Turkey stood its ground over the contentious issue of visa-free travel for its citizens on Saturday, warning German Chancellor Angela Merkel and top EU officials it would stop taking back migrants from Europe if the bloc failed to keep its word.

Obama hails Turkey-bound Merkel's 'courage' on migrants

Berlin - US President Barack Obama has hailed German Chancellor Angela Merkel's "courageous" leadership in opening doors to migrants fleeing the Syrian conflict.

Merkel begins Turkey trip with visit to refugee camp

Nizip - German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited a refugee camp on the Turkish-Syrian border Saturday, kicking off a high-stakes visit aimed at boosting a month-old migrant deal plagued by moral and legal concerns.

A Chinese eye delivers new perspectives on Europe's migrant crisis

Florence - Liu Xiaodong, the acclaimed Chinese contemporary artist, has put Europe's migrant crisis at the centre of an exhibition of new work which goes on show from Friday in Florence.

EU warns of 'significant gaps' in sharing of terror info

Luxembourg - There are still major gaps in intelligence sharing on Islamic State fighters returning to Europe in the wake of the Brussels and Paris attacks, the EU's anti-terrorism coordinator warned Thursday.

Drop in refugees chance to step up EU border plans: Merkel

Eindhoven - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday fewer migrants were now reaching European shores, giving EU nations a chance to shore up plans to protect the continent's outer borders.

Survivors recount mayhem of Mediterranean migrant shipwreck

Atenas - For three days, they were abandoned by their traffickers at sea, without food or water, after what may have been one of the worst tragedies of Europe's migrant crisis, survivors said Thursday.

NATO warns migrant smugglers 'shifting routes rapidly'

Ankara - NATO said Thursday it had no plans to wind up a mission to stop migrant traffickers in the Aegean Sea and warned smugglers were changing routes very quickly.

Did volcano eruptions tip Europe into Dark Ages?

Vienna - Back-to-back volcanic eruptions in the mid-6th century darkened Europe's skies for more than a year and may have ushered in the Dark Ages, according to finding to be presented Friday at a science conference in Vienna.
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Lufthansa airliner turning in the air above the water with a boat after taking off from Vancouver International Airport when heading for Europe.
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