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Europe migrant military mission faces rough seas ahead

Brussels - The Mediterranean's worst migrant shipwreck has spurred the EU to plan a military mission against people smugglers, but it will be hard to implement and risks reinforcing the image of an uncaring "Fortress Europe".

Bulgaria is EU's other migrant pressure point

Rechowzite - Braving the Mediterranean may be the main route for refugees into Europe, but large numbers are also trying their luck via a treacherous land journey through Turkey into Bulgaria, the EU's poorest country.

Hungary to seek public's views on immigration

Budapest - Hungary's government said Friday it will seek the public's views on immigration, including on whether asylum-seekers should be made to work, as Prime Minister Viktor Orban called existing EU rules "stupid".

Italian judge keeps migrant disaster ship skipper behind bars

Catania - The Tunisian captain of a migrant boat in which at least 700 people drowned is to remain behind bars as an Italian judge continues his inquiry into the deadly disaster.

Hollande says France to seek UN resolution to destroy migrant boats

Brussels - French President Francois Hollande said Thursday he will seek a UN resolution authorising the EU to destroy boats used by traffickers to send thousands of migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe.

EU leaders seek UN clearance for operation against migrant smugglers

Brussels - Britain and France agreed Thursday to seek UN approval for an EU military operation against people smugglers, in a bid to curb the soaring number of migrants dying as they seek a better life in Europe.

'Never again' says Med boat survivor recalling horror journey

Stockholm - Gode Mosle, a photo technician from Damascus, shudders when he looks back on his terrifying journey on board a smuggler's trawler from a Libyan port across the Mediterranean into Europe.

The Mediterranean: Key route for EU-bound migrants

Paris - Out of the 283,000 migrants caught illegally entering the European Union in 2014, more than 220,000 arrived via the Mediterranean Sea, according to EU officials.

Malta holds funeral for migrant shipwreck victims

Valletta - Malta on Thursday honoured the memory of the estimated 800 people who perished in the Mediterranean's worst migrant disaster with a poignant inter-faith funeral service for 24 of them.

Med shipwreck survivors describe terror on dry land

Catania - People smugglers responsible for the Mediterranean's worst disaster in decades beat several migrants to death and executed at least one minor before the boat left Libya with more than 750 people aboard, survivors have told investigators.

EU migrant rescue plan faces serious obstacles

Brussels - EU leaders meeting Thursday in an emergency summit will consider a range of options to halt the flood of migrants washing up on the bloc's southern shores, but they all come with reservations.

EU leaders hold emergency summit on migrant crisis

Brussels - EU leaders sat down for crisis talks Thursday on possible military action against human traffickers in Libya, in a desperate bid to halt the tidal wave of refugees trying to reach Europe by sea.

Med migrant crisis needs rescue response: UN refugee chief

Washington - The migration crisis in the Mediterranean -- in which 800 people are feared to have died Sunday alone -- is a tragedy that needs a coordinated rescue response, the top UN official for refugees said Wednesday.

Under-fire EU to consider military action at migrant summit

Brussels - EU leaders gathering in Brussels on Thursday will consider launching a military operation against human traffickers in Libya in the biggest effort yet to halt the deadly flow of refugees trying to reach Europe by sea.

Putin admits Russia forcibly imposed Soviet model on E.Europe

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday admitted that the Soviet Union sought to "forcibly" impose the Soviet model on Eastern Europe after World War II.

Italy urged to act after Europe court rules police brutality torture

- Rights campaigners in Italy called Tuesday for the urgent adoption of a law against torture following a damning verdict from Europe's top court over police brutality in a case which shocked the world.

Dutch wholesaler jailed for selling horsemeat as beef

Den Haag - A Dutch court on Tuesday jailed wholesaler Willy Selten for two-and-a-half years for selling horsemeat passed off as beef during Europe's massive 2013 meat scandal.

Europe's first non-beating heart transplant deemed a success

Surgeons have successfully performed Europe's first transplant using a non-beating heart. Donor hearts usually come from people who are brain-stem dead, but have hearts that are still beating.

Europe's main air crashes in past 10 years

Paris - A German budget airliner crashed in the French Alps on Tuesday with 150 people on board feared dead in the worst air disaster in mainland France in 40 years.

Dutch seek five-year jail term for horsemeat scandal trader

Den Bosch - Dutch prosecutors demanded Tuesday a five-year sentence for a local meat wholesaler suspected of being a key player in Europe's massive 2013 horsemeat scandal.

European far-right groups back Putin at Russia forum

Saint Petersburg - Representatives of about a dozen far-right groups from across Europe gathered in Russia Sunday for a pro-Kremlin conference as concern grows over Moscow's alleged attempts to court extremists on the continent.

Saudi Arabia withdraws ambassador to Sweden in diplomatic row

Stockholm - A diplomatic dispute between Saudi Arabia and Sweden that has frayed relations between two of the world’s most-influential nations could exacerbate philosophical differences that could threaten cooperation in the battle against terrorism.

European Jews 'bankrupted' by security costs: U.S. envoy

Stockholm - Many Jewish bodies in Europe are being bankrupted by the growing need for security measures, the U.S. State Department's special envoy on anti-Semitism said on Friday.

Europe still off mark on sustainability goals: Report

Paris - Europe could miss several key targets for safeguarding its species, water, air and land, said a study Tuesday that warned economic recovery would add to the pressure on natural resources.

Total eclipse of the sun will be seen over Europe on March 20

London - Europe will experience a major solar eclipse event on the morning of 20 March. The eclipse of the sun by the moon to be seen across Europe will be the biggest solar eclipse event on the continent since August 1999.

History, politics drive Israeli calls to Europe's Jews

Jerusalem - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's calls for Jewish emigration after anti-Semitic attacks have riled European leaders but come as no surprise given Israel's history as a refuge and a looming election, analysts say.

Op-Ed: Problems with ISIL? Just Nuke 'em says Republican Senator

Bigelow - Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert has the solution for putting ISIL in its place: Nuke the jihad out of them! Rapert fired off this salvo on his Facebook page by trotting out the idea that "God is love."

Cold War history fuels Europe, US clash over Ukraine arms

Munich - Far from the rubble-strewn streets of eastern Ukraine, a clash of titans is taking place as Europe and America tussle over visions for the post-Cold War era.

European car sales rise in 2014, ending six-year slump

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) car sales in the European Union rose in 2014. Sales have been up for the first time in six years.

Europe, France to unveil anti-terror plans after Paris attacks

Paris - French and European officials will unveil details of anti-terror measures Wednesday to counter threats of new attacks and strengthen cooperation in the wake of deadly shootings in Paris.
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